Monday, June 2, 2008

I Want Your Sex

Well ladies and gentlemen, we did it. "Sex and the City" was #1 at the box office this weekend, and it broke a few records along the way. SATC was the highest opening ever for a) a Rated R comedy b) a TV to movie adaptation and c) a Romantic Comedy. So wahoo! My girls are doing it for themselves! I saw the movie again with BFF and JoshMoon on Saturday night and am finally ready to post my review. Caution SPOILERS AHEAD. If you have not seen the movie and plan to, turn away now. I'll give you some space from the review just in case you are a scroller.

Obviously I went into this movie with very high expectations and it didn't, for the most part, disappoint. That first viewing for me was absolutely magical as I didn't know any spoilers, how the movie was going to end--nothing. I also went into the movie with an open mind and knew that it wasn't going to be exactly like the series and that there also would be things that I didn't agree with. But I laughed, I cried, I laughed while crying, I was surprised, I was pleased, and most of all...I was happy to see my girls again.

The Things I Liked

1. The comedy

I really feel like the jokes and comedic moments in this movie were spot on. Each girl had their own funny moments, although Miranda's moments were lesser than the other three. I felt like Charlotte was really the comedic relief in this movie as she had some great zingers and also great comedic opportunities. Samantha, while my least favorite in the series, really was fantastic in the movie. She didn't have that much to do (as far as pushing the plot forward was concerned) but all of her scenes were fantastic and you could tell the audiences were happy to have more Samantha craziness. I felt like Carrie was very funny as well and it was obvious that Michael Patrick King really wrote to Sarah Jessica's strengths.

2. The fashion

While there were definite "WTF" moments (seriously, WTF was that smock Carrie was wearing when her Vivienne Westwood dress arrived?) overall the fashion in this movie did not disappoint. Charlotte was always dead on (how fantastic did she look in her bridesmaid dress?) Samantha looked less and less like a drag queen as the movie progressed (seriously, homegirl looks like a tranny) and Miranda looked pretty fantastic (although not as fantastic as she did in the first part of season 6. A definite high point for her). And my Carrie. Oh my Carrie. Although the brown hair wasn't very flattering, for the most part Carrie looked fantastic. I loved so many of her looks although there were some that I had seen in pictures before the movie that I never saw in the movie. I suppose with 83 changes for SJP alone you have to save something for the deleted scenes.

3. The supporting characters (Part 1)

Seriously, has Big ever been better? Every scene that Anthony was given was fantastic. Steve was really given an opportunity to shine here. And even though she looked like a tranny, it's always great to see Enid Frick.

4. Those "oh wow" moments

I had a lot of "oh wow" moments. Obviously the whole wedding scene when she's freaking out on Big was quite momentous. I really feel like Sarah Jessica did some of the best acting she's ever done in this movie. If I could sum up the movie's plot into one sentence I would steal from Carrie and say "She made the wedding bigger than Big." I really appreciate that in the end, Carrie was able to look back at the situation and say "you know what, it wasn't just Big that was adding problems to our relationship. It was me too." I thought it was fantastic when she was talking about the Vogue article and she said "not once in there did I say "we." It was all "I."" And I think that's a very important character development for Carrie--she finally sees that in trying to make it all about her and Big, she was really making it all about her. That's something that I can definitely learn from. Of course the Charlotte pooping in her pants thing was an "oh wow" moment. Or an "oh shit" moment. Oh look, I made a little joke. Good for me.

and now...

The Things I Didn't Like

1. Not a lot happened

While a lot happened in the progression of the characters emotionally, not a lot happened in the progression of the plot. Big and Carrie got engaged, Big screwed up, Carrie was hurt, Big and Carrie got back together, the end. Steve cheated on Miranda, Miranda found a new place to live, Steve and Miranda got back together, the end. Charlotte found out she was pregnant.....had a baby....the end. Samantha flew back to New York, back to California, flirted with her neighbor, broke up with Smith, the end. It sounds like a lot, but was it really? Not when the movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes. I feel like Carrie was really the only one that had a great arc to her story line. Miranda less so, then Samantha, then Charlotte.

2. Some of the dialogue

Was just plain bad. Sure there are those "yay, puns!" moments in the series but they seemed to be everywhere in the movie. Upon first viewing I didn't mind them so much but when I saw it again--major groan worthy moments happened every other line.

3. The Supporting Characters (Part 2)

I love Harry, but did he have a lot to do? No. Smith was just bad in this movie--very unlikeable. I see how his character might have progressed to that point over the course of four years but because we were not able to see the progression it was a bit jarring. Stanford totally got the shaft. And where, where WHERE was Marcus? At least give us a little something as to why he wasn't in the movie. One line would have sufficed.

4. Louise

I love me some Jennifer Hudson, you know I do. And upon first viewing I didn't mind her character in this movie. But when I saw it again, she stuck out like a sore thumb. She was unnecessary, was given bad dialogue, and was poorly portrayed. A great actress J. Hud is not. She looked great, but the movie completely dragged when she was on screen.

5. The ending

It felt completely rushed. From the moment Charlotte went into labor until the end, it was like "let's get this over with." The Big and Carrie reconciliation moment needed more time for me. I feel like she forgave him way too fast and his love letter was really underwhelming. That's all you can give? "I will love you forever?" Come on, put some effort into it.

So you can see that I have a few issues with the film, but don't misconstrue those issues for me not liking the film. I feel like it's a fantastic movie that I would love to see again and again. What also is great about the film is that it really stands on its own as a romantic comedy. Knowing the series helps, but isn't necessary at all. I just have to say though, they better start making the sequel fast because I, for one, don't want to see Samantha at 60!!


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