Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reason # 4832100 why I HATE Sprint

So my contract with Sprint is up in the coming days and as I've been very unhappy with their service (specifically customer service) for quite some time, I am OUT. DA. DO'. As soon as I possibly can be. Gather round' children, for story time with Brian.

Last summer, before I moved to Ohio for three months, I had a "Utah only" plan, meaning I could only call within Utah. Knowing that I was going to need nationwide coverage, I called them to see what I could do about upgrading. Well, the only way to do this was to change to a plan with excessive, and expensive, benefits which I did not need. Also, I would have had to extend my contract for another two years. Being so unhappy with Sprint, I was not about to be all "Sure! Extend my contract four years while you're at it!!" Hell no. I was ready to leave. But I made up some elaborate story, agreed to extend my contract one year, and that was that. I had nationwide service. Cut to August--my first bill since the new changes had been made. Open up the bill and......$900. A $900 phone bill. As it turns out, they had never changed the plan like they said they would so here I am making all kinds of calls and roaming the whole time.

As you can imagine, I was not a happy camper. So imagine how much MORE unhappy I became when I called in to complain, and they said they had no record of the previous conversation so therefore they couldn't retro grade my plan back to June and I was responsible for the full amount. I somehow managed to convince them to bring the charge down to $390-something, sucked it up, and paid it.

I called in to customer service today to find out the exact date that my contract was up. After speaking with the technical department for ten minutes ( seriously, how did I end up in the technical department?) I was transferred to customer service. I start talking to the lady and she asks for my that the same as my password? I can't remember it. So she says that she will reset it for me. 25 minutes later I'm finally able to ask her my question. She answers it, and I'm on my way. I tried to be as polite as I could, having worked in customer service previously, but I was getting ready to Hulk out.

Luckily I maintained my composure.

Moral of the story: STAY the "F" away from Sprint!!

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The DC said...

I had problematic experience with Sprint. I actually was trying to buy something from them but luckily I dodge a bullet.

I was trying to order a new phone and I paid extra for overnight shipping because I needed it right away for travel. It never showed. I called and they said the phone was backordered. A month later I still didn't have the phone.

So I called and got a customer service person who told me "she understood why I was upset, please hold why she checks on it and would I be interested in signing up for residential long distance with them." I declined.

When she came back they determined that because my order was old they canceled by mistake. I told her that I was through and I was just going to cancel my account. She said "I understand why you are upset. There is nothing we can do. However, would you be interested in purchasing broadband from us."

Essentially every interaction followed the same pattern:

1. I understand you are upset.
2. There is nothing I can do.
3. Since you are already a pissed off customer would you consider by something else from us.

I bailed and went to ATT.