Friday, August 8, 2008

So you think you can WHAT?!

Okay, all together now--"Joshua? REALLY?!" I don't know, I'm fine with him winning, hell anyone but Twitch could have won and I would have been okay with it but Joshua? REALLY? I just don't get it. How could Katee not have won? Sure she's a little...lacking on the personality, but after performances like this



and This

I'm just completely dumbfounded why America wouldn't pick her as their favorite dancer. I suppose I have to come to terms with it and just be happy with the fact that she still won $50,000 and got to dance four times last night. It was pretty clear that, even though the judges licked Will, Titch, and Joshua's asshole's the entire season, they had a clear favorite when it came to the actual dances themselves. You, Katee, truly are a gift to dance.

Let's not forget about Chelsea and Mark's amazing number which was, I think, even better last night than the first time I saw it (or sawr, as Cat would say).
And I actually really, really liked this routine of Mark and Courtney's. I felt like it played to both of their strengths and was happy they were able to show it again last night.

As Page Six and Husband would say, Courtney "gives good hair." Just look at that picture. Fierce.
I thought the show was actually really well produced--how cute were Mary and Nigel when they danced? I think it was nice and showed that old people can dance too!

After looking impeccable all season Kat really screwed up last night. Fringe? FRINGE?!?!
And speaking of scary things....what the F was up with the dancing rabbits? They took an unassuming, adorable animal
and turned it into THIS!!!!

I mean, what the hell IS that even?? A demon rabbit funeral? I'm just so not okay with that.

Had a fun time watching the show--ate some great food and drank some cheap wine. Just the way it should be. Looking forward to seeing THIS tonight

and to doing a little of this

Tomorrow BFF and I are going out of town with Kido, Bridget, and the girls. There should be a lot of boozing and a lot of laughs!!! The finger is doing okay. It still hurts, but the pain is significantly less than it was yesterday. I've discovered it hurts more when I type....which is good....because I don't type at all at my job (sarcasm). Hope everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend! Is the summer really almost done?

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Silly Billy said...

I knew Courteney would be the first to go. And although I agree, Katee was by far the best dancer, I had a feeling a guy was going to win. Especially when the judges were totally impressed by their lifts and all. I just thought it would be Twitch, not Joshua. See how much I know.

Have fun at Flip Cup.