Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No She Didn't.

Cycle 11 bitches. Get ready. Tyra, girl, I know you didn't with that pose. Way to make it allll about you.

Went to Musical Monday's last night. Was really fun to see everyone but my body is mad at me today. If it could talk, it would say "what are you doing? You want to put us through a day of work, a build and burn class, THEN a spin class and THEN go out, drink your face off, and sing musicals like it's nobodies business?! Bitch, what is wrong witchu?!?! And whatchu doin eating a salad the day after? We can't have a burger or even a ham and cheese sammich? That is so not okay. You best be giving me something good to eat for dinner or I'm a gonna go ape shit on you and either give you a cold or diarrhea." But like I said, that would only be if it could talk. My body, like me, is apparently long winded.

I appreciate the fact that my darling mother saw Cruz Beckham on the Teen Choice Awards last night and commented on how he's a little punk. Who else with join me in the fight against this monster?!?!

Today starts a seven week stint watching Ant Rapp's cats. It's going to be a whole lot back and forth but he's paying me pretty well and I could DEFinitely use the cash! After I head down there I'll probably just crash and watch a little "Jon and Kate Plus 8" and rest up in preparation for the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale!! GO KATEE!!!

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