Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Monday

Ah, Monday. Monday in New York. Miss New York sure can be a bitch sometimes. I need to be eased into my Monday mornings. They're a little rough for me and what I don't need hear the minute I walk out of my house is construction, sirens, and honking horns. This is just one reason why I'm excited to visit Utah. Instead of waking up to these loud noises, I will instead be waking up to Heidi's snoring and cats in my face. And I couldn't be more excited!

I don't know if it's because I had late nights all weekend but for the life of me I could NOT fall asleep last night. It was practically 3am and I was WIDE AWAKE. I had tried everything I could think of to try and fall asleep and nothing was working. Then I remembered that I had a leftover beer in my fridge. Cut to me in bed pounding a beer and watching The Office at 3 in the morning. I then promptly laid my head down and fell the hell asleep. I've never felt more like an alcoholic in my life.

Perhaps the most important news of the weekend is that the new Britney Spears album, "Circus," leaked to the Internet last night and I promptly downloaded myself a copy.

Upon first listen I think it's exactly what Britney needed at this point in her career. I feel like "Blackout" should have been her "comeback album" but she wasn't ready personally for that. While not as hard hitting as "Blackout" I do feel like "Circus" is a very strong album sonically, even though it is Brit Brit's "poppiest" turn out in years. This album will be a fantastic travel companion on my trip to Utah.

What a busy weekend! Friday night was the most fun I've had in months. It was the annual "Out 100" party and I was lucky enough to be Page Sixs' plus one. Due to the fact that he had to be on the red carpet early, I met up with B.Burns and headed to our friend Paul's place for champagne and predrinks. I don't want to brag...but I looked amazing. Seriously, I was shutting it down and the bow tie was a huge success. Apparently the theme of the night was "Old Hollywood," which I had no idea about beforehand, but I fit in perfectly! Everyone looked so smashing, there was an open bar, great music, so much fun! I ran into Hunter and Jeff from [title of show] while waiting in the VIP line and it was great to see them--they said I looked "dapper."

Here is the lot of us in the press room after the ceremony. Not the best picture of my outfit, but you can kind of get an idea. Better pictures to come at a later date.

Saw all kinds of celebs like Adele, John Cameron Mitchell, Padma from Top Chef and Wilson Cruz (Right now I'm sure half of my readers are going 'WHO?!'). Cheyenne Jackson and Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child were there

and we were treated to a performance by Nikka Costa, whom I LURVED in college.

For all of you USU members out there, Nikka Costa is who we used to do ab warm ups to during "Cabaret." MEMORIES!

We were also treated to the reunion of the hit 70's band, LaBelle, starring none other than Patti Labelle!!!

Look how close she is. She and her fierceness were all up in my bizness. It was really crazy to be that close to an actual musical legend, and Oprah likes her so that made it all the better. LaBelle was the group that wrote "Lady Marmalade" and you know I got my "kitchy kitchy ya ya, da da" down while they were singin' it!!! Some great pictures were taken from the night and I'll post them when I have them.

Saturday night was Bridget's BDay party downtown at Happy Endings. It was SO great to see my girls again and to drink all of our troubles away! I've been fighting with Shutterfly for literally the past hour trying to view the pictures and post them here but my working computer is being an ASSHOLE and it's not working so you'll have to be patient and I'll post them at a later date. Something to look forward to.

Sunday I packed all day, caught up on my DVR, and organized my ITunes. Page Six and I got some Chipotle and watched some Amazing Race before I went home to finish packing--always fun times with Page Six!

After today blog updates will be pretty sporadic due to the fact that I'll be in Utah!! Don't miss me too much.

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Heidi said...

I know who Wilson Cruz is and I do not snore. Say that again and you will be sleeping curled up in a ball on the floor.