Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well my fellow Americans, (and at least one Canadian) we did it!!! Last night Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the USA and I couldn't be more ecstatic. Never before have I been so involved with an election, so aware of what was at stake, and so proud of the American public. I truly believe that Obama is the man to bring about change and I'm behind him all the way. Last night I went to some bars with Page Six, EVT, and Jamie and it was amazing watching the results come in. When he took Pennsylvania, the entire bar cheered. Ohio. Florida. It just kept coming and coming. History was made last night, bitches.
I did appreciate the speech that McCain gave and thought he was a very fair loser--unlike some people I have come across on Facebook. It amazes me that I could be "friends" with people who leave status' like "so and so is going out to buy a gun. Only Christians vote for McCain." Needless to say, those people have been deleted from my friends list--regardless of my relationship with them. I am fine if you support McCain, my best friend does, but I know that I'm not going to see Facebook statuses like that from her. I can definitely see how someone might be disappointed, but words like that don't read disappointment--they read hate.

Speaking of hate, Proposition 8, the law to ban gay marriage in Florida, Arizona, and California, passed in all three states last night. I guess Americans really can't have it all. Like equal rights.
However, I'm hoping that with the election last night, one day all that can change. I really believe that this election has changed me and forced me to care about something that I've had no interested in my entire life. An example: Last night when I got home at midnight, I chose to watch the election speech instead of the new 90210 episode on my DVR.

Madness!!! Madness, I say!

I know that this blog has been super political lately but now that the election fever has died (some) I will hopefully be getting back to the things that most of you want to hear. Like cats, boys, and Tyra.


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