Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gay Dodgeball?? What?!

Last night BFF invited me to go play gay dogdgeball. Yes, you heard dodgeball. I was always afraid of this game growing up (anything where balls fly at my face I'm not okay with) but I decided to go and give it a shot. It actually was a really good time, but I have to say...homos are competitive, yo!! I mean, ya'll know I am competitive (games in the park, anyone?) but for some reasons when everyone is gay I get really self-conscious about my abilities and just giggle the whole time. I actually was doing okay at the game--at one point I was the only person left (yeah, I ended up losing it for my team) and I was getting better and better. Until I tried to catch a ball.

Yeah....not s'much. Instead of catching the ball, it riccocheted off my fingers, bending my middle and ring finger back. I thought that I just jammed them, until I looked and saw my top knuckle on my ring finger sticking up. Then the throbbing happened. Then the swelling happened. Then the black and blue happened. Then the "omg, I'm going to pass out" happened. All for a sprained (possibly broken) finger. I haven't seen the doctor yet, so I don't know if it's broken for sure. All I know is that it's F'ING HARD to type with this on:

Afterwards we went to Stonewall and played a delightful game called "flip cup." It was new to me, but the beer helped my finger feel much better. I haven't decided if I'm joining the league yet (100 bucks to throw balls at each other, what?!) but it could be a really fun thing to do this fall. We'll have to see. In the meantime, pray they don't have to amputate my finger or make me wear one of these:

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sanamach10 said...

i jammed my finger yesterday and i lost my knuckle. its all swelled up.