Friday, August 1, 2008


I WON BITCHES!! At the gym, they had a contest--a "Tour de France" of sorts. Each person had to do two hours of cardio a week for three weeks and if you completed the "course" your name was put in a drawing for wine or champagne. Well I do like ten hours of cardio a week so it was no problem finishing. I did NOT expect to win and was even happier when I found out the bottle of champagne cost $100!!! I usually buy champagne that costs around 15 bucks it got me a little excited. I was planning on drinking it alone before dinner tonight, but now that know it cost so much that would just be sad. Actually, the fact that I got so excited that it was expensive is also a little sad. This whole post is just sad all around. Forget I said anything.

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doug said...

Nothing sad about getting excited about $100 champagne! Congratulations!!! Yeah - don't drink it alone. (And you know that's a big deal, coming from me. :))