Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batman, part 2

Okay, I need to know who these people are that have never seen even ONE Batman movie. That's just insanity! You have six to choose from and you haven't seen one?! I guess there are people who haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies (me) but Batman is far cooler than Star Wars. People, seriously, you don't know what you're missing. We all know Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are bad ass but there are some gems in those first few movies. Here are a few examples:

The first Batman introduced us to, Batman of course, and the wonder that is The Joker

In Batman Returns you have the two-punch of The Penguin

And Catwoman

After this the movies started to go downhill. Batman Forever, the third "Batman" movie, showed us an...interesting interpretation of Robin

and The Riddler

By the fourth movie, "Batman and Robin," it was clear they wanted to have as many characters as possible. So in addition to Batman and Robin, we also had Batgirl

AHNOLD as Mr. Freeze,

And Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy

Now SEE?!?!? With all of that, why would you NOT go see a Batman movie? I think I know what four movies are going to be working their way up your Netflix queue after THIS blog post!

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Ramsey said...

LOL!!! I'm wondering if I can find that batgirl costume in my size.