Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dear Salad Lady....

Dear Lady in the cafeteria at work that makes my Salads,

I've missed you so much! Where were you all week? Last week they had that yucky Cobb salad and so I didn't see you at all then and then so far this week that Jonathan guy has been making the salads. He just doesn't put any love into the salad like you do. The way you care about each salad is amazing. I love how you give me as many toppings as I want--Jonathan will only give me five and I'm sorry but cheese should not be considered a topping. You even know that I want more chicken then I do cheese and I want more apples than I do beans and I want more asparagus than I do peas. You're just fantastic. But seriously homegirl, where are the snap peas? It's like you only have them Mondays and then you're out all week long. I really like the snap peas and it would make me very happy if you could make sure they're stocked all week. Keep up the good work--I love you salad lady!


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Spenc said...

I think it's pretty funny that you know the name of the guy you don't like... But you don't know this woman's name!

Let's name her Abuela.