Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh the Places You'll Go

I'm baaaaaaack.
Who missed me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Well, my much anticipated Utah trip has come and gone and it feels like I shoved three weeks' worth of activities into three days. I had a great, great time and even though my birthday was let down after let down, my friends definitely let me know I was loved and that meant a whole lot. I have yet to see pictures from my trip, but will share them the first chance I get.

I arrived Monday night and was up til 4am NYC time chatting and catching up with Heidi and Hiba (who is delightful and I am very happy I was able to get to know her better). Tuesday I got my hair did by Preston, went to lunch with Patrick and his future Mother-in-law, shopped, and then had a fantastic dinner at Happy Sumo with the whole gang! Afterwards was my karaoke party and I was so happy to have everyone there--it was seriously the happiest night I've had in a long time. I felt so blessed that so many people were able to come out (and on a school night no less) and was happy to see Spencer's mom and sister among the attendees. I'm also happy that my brother was able to drive out from Colorado. Honestly, that was the greatest birthday gift ever and then he did one better and got me a gift card to Chipotle and some Lemonheads!

Wednesday I had breakfast with Pat and his new brother, and then hung out with Taylor all day. She and I have the most fun just hanging out and doing nothing, or running errands or watching tv and so that's exactly what we did. She took me out to lunch for my bday and got me an awesome coat from Banana and new black shoes!! I no longer have to wear shoes with holes in them! Wahoo! Wednesday night the gang and I got together for some drinks and games and it was so amazing. It was just a room full of love, which is exactly what I needed for my birthday. There was a rabbit Emily found lost outside her house that she saved and was keeping in a box so there were lots of laughs and jokes about the random rabbit in the back room.

Thursday morning, my actual birthday....well....things didn't turn out so well.


I woke up to my phone's alarm going off, and Natalie going "what happened?!" Well, I wasn't quite sure what she meant and then I saw it. Puke all over the table...and all over my iPhone.
Now I have to tell you something: I don't usually forget things when I'm drunk. Also, if I get up to puke, I'm going to remember it. And Wednesday night I remember getting up to puke, but in the bathroom. I remember going into the bathroom, and puking next to the rabbit, who had left his box and was chillin' next to the turlet. I remember thinking "this is the trippiest moment, puking while a rabbit stares at me." So I was completely confused why there was puke on the table because I don't remember doing it AT ALL. But it's the only explanation--it had to of been me. Emily wouldn't have come downstairs from her room, puked on the table, and then gone back upstairs to sleep. I was so confused why puke was all over my phone and the table. Needless to say, my phone was pretty much ruined and kept shutting on and off all day. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced my phone with a new one, but that also meant I had no contacts, no text messages, no ipod--nothing--for the majority of the day. It's the day people are in touch with you the most and you're completely unavailable--talk about disappointment!

I was so hungover Thursday and I managed to be the babysitter for all the kids while Taylor was in getting married. Kids + Hangover does not = a good time. The dinner Kristen threw was really nice. There were two other birthdays yesterday so at the reception dinner they brought us out cakes and sang Happy Birthday to us. Of course, my cake said "Happy Birthday Brain," but beggars can't be choosers. After the dinner, it was time for me to return my rental car, head back to the airport, and wait for three hours before my flight. It sucked. Even the airport bar was closed so I went through my entire birthday without having one drink...which perhaps was for the best. I can really only afford one iPhone.

I'm having a birthday karaoke tonight at Izu so if you're around and want to come it should be a fun time! I don't know who's coming and who isn't really, but that's okay. Like I discovered Tuesday at my karaoke party, it's not about who comes and who doesn't come. As long as you have the core people in your life there, everyone else is just icing on the cake.

Being home in Utah was interesting for me. I had a lot of mixed feelings about going back and about being there. Did I miss New York? Of course I did. Do I miss Salt Lake? You bet your ass I do. There are many pros and cons to both places and it was so clear how different they both really are. Everyone kept asking how I'm loving New York and in those kind of situations you have to put on a brave face and be really excited about it. Because no one wants to hear "oh, I'm liking it. You know, I have bad days and I have good days. It's not smiles and sunshine 24/7." Hell no! People want to hear "it's amazing! I love it so much! Things are perfect!" But the one thing that I loved being back was feeling a warmth again. One of the main reasons I moved was because everything was comfortable and therefore I was becoming complacent but MAN, sometimes comfortable is REALLY nice.

I was able to snag some pictures from Bridget's birthday party last week. Rockin' the bow tie, rockin' the bow tie.


So tell me my lovelies, how were your weeks? I missed you all very much and am happy to be back!

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Chrislynn said...

Happy belated birthday! I am sorry it wasn't all you hoped for.