Monday, August 4, 2008

The Worst Way to Start a Morning

So not only did I miss a spot shaving, run into my work crush while slurping milk out of a cup, and put on two mis-matching socks...I long on to to check what the entertainment news of the day is and I run into THIS: 18 tv/Movie Clowns the World Loves (Or Maybe Not)


I frakking hate clowns. I hate 'em!! They creep me the hell out. And to see pictures like this



Well I'm sorry, but that's not okay!!! Seriously, that last picture is the worst. It's like Bozo is going to hop out of the computer screen at you. Terrifying.

In other news, the Teen Choice Awards were last night and it looked something like a gay Pride parade.

F'real, ya'll. Don't they be lookin' a It's like they skipped metrosexual and went straight to homo. I heard a Jonas Brothers song for the very first time the other day. It was just like, noise. Very whiny, very nasal. I mean, I know that I done listened to some crap in my day but this was just like....eek!

ABsolutely not.

Wish I had excitement to share from my weekend, but it was just kind of another weekend. Which is what I needed after the craziness of July. Friday night I had a lovely dinner with Kido and the girls, and I got to meet the wonder that is Toni. Homegirl is a trip! Also got to see Kristen David, a girl I used to know in high school. It's so crazy to think that I hadn't seen her in ten years. She and I weren't exactly friends in high school but we weren't enemies either--it was still really great to see her again though. Saturday I took in a long gym session and then hung out with Scott D all night. We went and saw StepBrothers, which was stupid, but I sure did laugh a lot. My favorite line was after Will Ferrell started singing and Jon C. Reilly said "you sound beautiful! You sound like a combination of Fergie and Jesus!" Can you imagine if someone really did sound like Fergie and Jesus? I wonder what that person would look like?

Probably something like that.

Anyway, it was really nice to hang out with Scott and have some one on one time. We had a blast together.

Sunday I literally did nothing. I slept in, watched some Buffy, went to the pier to do some writing, got some sushi, tried to write some more, watched some more Buffy, ate some more, and then was up far too late watching movies. I was ready for bed at 9pm and didn't fall asleep until 1am. Not okay. I found out that my best friend Taylor is getting married on my birthday, and that's fun. It'll be like a big celebration! Or a wedding with people I don't know. But I love her and will gladly give up one birthday for a lifetime of her happiness. Not sure what this week holds but hopefully it'll be better a little better than last week! Have a happy manic Monday, ya'll.

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