Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is Halloween....

Despite the possibility of me sitting alone on my couch in a Speedo this year, I'm still really excited for Halloween! It truly is one of my favorite times of the year. I'm so excited, in fact, that I got the sudden urge to post some of my old Halloween costumes. Special thanks goes out to BarbBahr and Melissa for scanning these pictures and sending them to me.

This is me....as a dog. If you'll notice in the coming pictures, all three kids at one time were dressed at the dog. I love that I'm rocking the bangs and liked stripes even back then.

My first year as a vampire. Notice that Patrick is now wearing the dog costume. Where as I was more of a beagle, I imagine Pat is more of a bulldog. No! A pug! He's totally a pug. I'm not sure why I look so depressed. I think perhaps I'm trying to look scary/menacing? Either that or I was counting down the minutes until I could go out and get candy.

Year #2 as a vampire. I believe this was one year later, when we lived in Michigan. Please note the boots.

This was many years later, as vampire #3. I remember this vampire being different because I was telling everyone I was a "modern" vampire. Buffy, Twilight, True Blood---they totally owe me credit. I don't really know what Patrick was....an old Packer fan? Please notice how my parents stuck me in the back of the picture and cut off half of my head in the frame. Stuck in the back row, even back then.

Ugh. I'm so badass, I can't stand it. The Joker. Patrick is the one that really benefits from this blog because while I'm posting pictures of myself in my awkward teen years, Pat is in his prime adorable years. So there you go Patrick. Even though you're voting for McCain, you were an adorable child. My mother takes credit for the makeup, but I'm pretty sure I was the one to tell her what to draw on. I know that Heath Ledger is getting all the credit for being the Joker now...but clearly I was the original.

Rockin' the mad scientist. What I loved about this costume was that there were so many small details that really were awesome. I had a rat, spider, little beakers in my pocket, notepads...loves it.

And now....Melissa is the dog. So cute! This was probably my scariest costume ever. I don't know what, in a million years, possessed me to go as a clown. Because clowns are scary. And it's not like I was trying to go as a scary clown, I was just going as a clown. And look at me! I'm like, 15! What 15 year old goes as a clown!?! Oy.

One of my favorite costumes ever--a dead football player. I was popular this year, so that explains whey I went as a football player. I love how half of my costumes involve dark circles around my eyes. At any rate, another one of my favorite costumes.
I'm curious to know---what was your favorite Halloween costume?


Kelly said...

The Great Pumpkin. Hands down! Can't wait to see the pics of this year's costume!

Jwise said...

You were a clown? We're breaking up

Leanna said...

Awesome photos..! Excited to see the photos of this year's Halloween costume.