Monday, August 18, 2008

Things I Liked About My Weekend

These are a few of my favorite things......

*Friday night
The boys (ScottD, Scott Evans, Page Six, BFF, and Husband) came over to Ant Rapp's house for a "movie night." It wasn't so much a movie night as it was a "let's stare at each other for a bit while we decide what to do" night at first, but we ended up playing a card game that was SO much fun. Drinking and other such calamities ensued and we concluded with four orders of chicken fingers at 1am. "Million Dollar Baby!!"

*Saturday Morning
I layed in bed catching up on "Project Runway," "Kathy Griffin," and "The Hills." Nothing like trashy tv to get your weekend started off right. Did anyone catch the top 10 Hills moments with cast interviews this weekend? They were shuttin' it DOWN!! Premiere tonight, baby!!

*That One Guy
I got the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with someone and very much enjoyed his humor, intellect, and company. It was definitely the high point of my weekend.

I have no idea if that's how you spell it but....I ate here twice this weekend and it's friggin' amazing!!! Saturday I had a ham and cheese sandwich that blew my mind and Sunday I rocked a roasted vegetable pizza (which I will rock the leftovers of later tonight). I love finding new restaurants that are fantastic!

All I'll say about going to this trashy bar Saturday night is that it's really nice to walk in with someone who is much more attractive than you and to know that you're the two hottest guys in there. Makes your ego feel good.

*Page Six
I have to love someone who shares my love of Chipoltle and trashy reality shows and will let me vent to him absolutely judgement free and I know it's judgement free which is the refreshing part. Plus, he'll let me watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" while we eat said Chipoltle and will give me all of his old Entertainment Weeklys. Yay for Page Six, happy I got to spend time with you this weekend!

*Baked Cheetos and Mike & Ikes
Yum. Diet. Starts. Now.

Things I did not like about my weekend.....

*Not seeing BFF enough
*Went too fast
*Nagging cough
*Did I mention it went too fast??

Happy Monday, ya'll. Is it Friday yet?

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Other Such Calamities make me laugh so hard!

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