Wednesday, July 9, 2008

These are a few of my....

These are some things that annoy me:

1. Dude that Farts next to me on the elliptical
Uh....dude? It's only me and you on these machines. If it wasn't me, guess what? It's you. And I don't need to smell that. Here I am working hard and sweating like crazy and doing really well and I have to smell that? That just ain't right. And don't think I didn't notice--cause that shit was pungent.

2. My neighbor's Air Conditioner
No, not the neighbor who's air conditioner fell out of their window at 11:30 pm (f'real--note to self: don't walk under my building's windows) no I'm talking to the neighbor who's air conditioner feels the need to drip onto my air conditioner at 6 in the morning. If it was rain, that would be one thing. But it's a constant drip....drip....drip....drip....that eventually wakes me up. And I don't like being woken up at 6am. I don't wake up at 6am, fyi. I have two hours of sleep to go and I like those two hours. So

3. The New York City Street Cleaning Machine
I know you're doing a good thing--cleaning the streets. Frankly, they need to be cleaned. But MAN do you need to be so loud?! And if I'm talking on the phone while walking, why do I feel like you're following me down the street? F'real--if I turn the corner there you are. If I walk straight ahead...there you are. Just leave me alone! You do not need to happen at 8:30 in the morning. Can't you just wait until I go to work? I hate you.

4. I'm getting a zit
On the side of my nose. And it hurts.

These are some things that I like:

1. Jon and Kate Plus 8
Oh how I love this show. And strangely enough, I really like watching it at the gym. But then I'm embarrassed when I laugh out loud and people look over to see what I'm watching and they see I'm watching a show about twins and sextuplets. It's fine though...I'm not ashamed...

2. Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box

Yes, I know that I'm excited about a litter box. But stay with me. I read about this little miracle on another blog randomly and then decided to check out the reviews on When I saw 40/42 people raving about it I wanted to give it a shot. What is nice about this is that it doesn't use litter, it uses these little pellets. So immediately that eliminates the majority of the mess. The cats pee into the box like normal, and the pee goes onto this little pad underneath the pellets. I've had the same pad for two weeks and it doesn't smell at all! Ew. I just said "the same pad for two weeks." That sounds gross. Anyway, you scoop the poop out and flush it and it is so convenient. I'm in love with this litter box and surprisingly, my cats are too!!

Oh yeah, another thing that annoys me:

5. I just got excited about a litter box. I'm officially a cat lady

Something that I like:

3. Tony Romo

I dunno, am I the only one that thinks he's kinda cute? Uh Oh...I might have found a new boyfriend!!


Tanner said...

At least your air conditioner didn't leak and flood your entire living room. Yes, mine did. :(

Anonymous said...

You asshole. I understand you don't care about football but Tony Romo be real. How could you say one of your new favorite people is the DALLAS COWBOYS quarterback. Be real. If you want to see a cutie check out the packers new quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh. And laugh, and then laugh some more.