Thursday, June 21, 2007

As per Nate's request....

So I wasn't going to post any more of my trip log because A) it took too long and B) all of the pictures fucked up after a day anyway BUT then Nate expressed interest at wanting to know what else I listed to so as per his request I decided to post it again. Plus, he's letting me stay with him when I first move to NYC so I'll do whatever he says. Right, Nate?! :)

So I left Kelly's obviously a bit sad and decided to listen to something that reminded me of him a bit, cause I'm a moper like that. So in popped Alanis Morissette's "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie"

It was really the best cd ever that early in the morning and it did me wonderfully.

So after SFIJ I decided to listen to “Les Mis” but my cd started skipping during the work song and I wasn’t about to have that so I took it out.

Les Miserable indeed.

After that I was still in the theater mood so I put in “Wicked.”

You know, I really think that “Wicked” is one of my most favorite musicals ever. It really is just phenomenal.

After “Wicked” I decided to be daring and put in an episode of “Sex and the City” to kind of watch in the background while I was driving. I had my portable dvd player right there next to me and I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Well, I probably wasn’t paying as much attention to the road as I should have and got pulled over in Kansas. $138 ticket later, I was back on the road and NOT in a very good mood. So....

...I listened to “I’m Not Dead” by P!nk. It’s a GREAT cd when you’re angry!

After P!nk I needed something to calm me down so I put in Tori Amos’ “American Doll Posse.”

Then I listened to “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson.

Then I was tired of singing so I listened to the HilArious “Debbie Does Dallas.”
If you need to laugh--get this cd. It’s so so so funny and Sherie Rene Scott is priceless on it.

After that I listened to a mix that TJ made for me. And I love it.

My OBC recording of RENT skips like a mother in any cd player so I had to settle for the movie version after that.

Is it as good? No, of course not. Does it do the trick if I need a “Rent” fix? Yup.

I tried listening to some Dashboard Confessional after that but I’ve discovered that I don’t really like them and apparently I get bored by them because they came right out after three songs.

Only to be replaced by a less than par version of “Into the Woods.”

It’s the revival version from 2002. I bought it because I love Vanessa Williams’ singing voice. I never listen to it because I hate Vanessa Williams on it. Go figure.

So after 10.5 LONG hours, I finally got to Columbia, MO and my luxurious hotel room at the Red Roof Inn. Went to bed early, and that was that. Day two definitely took a toll on me. After that much driving I was just ready to be HOME already.

This post is disjointed because I tried to include pictures and then I pasted my text and the pictures didn't copy. Blogspot and I are totally fighting right now.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I got a job, bitches!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after interviewing for two weeks and many frustrations I finally got a job! For the next few months I will be serving at Smith and Wollensky's, which is a very expensive steak restaurant in downtown Columbus. You also might know S & W from "The Devil Wears Prada." S & W is where Miranda (Meryl Streep) HAS to have her steak from. I start training tomorrow and am very happy to finally have a job. The best part? They have one in NYC. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 Tony Awards!

So I have been watching the Tony awards for ten years now and in honor of A) My tenth anniversary of watching the Tony awards and B) The first year in 7 years I was to watch them by myself, I decided to do a live blog during the show. Now I realize that only a few people (ie Spencer, Heidi) will have watched the awards but what the hell.

And now..without further ado.....

Arrivals and opening number 8:00-8:05
*Of course we're going to start with "A Chorus Line." What a completely predictable and boring choice to go with but oh wait...who is that blonde boy in the front row? Yum...
*Ew. Rebekah Luker. I hate her.
*Seriously, WHO is that blonde boy?
*Ew. The girl who plays Cassie in "A Chorus Line." I hate her too.
*And now the list of who is going to be presenting! Usher? Zach Braff? WTF?
* Ooh! Patrick Wilson! I love him! And Cynthia Nixon! I love her too!
*Anne Heche? Ah hell...
*Idina! Taye! Bernadette! Woo Hoo! The gay kid from Ugly Betty? WTF?
*Okay, that stage is so not big enough for the "A Chorus Line" cast. If one of them falls into the pit....

Bernadette Peters claps like a man
Oh there's Cynthia Nixon and her lesbian lovah!
Ooh, I really like Christina Applegate's dress. She's so purty...
Billy Crudup and Ethan Hawke are nominated for the same show. Aren't they exactly the same guy? And didn't Ethan Hawke used to be cute?
And Billy Crudup won. He better thank Mary Louise Parker for having his baby. I still can't beleive that bastard broke up with her when she was eight months pregnant. Aren't babies supposed to bring people together?!
Let's go. Wrap it up Billy.
Ooh, Vanessa Williams dress is pretty too! Except for that weird bejeweled sash thing across the chest....
Christian Borle, who is nominated for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Legally Blonde and who is dating Sutton ugly. That is all.
And John Peter Gallagher wins for Spring Awakening! Yay! He's not my favorite, but Spencer has a mini crush on him so it's a good thing. I love love love S.A. and I have a feeling they're going to clean up tonight.
Oh David Hyde Pierce. You're so gay. You're GAY!
During the commercial break I found out that there are goats who can talk about Affleck and that Heidi Klum likes the musical Cats. The more you know....
And I also found out that Carla Gugino likes the color blonde. Jesus....hey did you know that she played Chicha in "Troop Beverly Hills?" The more you know....
Best Book for a Musical
And Steven Sader wins for Spring Awakening and he thanks his.....wife and son? You mean that queen that's standing up there in front of me isn't gay?! Child please....he's as gay as the gay is long.
And here is Melina Kanakarenedesaandsfa to present the musical "Curtains." Homegirl needs to remember that she is at the Tony Awards, not the MTV Awards. That dress is far too slutty.
Wow, everyone sure does like John Kander.
Damn, Debra Monk got fat...
Ooh, that I Phone looks so cool...
Idina and Taye! They look so good together! And...Idina totally can't read the teleprompter. Ah well, you can't be good at everything.
Duncan Sheik and Spring Awakening win for Best Score
Duncan Sheik needs a razor and I will die a happy man if I don't see Steven Sader speak any more.
Anika Noni Rose thinks she's still in Dreamgirls apparently...look at that dress...
Mary Louise Wilson wins Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Grey Gardens
I don't know anything about this show but that lady is old and.....she just did a Chewbaccca yell. Allright then...
Christine Ebersole looks like a cracked out Kristen about 50 years.
Oh Phylicia Rashad....what is that frock...did you not think people would see you? You're in public honey...
Audra! Audra singing!!!
Ooh! Audra flips!
Best Choreography goes to Bill T. Jones for Spring Awakening
Homeboy is so happy he's dancing in the aisles. And now he's giving a very funny acceptance speech. Okay, I like him.
It's Dwight!! And Claire Danes.....who appears to have adopted some sort of an accent.
Jennifer Ehle thanks boyfriend of nine months....apparently they share a deep spiritual connection
Ladies and Gentleman....the preteen homo from Ugly Betty!!
Performance from Mary Poppins
Oh this musical looks fun! I'm totally going to be a nanny like Mary Poppins.
Cynthia Nixon and Liev Schriber! Damn....Liev is so. so. so frakkin hot.
Award for Special Theatrical Event
Eddie Izzard keeps making jokes and no one is's making me uncomfortable
Ventriliquists are totally scary...
Okay that blonde chick behind the winner needs to calm her ass down...
Holy hell, Sally Field REALLY loves Boniva
Oh here we go, the chairman of the Theater Wing Association.....boring!!!
Oh wait! They're going to do a skit with Jane Krasiknski and John Mahoney instead! And it's funny!
Annnnnd....John Mahoney totally swore going offstage....
Why wasn't Les Miz nominated for best revival again?
Ooh, I really want to see Legally Blonde
Best Director of a musical goes to Michael Mayer for Spring Awakening
Oh Michael Mayer....homo homo homo...sit down please.
Ladies and Gentlemen....Patti Lupone's boobs
Peformance by Company
Oh Raul Esperaza.....
Oh Raul....
Oh Raul.....
Marcia Gay are you wearing?
Well, apparently it's okay because Felicity Huffman wore her old prom dress
These acceptance speeches are boring...I'm switching it over to the Simple Life
He he....Paris is funny....and tragic
Oh the dead people tribute! I switched it back just in hear some old guy sing....
And...Jane Krasinski thinks she's in Dreamgirls too....
Best Revival goes to Company
Haha...they turned off the mike on you!
Oh my Lord, Audra looks stunning! And it's Brian Denehey....didn't he die?
Julie White is funny.
It's the Jersey boys....random...
Oh Anne crazy...
Patrick Wilson! I love him!
Performance by Grey Gardens
Oh I love Jonathan Groff! He's totally not going to win though...
The hills are alive....with Christopher Plummer....
Performance by Spring Awakening
The cutting of the songs was a little weird but I LOVE THAT SHOW!!
And why do we care about Fantasia singing from the Color Purple?
I didn't know they had Invisilign braces in the 1920's....
Idina got caught clapping and looking like she SO didn't give a damn
Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Harvey Fierstein's voice?
Oh hell, David Hyde Pierce won. Better luck next time Raul and Jonathan
Oh, but his performance speech is actually funny and endearing...
Usher and the guy from Zoobilee Zoo. And apparently Usher is making a big sacrifice by being at the Tony's and missing a basketball game. Well thank you for making a contribution Usher, your absence would have definately been felt
Leading Actress in a Musical goes to...
The cracked out Kristen Chenowith
And the Best Musical goes to...
Spring Awakening! Yay!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Editor's note: I am updating this blog post in 2009 as a test.

Well, I finally made it to Ohio! After three days, 1,810 miles, and about ninety fill ups of gas, I'm here. Carrie and Mr. Big did pretty good in the car--only minor whining here and there. The big news of the trip was my speeding ticket in Kansas but we'll get to THAT later.

I decided to do a musical journal of every cd that I listened to in the car so here, without further ado, is Day 1.

In "Scarlet's Walk," by Tori Amos, Tori takes on the persona of Scarlet and travels across the United States for...something. I'm not sure what. But I felt this was an appropriate cd to start my travels with.

Yup, she's crazy, she's bald, and I love her so. I needed a pick me up after Tori, so I chose Britney Spears' "Britney" which includes such hits as "I'm a Slave 4 U," "Overprotected," and "Not a girl, not yet a woman." Ah, the classics.

Mika, "Life in Cartoon Motion." If you don't have this cd, GET IT! I'm telling you, it's a blast. I can't get enough of it. My favorites are "Grace Kelly," "Lollipop," and "Happy Ending."

A recent purchase of mine was the Dreamgirls live concert, recorded back in 2001. It starred Audra McDonald as Deena, Lillias White as Effie, Heather Headley as Lorell, and Billy Porter as Jimmy. Audra is totally miscast as Deena but she's a goddess and can do no wrong, and Billy Porter is far too gay to be Jimmy but I love this recording and this show and it took up a good 2 hours + of my time!

After Dreamgirls I took a departure from the music and listened to a concert from Margaret Cho. Had me rolling, even though I've heard it ten times before.

Starring the fabulous Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy" fame, "Spamalot" was next. I have a hard time listening to some of this cast recording as I haven't seen the show and therefore don't know the jokes but I enjoy it all the same. And Sara makes the whole cd worth it for me.

As I neared Denver and got closer to Kelly, I wanted something to get me pumped so I put in Christina Aguilera's "Stripped." Her new cd is pretty good, but this is classic Christina. How I love her so, even though she married that really ugly Jewish guy. This cd was still playing when I rolled up to Kelly's and he and I enjoyed a really great night. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, walked around Downtown Denver, and he even took me to see the Real World house!!!

Coming up tomorrow, Day 2 of my travel music journal and by far the roughest day of my trip!!!

Welcome Paris! I hope you enjoy your stay!