Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh the Stars You'll See

Walking to the movies on Saturday I ran into hottie mchott Jon Hamm from "Mad Men"

and Jennifer Westfeldt

writer and star of one of my most favorite movies ever--"Kissing Jessica Stein."

I swear to God, my heart stopped when I saw them. STOPPED. Worst part about it thought was that the friend I was meeting had NO CLUE who either of them were so my excitement was all for naught.

Last night on the way to meet Jamie Jamie Moore, I saw Connor Paolo, who plays Eric on "Gossip Girl."

He had a lot of bags and seemed a bit confused...kind of like how I'm confused why we're supposed to care about his character on GG....

I have to buy new shoes today on my lunch break. The holes in the bottom of them have gotten to biblical levels. It's a necessity, but an expense I REALLY don't want to make.

Also, can I pull off a bow tie?

I'm going to the Out 100 party and want to change it up a little bit. Also, if I can pull off a bow tie, can someone come help me tie it?

Yesterday I went to the Veterans Day parade with Brian and Kelly. What's English for "LAMEST. PARADE. EVER." The three highlights were:

Flags, flags, and more flags.


And the NYPD Marching Band. When my grandpa was a police officer, he played clarinet in the Milwaukee marching band. Apparently my dad also filled in playing trumpet when he was in middle school and high school. I thought about my G-pa lots during the parade and while the parade itself was L to the AME, I was quite touched when I saw the NYPD Marching Band.

Also in the parade? The old lady who was in this picture

Homegirl was riding in a float and while it may be a bit lame/corny, it was actually pretty cool to see such an iconic piece of history pass by on a flatbed truck. That was my first though. My second? That lady is still ALIVE?!?! Homegirl done be OLD!!


SB said...

You could totally pull off a bow tie. And how do you know the names of every actor and actress in the biz?! I'm more impressed that you know their names and credentials than that you actually saw them. :)

Kelly said...

Oh muh gosh! I just watched Kissing Jessica Stein on Sunday! And no, the Bow-Tie is sooo Tucker Carlson right now. Boo! You could pull it off, but that's not the point.

doug said...

Maybe it's because I live in the bowtie capital of the world, but I strongly support the idea of you wearing a bowtie! The one in that picture was kind of cute and I really think you could do it! I wonder whether I am losing my former aversion to bowties because of the regular exposure to them, or if it's just that I think there would be a sort of cute, playful irony in you wearing one...

Also, Jon Hamm is not cute (or mchott). You could lap milk out of that saucer between his nose and mouth.

doug said...

And I think that in that one post I just used the word "cute" about 150% more than I do in a typical month!

Amanda said...

The problem with the bow tie is there may be a portion of the population who will wonder if you're trying to be Chuck Bass. Maybe if you avoid wearing purple pants of any kind you'd be ok!

Where in the World is Kevin? said...

Get one of those giant 70s clip-on bow ties. The ones that as big as ceiling fans. Velvet, if possible. I mean, if you're going to wear a republican look, make it count.