Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Recap...and what a Recap it is....

I honestly think I've gained forty pounds in the past three days. Allow me to explain. Best Friend Taylor was in town!! She flew in from Utah on Thursday, leaves this afternoon, and we've had an absolute blast. She and I can have the greatest time whether we are picking our noses and watching a movie or out with friends. As the majority of my friends were going to be around this weekend I really wanted her to meet the people in my life that were important to me. So Thursday night we headed to a few birthday parties and she was able to meet Shannon, Kiwi Katie, Whitney, Ali, Kido, Yasi, Matty B, Kristina, Mo, and my boys Steve, Scotty Evans and Scott D. The boys, Taylor and I had an absolute blast. By that point in the night I'd had plenty of drinks and so watching "Wipeout" a "So You Think You Can Dance" provided many, many laughs. We capped off that first night with some yummy diner food at 2:30 in the morning.

Friday we slept in, got a New York hot dog for lunch (ew) and hopped on the train to head down to the South Side Seaport. I don't know the city as well as I think I do and we ended up at the Brooklyn Bridge. Since it was officially the nicest day in the history of man we decided to do something neither of us had done and walk across it (pictures to come later). We were able to see a new art project that had waterfalls by each of the New York bridges.

'twas very cool. Finally figured out where South Side Seaport was and headed down there for some shopping. We found an adorable cafe and stopped for lunch, which included the most fantastic grilled tuna sandwich EVER. Sun kissed and exhausted, we recuperated at home for a bit (after a bit more shopping) before heading out to Therapy for drinks with Dr. Mike, Ant Rapp, Josh Moon, and others. Had a really nice time talking and I'm happy that she was finally able to meet Anthony.

Saturday we were set to see "In the Heights" at 2pm but decided to do another thing neither of us had done and so we went running in Central Park. I was surprised at how well I did as I'm usually not a big runner outside of the gym. Our seats for ITH were absolutely PERFECT and I was able to see Janet Dacal go on as Vanessa, which was a very unexpected treat.

Saturday night we decided to keep it low-key and so we rented two movies she hadn't seen, "Juno" and "Superbad." I'd seen both (a few times actually) but I was adamant about the fact that she NEEDED to see both of those movies. We still stayed up pretty late and got a good night's sleep, sleeping in a bit on Sunday. Sunday morning led to us heading to brunch at Film Center Cafe (a favorite brunch place of mine) and then meeting up with BFF in Central Park. Yup, he's back from Italy! I missed him very much the two weeks he was gone but managed to survive. The three of us hung out in the park for a while getting some sun and then later met up for dinner at Arriba, Arriba.

While at Arriba, Faith (Spencer's sister who missed her flight and stayed in town for one more day) noticed that a girl sitting behind us looked like "that girl from Gossip Girl." As you all know, I love love love me some Gossip Girl. I turned around to see who it was...and it was Leighton Meester, also known as Blair!!!!

I was Fa-REAK-ing out, cause I lurve me some Blair!!! I was going to say hi as she left but decided against it--I didn't want her to act all "Blair" on me. It was a very cool celebrity sighting though because she literally was RIGHT behind us at dinner. Apparently Arriba is the place to be because on our way out I ran into Christopher Hanke, most recently seen in Cry-Baby. He's kind of my boyfriend so of course I had to say hi to him.

And he, in turn, said hi to me.

Heading out to meet Taylor for an early lunch in a bit before she leaves for the airport. I'm going to be sad to see her go, for sure. There's a level of comfort and familiarity that she and I have that I miss. We've been friends for over 8 years and by default you get to know each other a certain way after that much time. I'll be having a quiet night in tonight, a date tomorrow, and then a theater filled Wednesday and Thursday. Hope everyone had a nice weekend...a good day t' ya and yours.

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