Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A disclaimer

A disclaimer: the aforementioned "Danny Devito" has requested that to be his online Blogger nickname. I don't think he looks like Danny all. He may act like him at times but as far as looks are concerned, I happen to think that "my" Danny Devito is a stone cold fox. Not that he's "mine" necessarily (especially after events of late) and it's very possible I will soon be knock knock knockin on sad girl's door.

And I got Sara Bareilles' cd last night (she sings that "I'm not gonna write you a love song" song) and it's pretty frakkin phenomenal. I love new music, especially when I'm hurting. Ch ch check her out.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January Blah Blah Blah

I've got a lot of work to do, but I think I'll let my lunch break drag on juuuuuuust a bit longer to provide you all with some Bloggy goodness...Bloggy goodness....that's cute. A few things:

1. Page Six scored fifth row tickets to the Kathy Griffin concert at Madison Square Garden on Sunday. I love me some Kathy Griffin but I've decided I can only handle about an hour of her. After the first hour I looked at my watch and wanted to change the channel to a trashy MTV show. She told some really funny stories (had some great Brit Brit stuff in there) but the standout was the celeb who was two rows in front of us. The way the theater was set up, the rows and seats are all really close to each other. Before the concert started, there was a group of four homos and as they stood up to let someone in the row I noticed one of them....was Anderson Cooper!!

Oh, that's some good stuff there. Kathy told a story about how she hosted New Years "rockin" Eve on CNN with Anderson and he got a text from Ryan "Sure I'm not a Homo" Seacrest. To have the guy she was telling the story about be two rows in front of us....was really trippy. Thanks to Page Six for a great time!

2. My cat loves America's Funniest Home Videos. I'm such a proud daddy. Ya'll know I love the show. It's not a secret to anyone. Sunday night I'm laying in bed with Mr. Big on my lap and she starts noticing people jumping on a tramp on the show and she starts paying attention. Well believe it or not, the next segment was a segment about cats doing crazy things. I swear to Blog, Mr. Big's eyes got REALLY big and she sat up so straight and did this open mouth meow thing. After a while she jumped off the bed and ran closer to the tv. Sigh... I've never been prouder of my little girl.

3. Walking to work every day, I see these people offering NYC tours. At 8:45 in the morning. People, people, people--I know that New York is the city that never sleeps but at 8:45 am, if you're a tourist, your ass should be asleep! You should have gone out the night before and had a late night! I just don't get the appeal of sitting on a bus, cold, at 9am, driving around the city. I'd promptly fall asleep on the bus. I wonder if they actually have people that do those tours that early in the day...

4. Asian Carrie Bradshaw and I had a double date last week! She brought her McMatt and I brought Danny Devito. Despite the fact that the two homos were late, we had a great time. I honestly don't know that I've been on a true "double date." Well, one that I've enjoyed anyway. There have been ones that I was forced to be a part of but I've just blocked those out of my memory. I was very happy to introduce two very important people in my life to each other. I just wish Danny Devito would come around and realize how hard I'm working here. I constantly feel like I'm climbing uphill with that one. It's hard to go from a 10 to a 6 and have that 6 really be a 3. No diggity, no doubt.

5. I feel like January is just depressing. Isn't it statistically the most depressing month of the year? I've definitely been a bit down lately. Thank god for slow, sappy music, and alcohol.

6. I would never in a million years describe myself as mellow but next to Gen X, I'm practically a stoner I'm so mellow. Or a surfer dude. I guess the two are synonymous. At any rate, Gen X is driving me bonkers. Bonkers I say!

7. Kate Nash is amazing. Please do yourself a favor and check her out.

And I'm out!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love it when...

I love it when old episodes of Saved By the Bell make me laugh out loud. And then I laugh at myself for laughing at old episodes of Saved By the Bell. And then I realize that I'm perfectly okay with laughing at old episodes of Saved By the Bell because old episodes of Saved By the Bell are awesome.
And we all could use to laugh a little more.
So why don't you check out an old episode of Saved By the Bell today! It does a body good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I wish I could quit...oh wait...

Dude!! Heath Ledger was totally found dead in his NYC apartment today of an overdose....
What have I always said? Once ya start smokin, ya start chokin...smokin ain't cool and I'm not jokin...

Don't do drugs kids. And stay in school.

Who let the dogs out? No seriously...WHO? Fluffy's GONE!

I would like to give a shout out to all of my dear friends in Utah who are braving the cold in order to catch a glance of the latest celebs at Sundance. Especially to Crazy (who has been known to be crazy during this week of the year) who had the pleasure of meeting Miss SJP. I'm not jealous, not jealous at all...

Walking to work today, I saw something that blew me away.

A dog in a scarf. The dog also had an outfit on. Now look--I understand the appeal of wanting to dress your dogs in clothes to help them look cute. I understand some may do it to keep their dogs warm. But when we start throwing scarves into the mix I start to wonder: what's next?

Dog mittens?

Dog makeup?

Dog glasses?

Before you know it, we're going to start letting dogs drive our cars
Surf our waves

Perform at our local gay clubs

And marry our children

I love dogs, I really do. But people--this has to stop.

In other news, Oscar Noms, Britney's still crazy, Amy Winehouse does crack, Cloverfield does great, and you should go see 27 Dresses because it's aDORable!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The end of an era

Well, the date we've been dreading/anticipating for years has finally arrived. After 12 years on Broadway, "Rent" will close on June 1, 2008. Many of you readers know me and know me well. And therefore you know that "Rent" is always will be my favorite musical. It is the show that got me involved in theater, changed me as a person, and saved my life. I was introduced to "Rent" back in early 1997 by my dear friend Sarah LaCroix. I remember sitting in my bedroom and listening to the soundtrack over and over again. My father and I went to see the show in early 1998 in Chicago for the first time. We had the worst seats I've ever had for a musical but I was seeing "Rent!" Who cared?! After it was announced we were moving my dad took me to Detroit to see the show again with my friend Jill. While still living in Michigan I found out that "Rent" would be playing in Salt Lake City in the fall, a few months after we moved there. I saw the show five times over the course of two weeks and when it came back to the capitol theater in 2000 I saw it three times over three days. One of those times was with my parents and I was happy to share the experience with them.

In between those two times I saw the show on Broadway for the first time, in June 1999. It was completely surreal seeing this show I had idolized in the theater that it opened in. During my 2004 visit to New York I saw the show again, with DC Doug. Even though Drew Lachey was one of the worst Marks EVER, it was still "Rent" on Broadway. My most recent time seeing the show was in fall 2007 when Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, two original members, had returned to the show. This experience was very special for me. It was totally full circle as Anthony was actually the one who got me the tickets and we went out for drinks after with him. Never in a million years, as a little kid from Michigan/Utah did I think I would be hanging out with Anthony Rapp after seeing him in "Rent," much less house sitting for him a month later.

While I'm not denying that it's time for "Rent" to close (when I saw it this fall it had lost much of its magic, even if Anthony and Adam were two of the best I've seen) it's just weird for me. I'm not sure how to feel. "Rent" was such a big part in helping me to "find" myself growing up and now knowing it's going to be gone, I'm not completely comfortable with going out on my own. It was kind of a crutch for me even just knowing it was there.

I know, I'm being stupid and over dramatic and lame but it's a strangely emotional day for me.

Shout out to Crazy (of the team Crazy and her mom). I miss you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alanis Morissette - Underneath (New 2008)

Alanis Morissette - Underneath (New 2008)
Video sent by Sebdk

New Alanis!

New Alanis song!

Alanis will be releasing a new album in April called "Flavors of Entanglement." Her first single, "Underneath" was released the other day. I had heard a poor quality version of this song a few months ago and was really unimpressed then. Upon first listen of the HQ version I was still unimpressed. Yesterday I found myself listening to the song five times in a row without even realizing it and have come to find out that I actually really love the song! I think it's a poor choice for a first single but without knowing what the rest of the album sounds like I have to support it for now. Enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

An open letter to Britney Spears

Dear Britney,

Hey girl, it's me Brian. I know we haven't talked in a while but I've been busy and you've been busy and blah blah blah. I know that "Sometimes" "You Drive Me Crazy" but you also know that I'm here for you when things get rough. And things for you lately have been tough, I can tell. I know that in the past you were "Lucky" with your career and your personal life but you have been sliding downhill and fast. You need to remember that "You're Not a Girl" but you are a WOMAN! A grown-ass woman! If you're sick of all the attention and the paparazzi, it's your "Prerogative" to stay the hell home! You need to know that "Everytime" you go out you're just a "Slave" to them and all they want is a "Piece of" you. I know that when you see a Starbucks or a gas station or a Wal-Mart you're all "Ah! Oh mah gawd you guys, "Gimme More!" but I'm sure you can afford to have someone deliver your double soy macchiato to you.

Brit Brit, I don't think you realize your potential. You used to be the biggest pop star in the world! You created a shitty ass movie like "Crossroads" and we all still loved you! We forgave you for Federline, we forgave you for the head shaving, we FORGAVE you! But "Oops," you went ahead and "Did it again." Well "Baby," I'll "Give" you "One More Time." Go out, get yourself some Starbucks, and go the hell home!! You are "Stronger" than this, you are! If you don't want to be followed there is one simple solution--don't go out! You just released a bomb-ass cd. It's amazing and exactly what a B. Spears album SHOULD be! Now go to rehab, go to the Bahamas for a month, and get out of the public eye. Then get rid of your extensions, start working out, and go on tour. The world misses the old B.

Cause really Brit, this behavior of yours is "Toxic." No more "Boys," no more craziness. Go. The. Hell. Home. And hire a driver.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My favorite new music

I'd like to believe that I have pretty ecclectic music tastes. I like everything from Morissette to Mraz to Mamma Mia to Mary J to Mika to Missy Elliott. Many people out there might say that I'm strictly a pop princess but I like to think I have a little bit more musical depth. That being said, I'd like to present my favorite 6 albums of the past four months.
6. The Sountrack to "Once"

I had heard so much buzz about this movie/soundtrack and finally viewed the movie last night. I still don't know how I felt about the movie (too simplistic or just right?) but I do know that the soundtrack is pretty amazing. There a few songs so beautiful and heart wrenching it makes you catch your breath. Glen Hansard's voice has depth and grit and is soulful and tonal all at the same time while Marketa Irglova's back up vocals add just the right amount of support. It's best if you go into this movie with an open mind. I went in expecting one thing, got a completely different thing and wish I had gone in less judgemental. At any rate, this album will be a great help on days when I'm feeling a little "wah wah."

5. [Title of Show]

I only wish I was able to see this Off-Broadway show when it played last year but am happy that I'm able to experience the cast album. This show is very simple (cast of four) but I don't remember laughing so hard at a show without seeing it first. It tells the story of two composers who are writing a show and that's...pretty much it. But being a former actor I really could relate to a lot of the songs and the direction that the show took. I also laughed out loud so many times and still do after listening to it at least ten times. A lot of Off-Broadway shows get shadowed simply because they're Off-Broadway but this show deserves a listen and I'm happy to say that you get a great feeling of the show just by listening to the album.

4. Blackout--Britney Spears

Oh Britney were we supposed to know? Desipite the fact that she has gone absolutely insane lately (seriously! What is UP with this schizo?) this album lives on in my Ipod as one of the greatest cds of 2007, maybe even of Brit's career. It plays to Britney's strengths (Britney has strengths?) and includes 12 dance tracks which is exactly what a Britney cd should include. We all know she doesn't do so well on the ballads. It's unfortunate that her public image has declined so drastically or perhaps the public would echo my thoughts about this album. At any rate, the homos sure like it....and really, isn't that all that matters?

3. Made of Bricks--Kate Nash
Kate Nash was introduced to me informally and by accident. I was sitting on a couch, not doing much, while this album played in the background. I tuned out everything that was happening around me and reveled in the music. I was even brought to tears by her song "The Nicest Thing" (it's kind of exactly what's going on in my life right now) and played it off as my "eyes being really really dry." It's embarassing to cry to music in front of people--movies is one thing but music? Lame. Okay, anyway. I'd like to compare Kate Nash to Lily Allen but she's kookier and has a better voice and is funnier. It's okay to have songs that are funny and the fact that she has a song called "Dickhead" just makes me love her that much more. This album has amazing songs and Kate Nash is cheeky and fabulous. Check out this album--you'll love it.

2. Sounds Like This--Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson is an indie artist who grew to popularity after being featured on Perez Hilton's website. The following day, he entered the top 10 on ITunes. The funny part of this story that he's REALLY good! Sounds Like This is an album that can absolutely be listened from start to finish multiple times in a row and that is the measure of a good album. If there's not one song you want to skip, you know you've got a jem on your hands. I'm not sure if Eric has anything else coming out, or if he's been signed, or what has been happening with his career but this album is a must have for any singer/songwriter/guitar/guy singer fans.

And my number 1 favorite new album is....

1. XANDADU!!!!

Weird, WIERD right? A musical based on a 1980's camp movie? And it's great?! I don't get it either!! The fact of the matter is though...there are some really great songs on this cd! Kerry Butler and Cheyenne Jackson both have voices that you want to listen to over and over again and the songs from the movie that they transferred over have segued brilliantly. The cd makes me laugh and makes me smile and makes me feel and for a show that is supposed to be just fluff...well...that's something special.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In all honesty...

During a conversation with Page Six I asked him if I was TOO honest. To which he replied:

"No, you're just too busy to be fake."

I love it. It's totally going to be the saying on my tombstone.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wah Wah indeed!

No, I haven't seen this movie. No, I have no desire to see this movie. But my LORD, has it been a "Wah Wah..." weekend. The details of which I really don't feel like going into here. But I've been emotional and fighting and depressing and not NEARLY drunk enough. Plus the "thing" in my back that has been fucked up has been more fucked up than normal lately. And I don't like that feeling. That feeling known as "pain!" Le Sigh...

Last week the final piece of my bed arrived and as I proceeded to put it together, I noticed that a part pretty integral to the bed was cracked completely in half. So I ordered another piece and Friday after work I saw that it arrived! So I put half of the bed together Friday night and then the rest of it together on Saturday. And I did it all myself! I was SO manly! Like, hammering things and shit! Page Six helped a little bit but he told me to take the credit all for myself because he just held a piece for two seconds. So I will. I did it all myself!!!! ME! ME! ME! MEMEMEMEME! *pant* *pant* okay. I'm all better.

So it's nice to have a bed again even though I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights. Friday night I went out with Tan Tan and got wwwwwasted on two margaritas. Saturday Page Six and I hung out and then went out for a drink with BFF later in the night. I watched some tv Sunday morning and then went to brunch with Kiwi Katie, BFF, and Page Six. Hit the Bed Bath and Beyond after that for some additions to my room and I now feel my room is complete!!!! And it's so cute! BFF confirmed that it's my cutest room design-wise I've ever had.

I have a new obsession. As per Danny Devito (previously He Who Shall Not Be Named) and Page Six's advice, I decided to check out "Lost." I've always been anti-"Lost" but it's actually pretty damn good!

What I really didn't like about "Lost" was the hype that surrounded it. And so far I'm not like "omg, it's the best show in the world!" But I watched the first season in a matter of four days so you know it's pretty good and addicting. I'm excited to see where the next two seasons take me.

Last Wednesday, Page Six and I went to go see "Xanadu."

It's pretty much the greatest thing that ever existed. Kerry Butler...sigh. Cheyenne Jackson...sigh. I had the pleasure of meeting the cast afterwards (yes, I'm THAT kind of theater geek) but it was just such a good show I couldn't not. Page Six and I sat ON STAGE and it was crazy because you really felt like you were part of the show. Plus, I got to see Cheyenne Jackson's thighs up close and personal.

Now that's enough to make ANYone swoon. Xanadu, indeed.