Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Ohio Goodness

McPat sent over some more Ohio pictures and who am I to keep them all to myself?!

The first night of Pat and Justine's visit. I had many large glasses of wine so we went from this....to....
I don't know about you but I don't see Brian or Pat standing there...all I see is.....


and this.

Seriously. Don't make us angry. Look at Pat's arms....motherfucka could crush me.

The four boys at Melissa's graduation party. Don't let Julian's innocent face lead you astray...before, during, and after this picture he was stealing M & M's from the bowl to his right.

I can't wait until Justine is holding a half-Asian half Patrick one of those. I'm getting really excited to be cool Uncle Brian. Hurry up already you two!

Wait, how did that get in there? She isn't part of me family....or is she?

Party people in da house.

Two of my favorite things. My two dogs--one dog, one dawg.

I love that Cousin Tragedy always has a beer in her hand. She truly is a Bahr!

I beleive this was during my performance of "My Heart Will Go On" in which I obtained 100% accuracy on American Idol karaoke. Yes, I rock.

I'm unshowered and not ready for the picture, but here's a picture with the fam. Seriously. Next time give me a little notice people!

My glamour shot with Josie. Hot damn I love that dog. She would only sit with me and Patrick for pictures. Whenever Melissa would sit down with her for a picture she'd walk away which isn't very nice of her, but it sure is damn funny!

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annette said...

The guy in the purple shirt looks like Ryan Seacrest. Wait--are you related to Ryan Seacrest?!