Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley, Glitter and Queens, Oh My!

If there is one thing I'm sick to death of hearing about, it's Miley Cyrus. Look, I like her just fine. She has that one poppy song that get's me going and that I may or may not have downloaded from ITunes. But this whole controversy over her Vanity Fair picture is just ridiculous.

What's the big deal?!?! She's totally covered up! It was for Vanity Fair! Just be lucky she didn't show her boobies for them! I guess I don't see what all the hoopla is about. Don't people know how 15-year old girls in this world dress? Usually not conservatively!! Miley has been the second coming of Britney Spears for quite some time so why is everyone surprised. I'd be more concerned about the fact that she looks like the Joker.

I'd like to give a special Birthday shout-out to Queenton who turns...26? 25? I don't know, he's 20-something. For you Queenton, I give you...

Grace, the Glitter Fairy. Because really, you would appreciate Grace more than anyone I know. I love you Quenty!

Last night BFF and I went to see A. Rapp hot the Mr. Broadway Beauty Pageant at New World Stages. There were five guys competing from five different Broadway shows and hot, waxed bodies abounded. The real reason I wanted to go was to schmooze with Hunter and Susan from [title of show] and we did just that! Had a great time, the show was really funny and it totes made me want to compete in a pageant. Just so I can make a face like this.

That may or may not be a Drag Queen. I'm not really sure.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Manic Monday

Oh my! I've been quite the bad blogger the past few days. But really I'm just taking after everyone else's blogs that I read--I'm talking to you Wife and Tanner and Chrislynn....Let's see. Quick recap. Wednesday night was the Kate Nash concert with Page Six and it was super fun. We were front row and even though she gave me a dirty look when I asked her to bear my child, a great time was had by all.

Thursday night was about six hours of new TV. Survivor, Ugly Betty, Grey's, Lost, 30 Rock, and the Office were all new! It was a glorious night filled with laziness. Friday night BFF and I worked late and then went with some friends to see "Baby Mama."

Amy Poheler and Tina Fey are absolutely brilliant comediennes and the movie was pretty frakkin hilarious. Saturday I had a long workout and hung around the house until the evening when I went with Page Six and BFF to Bamboo 52. The drinks flowed, a drunken make-out happened, and around 2:45 am I was pouring myself into bed. I was in the bathroom taking my contacts out when I heard my phone ring--and didn't think anything of it. I didn't recognize the number so I called them back and said "who dis?" "Hi, Brian, I'm so sorry. It's Anthony. I went to take the little box out and the door closed behind me with my keys and my wallet and my phone. I'm calling you from a neighbors' house. Can you take a cab down here and let me in to my apartment?"

F'real?!?! So I got my pants on and went downtown to Ant's house to let him in. He was super apologetic and paid for my cab. In the end it wasn't that big of a deal but I was a stumbling mess. I had a lovely drunk phone call with Crazy at 3am and got back home about 3:15am. FUN TIMES. Sunday BFF and I decided to try and win the lottery for front tickets to "In the Heights." Well....we won! So we saw ITH for the third time--this show is so phenomenal.

This makes this the third show I've seen on Broadway three or more times. Can you guess what the other two are?

I'm hoping that A.Rapp comes through with some tickets to the Mr. Broadway beauty pageant tonight. Hunter and Susan from [title of show] are hosting and I'm going to have to stalk them a little harder if I want to eventually become friends with them!! It's a slow, slow day at work today as all of our guys are traveling. It's rainy, gray, and just depressing outside. What a perfect day for blogging and tv watching!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life of the Party Indeed!

So back in January there was an event that happened in my apartment building that I failed to blog about. Or maybe I did, and I can't find it. That's not the point. The point is--I was on the news last night!! Well...sorta. So here's the story: In January my downstairs neighbor died in his apartment and his roommate and friend wheeled his body on an office chair around the corner and tried to cash his Social Security Check by pretending he was sleeping. Seriously. I wish I was making this up. It's straight up "Weekend at Bernie's" ya'll.

Side note: I love how it says "Bernie would be the perfect host." Really? Cause he looks kinda old to me. Anyway, last night I was watching TV in my living room and I saw this bright light shining on the ceiling of my bedroom. I went to the window to see what it was and saw a guy across the street filming the exterior of my apartment building. I was super confused so I kept going from window to window to get a better look. When I left my house later to feed A.Rapp's cats I saw the Channel 5 truck outside of my building. So I set my DVR to record the news to see what was going on.

As I watched the news later, I saw the piece start on the Bernie guys. All of a sudden, they show the exterior of my building and in a second story window all of a sudden you see me looking out the window! I was dying--so funny! I look like a peeping tom! You can't see my face because they were filming across the street but I think it's hilarious. The guys were cleared of the charge, saying they didn't think their friend was dead but COME ON. They don't look like the classiest of guys, now do they? Anyway, here is the link to the video:


Look in the blueish windows on the bottom left corner of the screen and you'll see someone pop into frame--it's me!

Andrew Lloyd Webber night on Idol last night was ROUGH. Although I have to say, not as rough as seeing ALW's face.


Syesha, Brooke, and David A. did a great job I thought. Brooke was a hot mess, as was Jason. I didn't like David Cook at first but now I'm realizing that it was a very beautiful performance vocally and we don't need something innovative and amazing from him every week. As far as my vote to go home, I keep going back and forth between Brooke and Jason but when it comes down to it, I think Brooke will go home. Bottom three will be Brooke, Jason, and Syesha.

Kate Nash concert is tonight and I could NOT be more excited!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Oh my dearies, I wish I had something fun and exciting for you today. But alas. Nothin. Yesterday was my busy day at work so currently I'm watching "The Bachelor" online and catching up on emails. My weekend was pretty low-key. Friday night I played "Uncle Brian" to BFF's nephew, Jack. The three of us went and got pizza and ice cream and then came back to my place to play with the kittens. They left around 9 and I called it an early night.

Saturday I had a quiet night at home until about 11pm when I went to hang out with Page Six. While out I ran into my friend Joey who is the dance captain in Altar Boyz right now. We talked a little bit about my boyfriend, Neil, who starts in the company tonight. It was great to see him. We had a few more drinks, I started to Hulk out, so I went home and called it a night. Sunday night BFF, Page Six and I went to see my girlfriend Kristen Bell in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Hi girlfriend!! The movie was enjoyable--not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but enjoyable all the same. I'm really excited for "Baby Mama" this weekend and in a few short weeks....Sex and the City!! There was a new tv spot last night during "Gossip Girl." So good!!

Tomorrow night is the Kate Nash concert and I can not WAIT!!! I've been looking forward to seeing her since December. Page Six and I are going and we're sure to have a fantastic time!

So that's me. Boring, right?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cruz Beckham is Still a Little Bitch

So remember back in February when I attended the Spice Girls concert (http://britunes.blogspot.com/2008/02/david-beckhams-baby-gave-me-evil-eye.html) and met my mortal enemy Cruz Beckham? Well he's back. Yesterday after leaving a restaurant, Cruz decided to say hello the papperazzi in a way only Cruz can.

I'm telling you--this kid is trouble. With a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool!!
Yeah, I just referenced Music Man. I'm thug like that.

That's What She Said

Happy Friday ya'll!

So I want to get a tattoo but I don't know what to get or where to put it....that's what she said. One of the ideas I had was to get a bar code with "525600" underneath but I really don't know where I would want it....that's what she said.

So I need your help! Leave me a comment with what tattoo you think would work well for me and where it would look cool on my body...that's what she said?

And a good Friday to ya and yers.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Should Be Doing Something Productive

Ah well. Shoulda Woulda Coulda.

1. BFF and I went to see Wicked last night.

No matter what, that show makes me think of Crazy (of the duo Crazy and her Mom). Back in '04 when the cast album first came out, Crazy and I made a video lip syncing to songs from the show. We painted our faces green, played different characters, hit ourselves in the face with the broom (me) and almost broke a lamp with the broom (again, me). BFF and I attempted to win the lotto but lost and a very nice Southern lady offered us her tickets as she has four and only needed two. Our Glinda was great, Elphaba was okay, and Fiyero BLEW. Seriously, he was the gayest thing on that stage. I kept commenting on how amazed I was that the Gershwin was sold out being the biggest house on Broadway but Wicked is a monster--that show will run forEVAH. Seriously, it's the new Cats/Chorus Line/Phantom.

2. Kristy Lee Cook went home last night. Finally.

Ding Dong the witch is....voted off.

3. I ain't got no #3. So instead I'll leave you with this gem:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

In line with my "this is what I love" list last blog post, I thought I would post a few of my current favorite things. I've left things like Alanis and Sex and the City off the list...and they're obviously always my favorite things. I really should be working, but my jorb isn't that important--it can wait.

10. Pizza @ 3 am from the Ray's on 8th and 53rd

Yum!! It's making me hungry just looking at it! I have to say, there's nothing like a slice (or two) of Ray's pizza after a heavy night of drinking. And if you're going to the one on 8th there is a weirdly cute guy who works the late night shift who looks like a cuter version of Andy Samberg. Sure the pizza has calories but you can work it out the next day! Make sure to go in the far left corner though so no one has to witness you CHOWING DOWN...which is usually what happens to at 3 am...

9. Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big

Yeah...they don't really look like that anymore. But I have to say, they are some of my favorite things in the whole world. The way that Carrie looks at her reflection in the tv...how Big lifts her back when you pet it...the purring!! They're cute little bitches. And funny!

8. Zuma

If you're ever on the phone with me...and I'm at home...chances are I'm playing Zuma. I don't know what it is about this game but I'm totally addicted! I have been for years, too. I used to play the online version but I kept beating that and so finally this summer I caved and bought the full sized thing. All I have to say is... "ZUMA."

7. Flip-Flops

One of my favorite things about Spring is that I get to wear flip flops again wherever I go. Very, very rarely in the summer do I wear shoes when I'm not required to (work, working out, etc) and I am very excited for that. It is definitely time for me to buy a few more pairs as the ones I have are a bit outdated. That's one shopping trip I can't wait for!!

6. SNL's Kristen Wiig

In just a few short years, Kristen Wiig has become one of my favorite people in the world. She manages to make every character completely hilarious and is so good at what she does. I am definitely missing Maya Rudolph on SNL, but Wiig and Amy Pohler almost make up for it. I urge everyone to head to NBC.com and check out the video of Kristen Wiig's "Just Kidding" girl. She's amazing justkidding she's not justkidding she's your mom justkidding she's my mom just kidding my mom's right here justkidding she's in Ohio justkidding she's on an elephant justkidding what's an elephant justkidding I'm an elephant....I'm serious. It's genius.

5. Heineken Beer

Ah...doesn't a Heineken just sound so amazing right now? Light, refreshing, gets you drunk--what more could you ask for in a drink?! The big H has definitely been my drunk of choice lately.

4. BFF

Oh BFF...like raindrops on roses and brown paper packages tied up in string, BFF is totally one of my favorite things! Whether we're seeing a musical together, singing karaoke, out at a bar, or just sitting on my couch watching tv--he's totes fun to be around! He'd be higher up on the list, but sometimes he has PMS and is a little scary. :) Justkiddingjustkidding BFF!!!

ps. I'm not kidding. It is really scary...oh crap...he can see this, can't he? Ah hell...

3. Jon and Kate Plus 8!!!!!!

O. M. Gay. I love this show so much. I don't know why either--clearly I'm not a big fan of children. But maybe it's because I can see them from afar and don't have to like....touch them or anything. Not that I'd be able to touch them...oh boy...this is going bad really fast. Anyway, I love this show--let's just leave it at that. Monday's at 9 on TLC!!!!

2. [tos]
Ya'll know I've been lovin' me some [tos] lately. If you're not in the know, you need to be in the know immediately, if not sooner. [title of show] comes to Broadway in July at the Lyceum theater (Julyceum) and I need you all to be prepared. Seriously though, the musical makes me laugh harder than ever and still touches me even though I've known about it for over four months. I can't wait til July!! "Get out of here Cheyenne Jackson!"

Actually...on a side note....

1.5 Cheyenne Jackson

Sigh...no explanation needed.

And the number 1 thing I love lately...

1. LemonheadsSince I was a little kid I have loved this fruity candy. I'll never forget the time we were on a family trip and stopped at a gas station and I bought some Lemonheads. My dad thought I ate candy too much so he would never let me buy any on my own. He thought I was eating some candy...I lied and said no...then he found them and knocked them out of my hand into the parking lot. It was like slo motion--I could see all of my Lemonheads spilling into the dirty gas station parking lot--"Nooooooooooo" He is now over my addiction to candy and is fine with it. Lemonheads can't be found everywhere, that's why when you find them it's a rare treat. The convenience store on the main floor of my building has them and I find myself sneaking down there often to buy some. Ah...I love Lemonheads.

So that's that! I'm off to do some work! Oh yeah...American Idol. David Cook was awesome, as was Syeshia. Carly, Brooke, and Kristy will be in the bottom three with Brooke White going home. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Get Ready for some Cheese

Hello everyone. I hope you had a nice weekend. Welcome back to the work week, also known as HELL. I'm currently posting this over a span of two hours as I am busy putting files and projects together but seeing as it takes FOREVER to print some stuff out, I need something keep my hands busy. So a blog post it is.

Friday night I had my "event" at Porky's which ended up being just a whole lot of drams. First of all, I was informed by many people that they were offended I didn't invite them. My apologies go out to all of you--I had a limited number of people I could invite. We all thought it was drink for $20 for four hours but when we got there, they never took our money. Score! As it turns out, though I was informed I won the 4 for 20, I was put on the list as 1 hour for free. As soon as 11pm hit, the bartender bitch put on her ugly mask and her fake tits started spewing hate everywhere. I was called a 'faggot' and promptly grabbed my gaggle of girls and gays and left that place. It was all for the best though because we headed to Lemongrass Grill's karaoke and had a fantastic time.

A special shout out to BFF, Page Six (uh oh...I guess that doesn't work for him anymore...well it kinda does), Kido and Matt, Bridge, Mo, Debroah and um....the other girl in the brown dress who's name I never remember, and Daniel for sticking the night out. I love my friends! I was able to hang out with Daniel a fair amount and he's such a sweetheart. Can't say there's a future as he lives in Boston but I'm looking forward to a nice friendship with him--he's honestly one of the nicest and sweetest guys I've ever met.

Saturday was a day full of recovery, as was Sunday. I had a bit of a moment Sunday night. For whatever reason I was just completely lonely and feeling down. I have fantastic friends and am having a fantastic time in the NYC but for whatever reason I was missing my friends and my life in Salt Lake. I was prepared to post a blog about what I missed but then I thought "what in the world would that accomplish?" It would simply make me more depressed, which is ridiculous. I'm trying to approach life and my relationships in a different, more positive way and making a list about what I miss in my past completely defeats that purpose. So I now present to you a list. A list of things that I love about New York and where my life is at.

*I love experiencing my first Spring in New York. You can feel the city coming out of it's Winter slumber.

*I love that I live in a place where I can experience concerts from lesser known artists like Eric Hutchinson and Kate Nash who probably wouldn't have come to Salt Lake.

*I love that I'm literally down the block from theater and while I can't always afford it, those times when I can make it worth it.

*I love the amazing architecture of the city and the history of the buildings I pass everyday.

*I love love LOVE the fact that I can walk to work. Brill.

*I love that I work with my Best Friend and get to see him every day. That's a luxury few people can afford. I also love that I'm more in love with him than ever and that we still have a fantastic time together.

*I love that I've reconnected with friends from the past and am looking forward to lifelong friendships with them.

*I love that I've already experienced love and loss in the city. It's helps remind me that I'm alive.

*I love the neighborhood in which I live. Sure I may not have the greatest building or the greatest apartment but I live in the exact neighborhood I wanted to.

*I love that I've finally found a fantastic roommate and that my house is starting to feel like a home. I also love that I was able to maintain my sanity during the whole drama that was Gen X.

*I love having the chance to run into people that I admire (Kristen Bell, John Mayer, [tos] cast) and can express my gratitude for the work they've done to their art to their face.

*I love laughing so hard til it hurts while out with my boys and slapping faces for no reason. And pizza at 3am.

*I love having a friend like Page Six who can appreciate all my craziness and still loves me for it.

*I'm more in love with my cats than ever. I love that the experience of moving brought us closer together (that sounds lame, I know) but they make me laugh so much and I'm happy I stuck with it and moved with them.

*I love already having a routine of sushi and Cold Stone.

*I love that my gym is in my building and that I can work out everyday.

*I love that people like Taylor and Kelly have already visited me. It makes me feel so loved.

*I love that I still have a job and am good at it.

*I love the opportunities that have been presented to me and look forward to more in the future.

*I love candy. I just do.

and finally...

*I love that I had the balls to pick up my entire life and move to New York. Everytime I think I made the wrong decision I look back on my life and remember how comfortable I was and how I needed this shake up. And even though it's scary and uncertain and expensive and hard and emotional I know that all of these experiences are helping me to find my way and that I'm where I'm meant to be.

Yes I realize this was a cheesy post but sometimes it helps to focus on the things in your life that you love instead of all the negativity around you. Try it sometime. And always remember to Gay It Forward.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm so stressed ya'll.
But it's Friday! And who wants to be stressed on a Friday?! So here's the deal-i-o. Last night BFF and I went to volunteer at that event, right? Well we walk in and see the other volunteers in a circle getting their instructions and assignments, etc. All of a sudden I look up and see this beautiful, gorgeous man--tall, dark hair, dark eyes--the definition of a "tall drink of water."

Seriously. For the first half hour I would giggle every time I talked to him. His name was Daniel and he was the coordinator of the event. The event itself was fun (no Rosie, but Kelli O' Lesbian was there) and I met a bunch of really cool guys (Holla Blair and Ben!) The volunteers and Daniel went out after the event to Therapy where I got to talk a little more with Daniel. As it turns out he's 22 (22!!) and from Boston (of course). He's absolutely ADORABLE and I'm kicking the universe a bit for the fact that he's from Boston. But whatever. He and I hit it off and had a great conversation and he's going to be meeting up with us tonight at my Porky's party. Here's the shitty part though--I'm a unicorn! Let me explain.

Growing up I had a pretty bad acne problem. I tried everything--Clearasil, Proactiv, and went on Acutane about five times. By 20 it had pretty much controlled itself but every now and then I get a little breakout. I was mostly a cheek and chin zit guy--never had any on my nose or forehead or back (thank god!) Well earlier this week my face decided to have three huge zits form in the shape of the Bermuda Triangle and then today...oh lord today...all of a sudden I have a zit in the MIDDLE OF MY FOREHEAD! I tried to take care of it but I really just angered it and now I look like a fucking unicorn.

Ugh, it's so horrible. And of COURSE it has to happen when a guy I like is in town. He's going to walk into that bar, take one look at my forehead and run the other way. So combined with the Bermuda Triangle, the Unicorn, and the rash under my eye that has been there since February, went away, and now decided to come back angrier than ever....I'm a hot, hot mess. And on the night all my friends are going to be at a party I'm throwing. Grrrrreeeeeat. I'm going to go feed A. Rapp's cats after work, clean my room, and then relax before the party and hope that my three friends (five if you count each part of Bermuda) can chillax a bit before I go out.

I invite everyone to check out www.titleofshow.com/blog. I've been reading it for the past two days and find myself cracking up at work.

Oh, and Michael Johns went home. I was so wrong. Is anyone else a little over this whole "American Idol" thing? With an hour left of work, I think I will go watch 30 Rock and be a little productive. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give a Little Bit....

What a slow, slow day at work. Most of my guys are traveling and I'm caught up on all of my time sensitive things so I'm just sitting here eating M & M's. I know! What is wrong with me? First I don't go to the gym today and next I'm eating candy? And not just any candy but fatty candy! I'm a loser.
Last night after I carried a heavy, dirty air conditioner four blocks (by my own choice but holy cow was it heavy!) BFF, Kiwi Katie and I decided to go down to a bar called Whistlin' Dixie to support our friend W-W-Whitney on her first night bartending. I had planned on staying for only one drink and then going home to watch Top Model and Idol gives back but cut to four hours, three karaoke songs and three drunk people later... I did have a fantastic time and didn't spend that much money, which was nice. BFF and I decided to watch Idol Gives Back and by watch I mean "fast forward through most of it." Truthfully I don't remember much of it but I did donate towards their cause today. I encourage everyone else to take some time out and give a little bit to the less fortunate. It takes two seconds and it does go towards a great cause. Go to AmericanIdol.com and follow the prompts to Idol Gives Back. It explains who you're donating to and all kinds of other information. And I don't want people saying "I'm too poor," or "I don't wanna." There is no limit on how little or how much you can give and if you're reading this blog that means you're already better off than the people you're helping. Even five bucks--one drink at a bar (a cheap bar, but a bar)--will help.

I have a feeling that Idol is going to do what they did last week and not send anyone home this week but if they do....

I think that Syesha, Carly, and Kristy will be in the bottom three and that

Syesha will bid us farewell even though she's been getting better and better. But my vote is that they don't send anyone home this week.

Tonight BFF and I are volunteering at an event at Tavern On the Green for the Family Equality Council. I have no idea what I'm doing or really what it is but apparently Rosie O' Lesbian is going to be there! I'll fill you in on what went down tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Looking for a Hot Mess Baby This Morning....

I don't know how much I have to give today so let's see what kind of a post I can eke out.
Last night Tan Tan and I went to see Eric Hutchinson at the Mercury Lounge. I'm assuming that many of you have no clue who Eric Hutchinson is.

Now you do. Just Kidding. Perez Hilton often posts artists on his website that he wants people to check out. Very rarely do I check these people out but back in September he recommended everyone check out this Eric Hutchinson guy. So I did and fell in love with his cd, "Sounds Like This." He's very much a mix between John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Gavin Degraw. The melodies of Mayer, the voice of Degraw and the craziness and cockiness of Mraz. The Mercury Lounge is a very small venue so we managed to get front row and E. Hutch put on a fantastic concert. It was a little short, but when you only have eleven songs, what can ya do.

I house sat for A. Rapp last night. His cats sometimes are possessed. They were fighting and hissing and growling at each other all night. ALL NIGHT. Devil cats, I swear to God. So needless to say I'm running on very little sleep, my eyes are red and swollen, and I'm perfectly content with sitting in a corner and not talking to anyone. Thank the Lord Top Model is on tonight otherwise I might have offed myself here and now!


Monday, April 7, 2008

I Believe

My boyfriend from last season's "So You Think You Can Dance," Neil Haskell, is going to be playing the role of Luke in Off-Broadway's "Altar Boyz" starting April 22nd. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Neil. It's days like this I LOVE living in New York!

Just Another Manic Monday

I'm a hot mess today kids. So I'm walking to work this morning and talking to my mom on the phone at the same time. All of a sudden, I trip--my umbrella goes flying, my leg extends and I smash to the ground in front of a hot dog stand. I look back and my foot got caught in one of those plastic zip things they use to close stacks of papers and cardboard boxes. I managed to hold on to my phone the whole time though, which is kind of funny. It was so embarrassing and my knee and hip hurt and I have a big boo boo on my knee. But I bet if I was someone watching it happen I would have laughed my ass off. My thanks go out to the lady waiting in line at the hot dog stand who was genuinely concerned about my well being.

I had a fantastic weekend! Friday I took the bus out to see DC Doug. He's been in DC since September and we haven't seen each other so it was definitely time. The Chinatown bus is...interesting. Once you're on, it's relatively painless. But you have to claw and scratch your way to get a seat on that damn thing. And what tiny seats they are! Got to DC about 6pm and met some of Doug's coworkers at a Happy Hour they were all having. Had greasy hamburgers and fries and went to another one of his coworkers' house for a little house party. They were all lovely people and I was happy to finally meet some of the people that have been entertaining him so much. We went to his house around 11 and decided to head to a gay bar, JR's, for a little night cap. Two beers later we dragged our sorry asses home. And after some of the events at JR's, we were sorry sorry hot mess tranny's.

Saturday I decided I wanted to be a little touristy so we headed downtown to see some of the monuments.

Here I am being inappropriate at the Washington Monument. I, along with every other 14 year old boy, have attempted this photo.

Here are Doug and I in a perfect picture spot

We were lucky enough to meet up with Q, a good friend from college, who lives in the DC area. He had to work that night but I'm happy we got to spend part of the day with him. He's lost tons of weight lately and looks fantastic!

Now go get a job Q!! :)

After Q left we decided to head to the National Zoo. I love zoos and had actually been to this one way back in 1991 on a trip with my family. The only shitty part about the zoo is that we didn't get there til 4:45 and they closed all the buildings and most of the exhibits at 6pm. Which we didn't know. So we spent a lot of time looking at the Sloth Bears, birds, more birds, and trying to find the pandas, to no avail. So we missed out on the majority of the big animals. We did see the flamingos though and I tried to do a Top Model pose pretending to be one.

I have no neck. Tyra would be so disappointed.

Here is Doug being inappropriate with the Panda. This thing was so weird--you pull up this flap to feel the panda's fur but look at where it's located!! Those zookeepers either have one great sense of humor or are totally oblivious.

After our disappointing trip to the zoo, we stopped by the liquor store and got some Champagne and vodka. We decided to make dinner at home (well Doug made dinner) and so we had steak and salad and rice and corn and it was fanTAStic. We were drinking cocktails and eating and having a great time. We played a little Scrabble

and I, of course, got my ass kicked, and then we decided to go out for the evening. His upstairs neighbors were having a party so we went there and proceeded to drink more and more. I almost got in a fight with a girl when I made fun of her friend who was crying. Apparently I just kept saying "tragic, so, so tragic." LOL....I don't know what's wrong with me. We went to the hot gay club in town, called.....town. Period. While there I met an adorable kid in an Argyle sweater named Billy. We got to talking and it turns out he goes to Ohio State and is from Columbus. He's in DC for the semester working for some senator. Unfortunately we got lost when he left to go to the bathroom and I never got his number. I'm super depressed because I know he was the one. So if anyone ever runs into a Billy A from Columbus....let me know.

Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to meet up with Christie, an old friend from Michigan. She and I were best friends for a really long time and then over the course of college we grew apart and didn't really talk at all. She lives in the DC area so I was stoked to see her.

This girl and I have some history!! We only were able to see each other for a short time seeing as I had to get back to the city, but I'm glad we met up with her!

The bus ride back was hell. I almost didn't get a seat and I had to sit next to two Asians who were touching each other the whole time. They weren't making out...they just kept touching each other's face and singing to each other in Chinese and talking in baby voices. It was seriously SO annoying. I pretty much collapsed into bed when I got home. EVT crashed on my couch last night, my cats woke me up a lot, and it was a struggle getting up for work this morning. But now I'm here with a throbbing knee and an empty stomach and am about to head to the gym. BFF is in Costa Rica until tomorrow and I totally miss him! I can't wait to visit DC again with him--we'd have a blast!

Enjoy your week everyone. Hope you had as great of a weekend as I did!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Good Friday Indeed

Hello everyone.

Today is filled with good news and bad news. The bad news is that I'm totally sick. I have this cough and a stuffy head and I'm basically just a hot mess. And being sick while seeing DC Doug is so no bueno. The other crappy news is that it's raining today and while that would normally be a good thing, I just don't feel like dealing with the rain while traveling. But I don't need to think about those things today because it's a GOOD day!


First off, I got a promotion. I was hired on to this job as a "Floater." Basically I would go and support wherever I was needed that day. The funny part about it is that I didn't do much floating. I worked for one guy for a month and a half and then I was placed in a temporary position and have been here since January, but still on floater status. Well. My boss finally decided he liked working with me and made me full time! It really doesn't change my job any but makes me feel a little more secure in my position and in my job. It doesn't come with a pay raise (yet, anyway) but I don't care! It's what I've been working towards since I started here back in October. So yay!

The other good news? [title of show] is coming to Broadway!! As many of you know, there is this little Off-Broadway show called [title of show] that closed last July and has been looking for a theater on Broadway to move to. They've had a show on You Tube called the [title of show] show and it's hilarious. I've been a big fan of the Cast Album for some time now and have been hoping and praying the show would come to Broadway. I'm not sure if I blogged about it but I drunkenly met Hunter and Susan from the show back in February. It was a bit tragic and I wish I could remember more of what I said. I think I just gushed about the show. Anyway, last night right before I went to bed I decided to check Broadway World and I saw that the show is starting previews at the Lyceum theatre July 5! I'm super stoked. Congrats to Hunter, Jeff, Susan, and Heidi!

Ugh. They're so Title of Show. And so are you! Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Know You're Bored When...

1 . YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) Tiger F Train--I've got a shit load of groupies.

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip--You don't want to mess with this alliteration!

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) B-Bah....doesn't quite have the same ring as "J. Lo"

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Blue Lion.

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Christopher Milwaukee--that's super dramatic!

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) Bahri--I hate Star Wars.

7.SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink) The Green Martini...I'm going to save the world!

8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) Darryl Roland. If that doesn't sound white trash....

9. STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy) Fierce Skittle--now THAT is fierce.

10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) John Jane...couldn't be more perfect!

11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter) Nichols Nantucket...and he likes to....

12. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower) Fall Daisy...isn't that a country group?

13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”) Orange Boxer Briefsy....Easy Briefsy Beautiful, Cover Girl.

14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree) Special K Bonzai....I sound Special Ed.

15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”) The Karaoke Rain Tour...with our lead singer: Tiger F Train!!

This is the True Story...

In honor of the Real World having its very first "Real World Awards" I've decided to compile a list of my top ten favorite Real Worlders. This list is odd. Half of the people I loved while they were on the show but the other half it took me a while to decide I liked them. You'll see what I mean when you scroll down to.....


10. Dan Renzi, The Real World: Miami

Oh Dan...big gay Dan. I remember watching Miami and being drawn to Dan--it wasn't until I grew up a little to realize it was because he was one of the first gay men I had seen on TV. Sure there was Pedro before him, but I don't think I really "got" it then. Who could forget Dan's sad attempts at modeling, him working at Ocean Drive magazine, and the infamous fight with Melissa. "Was it yours?! Was it yours to open up you stupid bitch?!!?!" Oh Dan...we love you so.

Honorable mention from Miami: Sarah, the comic book geek.

9. Colin Mortensen, The Real World: Hawaii

Funny, cute, charming, what more could one want?! I think Colin is one of the most attractive guys from the entire series. Despite the fact that he was only 19 when the show aired (seriously, were any of us 19?! It feels like so long ago) he was one of the more well-spoken people on the show. Okay, who am I trying to kid--he's hot. That's why he's on the list. Let's leave it at that.
Honorable Mention for Hawaii: Teck Money

8. Beth Stolarcyzk, Real World: LA

I know, right?! It's Beth! Scary ass Beth S from LA, how in the world could she make the list? But think of all the entertainment Beth has provided throughout the years. This list isn't the most likable cast members (because really, do you want to see a list full of Pedro's? No.) This list is the cast members who have entertained ME the most throughout the years. And you can't fault Beth with being boring!! She's gets more and more wicked throughout the years and I love it!
Honorable Mention, LA: Hot, blonde Aaron. He big helper in my early gay years ifyouknowwhati'msayin.

7. (Tie) Johnny Bananas, Real World: Key West and Sean

Two ridiculous, hilarious and totally hot guys from two very different seasons. Johnny Bananas is just insane and makes me laugh. Plus he's got that rugged frat boy thing going on which I'm strangely attracted to. When Sean was in Boston, he was nerdy cute and had that midwestern thing going on. Now that he's older (he has to be at least 40 now) he's old dad hot.
Honorable Mention: Paula Walnuts (for her many freakouts in Key West) and Genesis, lipstick lesbian in Boston.

6. Aneese Ferreria, The Real World: Chicago

We go from Genesis the lipstick lesbian to Aneesa, the trashy bi-sexual. But you have to admit she's fun. She provided a lot of entertainment on her season (and by 'entertainment' I do mean 'drama') and has delivered year after year on the challenges. Plus every time we see her she has a new 'do.

Honorable Mention, Chicago: Kyle and Chris....just b/c they're hot.

5. Lindsey Brien, The Real World: Seattle

How much did everyone love Lindsey on the Seattle season? With the curly frizzy hair (clearly homegirl has found a straight iron) and raspy voice, she was a bundle of energy. Looking back on the season now it's so funny how "1998" it is. Lindsey and Janet wore black the entire time and the hairstyles the two girls have are very indicative of that time. I love how I say "that time" like it was twenty years ago. It wasn't...just ten...oh good lord....This season was awesome (Irene slap anyone?) and Lindsey made it all the much better.

Honorable mention, Seattle: Irene's teddy bear that Stephen threw in the water. Stephen who is now, officially, a homosexual. Irene 1, Stephen 0.

4. Brooke LaBarbera, The Real World: Denver

I love this girl, if only for the many many many freakouts she gave us during her time in Denver. "Don't you EVER talk to me like that again, EVERRR!!" And the time she cried when she got lost on her way to get a manicure? Priceless. Hurting her ankle and therefore not being able to go on the camping trip? Brill. Trashing Davis' room because he said she "wasn't that pretty?" Sigh....the stuff that dreams are made of. Add in her sudden turn as a lesbian on the most recent Challenge and you've got a Real World legend in the making!

Honorable Mention, Denver: Davis. Cause that boy is hott. Two T's.

3. Danny Roberts, the Real World: New Orleans

Danny is, by far, the most gorgeous Real World cast member ever. EVER. Between the accent, the face, the body, and that scandalous nude photo a few years back, there ain't nothing I wouldn't do to get me some Danny. Apparently he was at a party I was not able to attend. I was THIS close to my dream man but just couldn't close the deal. Anyway, I loved the Paul stuff on the show and the visit his parents had. And that Mardi Gras kiss with the random boy in the confessional?! Oohhh....boy....Danny needs to come back to do some challenges, and soon!

Honorable Mention, New Orleans: Julie, the Morman rebel. She provided some gooood laughs. Laugh at, not with.

2. Coral Smith, The Real World: Back to New York

Who cares if Coral was a bitch on her season? Who cares if Coral has been a bigger bitch since starring on challenge after challenge? I love myself some Coral. I'd rave more about her but I'm afraid she'll find me and kick my ass.

Honorable Mention, Back to New York: Mike, the "miz."

and now....Brian's Favorite Real Worlder EVER.....

1. Melissa Howard, The Real World: New Orleans

How can anyone NOT love Melissa? On the show she was terribly tragic (remember the attempts of throwing herself at Jamie?) and terribly hilarious at the same time. If you're in the mood for a good laugh, find a copy of "The Real World You Never Saw: New Orleans." Melissa is at her finest here. Stories about her parents, David's hos, her own freak outs on the show...the girls a walking comedy club. I think I even wrote her a fan letter/email back in the day and got a reply. Whatever--the girl and I would be best friends. Melissa rocks.

Honorable Mention New Orleans # 2: Kelly. Cause homegirl married herself some Scott Worlf. You go Kelly!!

So that is my list, I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know who your favorite Real Worlders are!

Oh yeah...and Ramiele went home, not Kristy Lee Cook. Which pisses me off because Ramiele was my vote all day long until I went to post the blog and then I changed it last minute. Ah well, can't be right all the time. I'm off to spin class! Later bitches!!