Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The new Sex and the City

Miley Cyrus was recently quoted as saying that she wants to star in an updated version of "Sex and the City," but one appropriate for 15-year olds. Obviously, being the amazing star she is, Miley would play Carrie...but what teen dreams would join her as the other three girls and Mr. Big?

Carrie Bradshaw...played by Miley Cyrus

Miranda Hobbes...played by Jamie Lynn Spears

A sassy star who unexpectedly becomes preggo with a less than desireable father? Why, none other than our Jamie-Lynn!

Samantha Jones played by Vanessa Hudgens

Sexy, sultry, skanky, AND someone who takes their clothes off for free? Vanessa has it all.

Charlotte York...played by Dakota Fanning

Because really, is there anyone more pure and pristine than Dakota?

With all of these "lovely" ladies, you need an equally lovely leading man. Who better than the loveliest leading man of all....

Mr. Big...played by Zac Efron

Seriously. He's so pretty.

Finally, you can't have Sex and the City without the gay best friend. Replacing Anthony Marintino is....Danny Noriega!!

Stick with my casting and this new show is SURE to be a hit!!

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annette said...

Your casting is bril, but give it a few years and Zac will be playing the gay best friend...Come on, Zac, stop pretending you like girls and come out of the closet already! Wait--what? Disney won't let you?!