Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Reality "Celebrity" Sightings

Oh the people you'll meet while shopping for a Halloween costume in New York.
While looking for fake teeth in K-Mart, I ran into Keenyah from Top Model Season 4. Some crazy black girl was asking Keenyah to sign her arm. What's funny is my first thought was to ask her how Brittany was doing.

While in Union Square, I saw Ronnie, from Make Me a Supermodel

Oh lordy, he's sooooo hot.

Walking home from the train I got checked out by Andy Cohen, President at Bravo.

I have a not so secret crush on him.

And now a legit celebrity sighting. Last week while walking home drunk from HK Lounge, the group and I passed by Sean Palmer, Marcus from "Sex and the City" and currently starring as Prince Eric in "The Little Mermaid." I saw him and I YELLED "It's Sean Palmer!!! It's Marcus! Marcus!" Not my finest moment.

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