Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things That Creep Me Out

These are some things that creep me out:

1. Mike Jackson

2. Angie's hands

3. This....lovely monster from "Buffy"

4. Skinny Colin Farrell

5. T.R. Knight's undeserving boyfriend

6. Amy Wino

And this concludes the latest edition of "Things that Creep me out"


Anonymous said...

I always noticed Jolie's hands were way to veiny. She looks like she has taken way too much HGH (human growth hormone). I am excited for you next list.
Your Friend

Delia D'Nell said...

So, I pretty much am in love with reading your blog. I found it from Tanner's blog. don't be mad.

Matt Melissa and Gabe said...

I think that you for sure have a shot with TR. I will see if I can work some majic...

Ramsey said...

I must say that reading your blog makes me smile at least twice a day. Yep, twice. Once while I'm reading it and once while I'm thinking about what I just read.