Monday, June 16, 2008

A Few Things

1. I was wrong on my prediction for Best Musical. And I'm ashamed. Ever since I saw ITH I said "this will win best musical." But then I doubted myself in the very end and ended up going with "Xanadu." I'm so disappointed in myself. Congrats to my ITH homies. I'm sorry I can't share with your joy.

2. I did, however, correctly pick 19/26 and am very proud of that number. If only I'd gone with ITH......

3. Because my shoulder is messed up, every now and then when I work out I get a pulled/strained muscle in my back and sometimes also in my neck. When the two of them happen together, it's a wonderful treat. Just so happens I have that right now. Sucks. I could barely turn my head yesterday. I need someone to buy me a massage.
4. I have a date tomorrow night. A real live date. They happen so rarely, I felt the need to share.

5. I was sent some more pictures from my week in Ohio. Please, enjoy. My gift to you.

Pat, Justine, and Julian are all laughing/smiling while I'm apparently striking a model pose with a beer. With no neck, as usual.

Me holding Laken. Just to prove to you that I held a baby. Five seconds later I passed him off. I would have held him longer if he hadn't spit up on everyone else! I wasn't about to take that chance.Hotties. Tragedies. Drunks. Models. No Necks. Disappointments.

I posted this picture for one of two reasons. a) Patrick is hilarious. This is "going out" outfit that he wore while we were all deciding where to go. and b) my face in the background. I just found out that we weren't going out after all and my inner monologue goes something like "what do you mean we're not going out?"

Pat doing a little American Idol karaoke. I would have posted the picture of me singing karaoke but it's a little rough and I don't want to put you all through that. He and I like green, apparently.

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Anonymous said...

I like you blog best when I get love!
Your Friend
Pat (The Britunes blog #4 fan!!!?)