Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall into the Puppies

I had a dream last night where I was a little short on cash, so I went and got my job back at the Gap. Not to knock anyone who may still work at the Gap....but this was more of a nightmare than anything. What's funny though is I still have fond memories of my time in retail. I had a blast and my wardrobe was never better--even though they were all Gap clothes.

Heidi posted the greatest picture ever in her blog today.

Do you know this family?! It's the Duggars. They are on a TLC show called "17 and Counting" on Monday nights and they are C-RAZY. F'real. Certifiably 100% bat shit crazy. The eldest boy got engaged and was saving his first KISS for his wedding night. Look, I can understand why people want to wait for marriage to have sex (although don't go expecting much that first night if you're going to wait--just get ready for a lot of fumbling) but to KISS? I'm sorry, but a bad kisser is non-negotiable. Red flag. If brotha can't kiss, "dosvidania" or however you say it. Plus, he and his fiance have to be chaperoned at all times. Since there are 16 other kids, it's usually one of them. Also, they all have names that start with "J." 18 kids with names that start with J. That's crazy. I'm surprised one of them is not named "Jesus." Did I mention that there are 18 kids? All out of this woman's vajayjay. That has to be the floppiest vagine in the history of the world. Kaka.

Have you guys seen this live puppy feed?

It's a live feed of these puppies in like, China or something. The link wasn't working for me last week but I discovered that it works today and.....oh no......this is not going to be good for my productivity. Already through this blog post I've switched over about fifteen times, wasting valuable blog time. And my heart? Officially melted. Count how many times you say the word "Aw" while watching the puppies--you'll be surprised.

The Out 100 party is tonight, so I wore my bow tie to work in hopes of getting my confidence up enough to wear it tonight. Well so far today I've gotten "Pee Wee Herman" and "Science Professor" but...I happen to love it so I don't really care what other people say.

It takes balls to wear a bow tie, people!!

I just discovered the puppy feed has sound. I'm exploding from the cuteness. I can't talk to you guys anymore, I need to go focus on the puppies.


Kelly said...

I need a model pose with that bowtie before I can render judgement.

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doug said...

Um. Any reason you didn't link us to the puppy site?