Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

Ah, Monday. I'm so happy to see her again. Really, we're besties. Lovers almost. Okay, that's a lie. In actuality it's a love/hate relationship. Minus the love. BFF left for Italy last night and I find that I'm a little lost without knowing that he's at his desk around the corner. He'll be gone for two weeks and it brings me a little solace knowing that he is having the best time of his life. I was able to see his sister Faith on Saturday and that was fantastic--hadn't seen her since I moved last June!

Did you hear? It was Pride this weekend.

Friday night, BFF and I went to dinner with Page Six--fun times. I don't know when the last time the three of us were together. Saturday I worked out still drunk, went to brunch, then ate almost a pound of candy. I seriously have a problem. Went out with David G to some parties in HK and Chelsea, including the most fantastic roof party ever. It was this absolutely gorgeous penthouse and even though there were about a hundred people at this party, it couldn't have been a better moment. Hit it off with someone and we ended up walking forty blocks and sharing pizza at 3 in the morning. Why do all the guys I connect with have to life hundreds of miles away? What is this new trend that's happening...cause I'm not a fan.

Went to the parade Sunday with Ben Rosen and some of his friends. Left about halfway into it. Listen, there's only so many drag queens you can look at before you get bored. I also thought it was funny how many countries/states/towns were represented. Seriously, it was like "Homos of Peru." "Homos of South Jersey." "Homos of North Jersey." "Homos of West Jersey." "Homos of Antarctica." "Homos of Peru." Yes, again. Homos of Peru came by about four different times, I was quite confused. I decided that I would much rather have Popsicles and sit on my couch than be surrounded by hundreds of strangers so I went home. Later,while heading down to Ant Rapp's, I noticed the scariest sight I've ever seen.

A clown on the Subway. A clown. A MFing CLOWN. There is nothing scarier. The worst part is that the clown looked even scarier than the one in this picture. I sat in horror for at least three stops.

As many of you know, my brother writes for the Grand Junction Sentinel, Grand Junction Colorado's premiere newspaper. He did a feature on his "audition" for the Navy SEALS and it made me laugh so I thought you might enjoy it as well.

I could have beaten him in half of those events. Drunk.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Somewhere Out There.....

I was going through some old pictures today and found these gems.
I'd like to give a little shout out to Crazy, of the duo Crazy and her mom. Take a look at the outfit below:

And now take a look at the outfit worn by Crazy at my going away party last May. Pay no attention to the fact that I'm about fifteen pounds heavier.

It's really so brilliant. I love it mucho mucho. I haven't been able to talk with Crazy much lately as our lives have both been...well...crazy. I miss her very much.

Another person I miss (I always miss him!) is DC Doug. I'd like to point out his fantastic "costume" at my "favorite things" going away party last year.

No. I don't like clowns. That's what makes his costume "funny" apparently. Anyway, I know they are old pictures but I think they're kind of brilliant so I decided to share. My gift to you. I may be hundreds (or thousands, I'm not really sure how the distance thing works) of miles away from these two and I may be meeting new people every now and but they will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Dear Salad Lady....

Dear Lady in the cafeteria at work that makes my Salads,

I've missed you so much! Where were you all week? Last week they had that yucky Cobb salad and so I didn't see you at all then and then so far this week that Jonathan guy has been making the salads. He just doesn't put any love into the salad like you do. The way you care about each salad is amazing. I love how you give me as many toppings as I want--Jonathan will only give me five and I'm sorry but cheese should not be considered a topping. You even know that I want more chicken then I do cheese and I want more apples than I do beans and I want more asparagus than I do peas. You're just fantastic. But seriously homegirl, where are the snap peas? It's like you only have them Mondays and then you're out all week long. I really like the snap peas and it would make me very happy if you could make sure they're stocked all week. Keep up the good work--I love you salad lady!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This one Central Park....

Last night I had one of those perfect New York nights that people hear about in movies. Kido, Matty Brand, Kristina, Yaz and some of our other NY girls decided to go to Central Park and listen to the New York Philharmonic play. I thought maybe there would be a few hundred people and there was something insane like hundreds of thousands of people. Or another large number. the weather was absolutely perfect--warm (until the sun went down), not humid, and sunny. We had wine, fruit, cheese, crackers, veges, dip, M&M' was quite the spread. I had eaten dinner before I came but sure enough if I didn't dig in...and keep digging in...and digging in some was just all so good!

Someone tipped over the wine and it fell on a paper plate so the paper plate filled with wine. I was not about to let that wine go to waste so I made Yazzi drink it off the plate. There's something very important about this picture though. Do you see that thing on my cheek? Here--look closer.
Do you see that? That, ladies and gentleman, is a dimple. A real, bonafide dimple. All my life I've had a little wrinkle there and everyone would say "oh, that's not a dimple." My sister has the most amazing dimples and I've always been so jealous. Well look right there---that fold of could just be a fold of skin. It could also be a DIMPLE!! I'm officially attractive.

The darling Kristina and Yazzi. You can see the New York skyline in the background.

One of the girls' friends was trying to find us (seriously, there were THAT many people) and since it was dark we decided to fore go the old fashioned lighters and jump into the 21st century. Or the 20th. Which century are we in again? Also, I have no idea what Kido is doing in this picture. She said that she was yawning. I like to pretend that she was just REALLY excited about the song the Philharmonic was playing.

I don't remember what Yazzi and I were doing here. All I can see is the hummus, cookies, and M&M wrappers at my feet. Oh I'm so ashamed.....

There were fireworks after but I decided to bounce and beat the traffic that was sure to happen. I walked away from the park listening to the Philharmonic playing Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" as their encore (I would have much rather heard Purple Rain) and fireworks exploding overhead. It was totally a magical moment. I'm really happy I went to this event and will not forget it any time soon!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Ohio Goodness

McPat sent over some more Ohio pictures and who am I to keep them all to myself?!

The first night of Pat and Justine's visit. I had many large glasses of wine so we went from
I don't know about you but I don't see Brian or Pat standing there...all I see is.....


and this.

Seriously. Don't make us angry. Look at Pat's arms....motherfucka could crush me.

The four boys at Melissa's graduation party. Don't let Julian's innocent face lead you astray...before, during, and after this picture he was stealing M & M's from the bowl to his right.

I can't wait until Justine is holding a half-Asian half Patrick one of those. I'm getting really excited to be cool Uncle Brian. Hurry up already you two!

Wait, how did that get in there? She isn't part of me family....or is she?

Party people in da house.

Two of my favorite things. My two dogs--one dog, one dawg.

I love that Cousin Tragedy always has a beer in her hand. She truly is a Bahr!

I beleive this was during my performance of "My Heart Will Go On" in which I obtained 100% accuracy on American Idol karaoke. Yes, I rock.

I'm unshowered and not ready for the picture, but here's a picture with the fam. Seriously. Next time give me a little notice people!

My glamour shot with Josie. Hot damn I love that dog. She would only sit with me and Patrick for pictures. Whenever Melissa would sit down with her for a picture she'd walk away which isn't very nice of her, but it sure is damn funny!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just another Manic....

Happy Monday everyone. And by "Happy Monday" I do mean "ugh.....Monday." It was certainly an interesting and trying weekend emotionally. I won't go into details but as many of you know things aren't great with a certain BFF. I did something in which I thought I was thinking about him but in actuality I was thinking only about myself. I became a hypocrite, and an unloyal hypocrite at that. And coming from someone who preaches about loyalty and hates hypocrisicm, you can understand why I'm embarrassed, ashamed, and upset with myself. He and I haven't been talking the past few days and it is absolutely killing me. He said I need to learn how to be a better friend and he's right--I guess I never knew I was being a bad friend. So with that all going on I'm understandably feeling very alone and have been pretty torn up about the situation. Sad face.
Friday I didn't do much. Came home and started to redo my room, which is a process. I've had posters and pictures on my walls for years--seriously, since I was like 8 years old. The items on my wall have evolved over the years but Friday night I started to take them down. It's time to grow up and so I'm starting with my room. I'm not going to completely disappear but I need to figure out a way to express myself in my room in a more adult way. So Friday I got pizza and ice cream (can ya tell I'm depressed?) and worked on that a little bit. Saturday I got up, went to the gym, then hung out with Page Six. It was nice to see him--we hadn't hung out in forever. We got some lunch and went to see "Get Smart."

The movie was really funny and I liked it a lot. I don't think I've ever seen the show so some of the jokes went over my head but that didn't take away from my enjoyment. Saturday night Page Six and I crossed water to hang out with Kido, Bridge and Matty Matt. I don't know what it is about those guys, but I have SUCH a good time with them. Seriously, it's insane. Whenever we get together it's like all my worries fade away and I just enjoy myself. We hung out at their place for a while then went to a bar on the LES called Happy Endings. Many adventures ensued, including mean cabbies, losing Bridget's contact and finding it on the floor of the bar, and stealing cookies from a neighboring group (who brings Tupperware into a bar? I mean seriously).

After a cab ride home I was walking to get pizza and as I turned onto ninth avenue I saw someone that I recognized. It was Tom Vize, from "My Life on the D List." Then all of a sudden, I noticed who was walking next to him--Kathy Griffin! I was like "Woah, you're Tom! Hey! You're Kathy Griffin!" Kathy said "of course Tom gets noticed first." Homegirl looked TORN UP. She had her glasses on, hair was a hot mess, she was in sweatpants. I know it was 2:30 in the morning, but still. I walked with them for two blocks and (drunkenly) told her my favorite parts of last Thursday's episode and how I saw her in February and how I thought it was so weird she was walking on the streets of New York at 2:30 in the morning. Then I said "well I'm going to be a fat girl and go get some pizza" and walked off. Gotta love random celebrity sightings!

Random story time - On Friday when I was walking home from work, I was clearly in a very bad mood. I saw this kid across the street from me with an Abercrombie shirt on.

This shirt on, as a matter of fact. I don't know why, but I was SO ANNOYED he was wearing that kind of a shirt. Like, I was just visibly pissed off that he wore a shirt with a giant FITCH on it. So as I passed him in the crosswalk, I took off my sunglasses, stared him in the face, and said "Hey, where's your shirt from?" Then I put my sunglasses back on and kept walking. See? Even depressed I'm hilarious! The kicker in the story is that I was wearing an Abercrombie dress shirt. A hypocrite, again, but at least this time I was a funny hypocrite.

Didn't do much of anything Sunday. Woke up super hungover, got McDonalds (bad!) watched a whole lot of tv, made a fanTASTIC dinner (with this black bean, onion, corn, and lime goulash that BFF taught me to make) and watched more tv. All in all, a very unproductive day. Something odd that did happen yesterday though...on my way to the market, I noticed a bunch of people standing around this guy. When I looked closer I saw it was a guy with a cat on a leash...and the cat was standing on his head. Don't believe me?

I know it's blurry but it wasn't taken by me-I just happened to find the picture online. I could not believe that the cat would stay on this guys head. I couldn't get my cats to do that in a million, trillion years. Or they would stay on my head, but then they'd pee on it. Such is my life.

Good luck with your week everyone!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jamie Lynn Named her Baby after me

Jamie Lynn Spears had her baby, ya'll!!

And what did she name it? Maddie Briann. That's right, Briann. Which, if read correctly, should read Brian. Jamie Lynn and I are like THIS ya'll!

In other news, I received the greatest present ever today from Jeremiah and I would like to share it with you. Now, it's a fantastic present so you need to brace yourself. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Here you go...

There, now don't you feel better?

Last night BFF and I went over to Hot Toddy's house and had a little pasta dinner and wine tasting. It was a freakin blast!!! Kiwi Katie, Shannon, Ali, Kayla, Jarrad, Nick, Mark, etc. etc. were there and it was nice to be around a lot of people. We drank our faces off and then watched "So You Think You Can Dance" which, note to self, is hard to do with 20 people in the room. Another note to self: Don't mix wine and tequila. I woke up this morning feeling like a power drill was trying to come out of my forehead. I woke up an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off, put a pillow over my head, and woke up again TEN MINUTES before I was supposed to be to work. Both of my alarms were going off like crazy, and had been for fifty minutes, so that will give you some indication what kind of sleeper I am. I made it to work in reasonable time though, so all is well.

BFF and I are supposed to be going to this speaking thing by Ellen DeGeneres' mom tonight. I have no idea what it really entails but it could be a fun time! Happy Thursday everyone, we're almost to the weekend!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If You've Ever Been in High School Theater....

...then you'll love this.

Favorites include...

"Best Performance in a pre-show prayer circle."
"Best Choreography Including an Obese Performer."
"Most exaggerated Limp"

Do yourself a favor and check it out!

High School Tony Awards Honor Nation's Biggest Drama Club Nerds

Separated at Birth

This picture makes me laugh. Hard.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Few Things

1. I was wrong on my prediction for Best Musical. And I'm ashamed. Ever since I saw ITH I said "this will win best musical." But then I doubted myself in the very end and ended up going with "Xanadu." I'm so disappointed in myself. Congrats to my ITH homies. I'm sorry I can't share with your joy.

2. I did, however, correctly pick 19/26 and am very proud of that number. If only I'd gone with ITH......

3. Because my shoulder is messed up, every now and then when I work out I get a pulled/strained muscle in my back and sometimes also in my neck. When the two of them happen together, it's a wonderful treat. Just so happens I have that right now. Sucks. I could barely turn my head yesterday. I need someone to buy me a massage.
4. I have a date tomorrow night. A real live date. They happen so rarely, I felt the need to share.

5. I was sent some more pictures from my week in Ohio. Please, enjoy. My gift to you.

Pat, Justine, and Julian are all laughing/smiling while I'm apparently striking a model pose with a beer. With no neck, as usual.

Me holding Laken. Just to prove to you that I held a baby. Five seconds later I passed him off. I would have held him longer if he hadn't spit up on everyone else! I wasn't about to take that chance.Hotties. Tragedies. Drunks. Models. No Necks. Disappointments.

I posted this picture for one of two reasons. a) Patrick is hilarious. This is "going out" outfit that he wore while we were all deciding where to go. and b) my face in the background. I just found out that we weren't going out after all and my inner monologue goes something like "what do you mean we're not going out?"

Pat doing a little American Idol karaoke. I would have posted the picture of me singing karaoke but it's a little rough and I don't want to put you all through that. He and I like green, apparently.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tony Fever

With only three hours to go, I thought it would be appropriate to post my predictions for the 62nd annual Tony Awards. It's really hard to believe that this is the twelfth year I've watched the Tony Awards. Ever since I watched in 1996 to see RENT perform I have religiously tuned in and really allowed myself to love and immerse myself in all things theater. To go from knowing one show on the telecast to knowing every performer, show, choreographer, lighting designer nominated is pretty fantastic. Okay, I don't know every lighting designer. Who does? Please.

BEST MUSICAL: While "In the Heights" was MY favorite show, I think that the Tony voters are going to fall to "Xanadu's" charms and vote that as best musical.

BEST PLAY: August: Osage County



BEST ACTOR: Paulo Szot, "South Pacific"

BEST ACTRESS: Patti Lupone, "Gypsy"

Best FEATURED ACTOR: Boyd Gaines, "Gypsy"

BEST FEATURED ACTRESS: Laura Benanti, "Gypsy"

BEST ACTOR IN A PLAY: Patrick Stewart, "Macbeth"

BEST ACTRESS IN A PLAY: Deanna Dunagan, "August: Osage County"

BEST BOOK: Xanadu, Douglas Carter Beane

ORIGINAL SCORE: In the Heights, Lin Manuel Miranda

DIRECTION (MUSICAL): Bartlett Sher, South Pacific (although I really feel like this one could also go to Sam Buntrock for "Sunday in the Park with George"

Even though "In the Heights" has 13 nominations, I don't know that it will bring many home. I think there are just too many other strong performances that knock it out of the category. There are sure to be many great performances tonight though--including the Original Broadway Cast of RENT. My bff Anthony Rapp is going to be there with everyone to do a little "goodbye Broadway" performance in honor of the show closing in three months. BFF (and hopefully Page Six) will be coming over in a few hours and I'm so excited!! Enjoy everyone!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Favorite. Quote. Ever.

Brian and Spencer standing by the salad bar in the Lehman cafeteria:

Brian: "What is THAT?"

Spencer: "It's a Spinach, black bean, and okra patti. It's delicious!"

Brian: "Okra? Like the whale?!!"

Spencer:".........that's ORCA."

Oh man....sometimes I even surprise myself.

Finally, an Update.

O.M.G. Omg, you guys. Has it been forever or what? Coming back from Ohio and adjusting to the big city again has adjustment. Let's start at the very beginning because, after all, it's a very nice place to start.

I left New York Wednesday morning and landed in Columbus at 2-ish. I had the seat all to myself on the plane ride there, had a lovely doughnut (my first in months!) and experienced a relatively calm level of turbulence. My mom met me at the airport, we went and picked up some Brian grocery essentials (sushi, pretzels, candy) and then I chilled at my house Wednesday afternoon with my dog. It was actually funny seeing Josie because homegirl had put on some weight! According to my mom she's gained eight pounds, so I made sure to take her running a few times and get her heart rate up. Speaking of running, I was able to go a few times while in Ohio, which is a feat when you're on vacation. The only problem was though, running around your neighborhood is drastically different than running in the gym. It's humid outside, and the wind works against you, and the pavement hurts. But I went, which I'm happy about.

And thank God I went because I don't want to think about how much weight I would have gained if I hadn't. Starting that first Wednesday night, I chowed down on pasta, candy, cookies, carbs--basically everything I had sworn off for a month prior. But hey--that's what vacation is for, right? Thursday I just helped around the house before Patrick and Justine flew in and Thursday night the five of us had a great dinner and hung around drinking and laughing. As documented by this picture...

Friday Dad, Pat and I went golfing...yes, golfing.

Growing up, my dad would take me golfing and I would D-READ it. That's "dread" for those of you not familiar with Brian-Speak. I would look forward to the fourth hole the most because that's where they would have the candy and soda vending machines and I would always stock up. I would hate walking the whole course, carrying my heavy bag, and golfing horribly. This time though, I have to say, I had a fantastic time. There wasn't any pressure to do great and as soon as I saw Patrick doing worse than I was, I decided it was going to be a very fun time. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I beat my brother at a sports related activity.

Boo Yeah. Boo Yeah indeed.

Friday night Melissa flew in after being in Florida for a week and we opened her birthday presents and had steak and drank, drank some more.
My sister also likes to take overhead pictures that she posts on Facebook, MySpace, etc, etc, etc. It's a running joke in our family and one that I decided to continue.
We are, afterall, completely fierce. Saturday morning I put together a big picture collage for her open house and helped get ready before all of the company came. Cousin Tragedy, Dan, Dan's girlfriend Jess, Aunt Lori and Uncle Jerry, and all kinds of neighbors came to celebrate and we all just had a great time hanging out and drinking, eating, and trampoline jumping.

We look like something out of an American Eagle ad.

I also got to meet Ang's new baby Laken (yes, Laken) and he is cute as a button.
Maybe cuter, as a button isn't exactly that cute. And yes, that baby is looking at the Bud Light can and drooling. It's on appropriate, being a Bahr and all. As I mentioned in my last post, we were all supposed to go out Saturday night. It was something we had been talking about for a long time and were, as far as I was aware, looking forward to. We were all getting ready to go out--Pat and Justine were changing, I was in the process of ironing my shirt--when all of a sudden everyone starts leaving, Ang is crying, people are packing up. I was like "wha happened?!" Apparently the kids weren't going to bed and Ang didn't want her dad to have to take care of them, so they were just going to go. Pat, Justine and I were going to go with them but they live about forty five minutes away and we had to be back by 11am to see my dad read in church and my parents didn't want us to go...and blah blah blah. It was seriously drama and for some reason I got blamed for all of it. But whatever. Par for the course. Dan and I managed to take a picture before they left though.

I've been doing this thing in pictures lately where I have no neck whatsoever. Tyra would be seriously, SERIOUSLY disappointed.

Went to bed early (and drunk) Saturday night and then we all went to church on Sunday. It was my first time at church in quite some time and LUCKILY I didn't burn when I walked in the door. My dad did the readings and it was all very lovely (and hot, maybe I was burning) and afterwards we all went over to Jerry's for a little American Idol on WII and...surprise, surprise, MORE FOOD! Before we left the cousins all took one last picture together.

Now, is it just me, or do Danny and I look SO much alike in this picture?

I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Sunday night my whole family, including Mom and Dad, went to go see the Sex and the City movie. I have to say, it was one of the more uncomfortable experiences in my life. I guess I forgot how many sex scenes are in there. Dad starting liking it after an hour and what surprised me is how much Patrick really liked it. I was like a proud father. Monday I said goodbye to Patrick and Justine and hung out with my sister a bit. Had a great final dinner, and then I was back on a plane Tuesday to the city!

Things have been rough at work the past week but I'm staying positive and doing my best to just work, work, work! The Tony Awards are this weekend and then it's Pride, Kristen's visit, and Vinny's visit. So I've got a lot to look forward to. Still, I miss my family and am just so thankful I was able to see everyone. I can't believe it had been a year since I'd seen Pat and almost two years since I'd seen Danny. It was so nice to spend the quality time that I did with everyone and I hope to see them again soon! Enjoy your weekend everyone.