Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Bonanza!!!

Happy Monday, ya'll. What a weekend, what a weekend. Between big birthday dinners, karaoke, meeting new and exciting people, catching up on DVR, and getting kicked out of parties my friends were attending, it was a big weekend. But omg, so much fun! In lieu of an exciting Monday morning post, I've got something better for you---a picture BONANZA!

In what feels like eons ago...Out100!!! Can you see how I was rockin' the Old Hollywood look? Didn't even know it...

l to r. Brian, Luke, Brian, Shawn

l to r. Brian, Brian, Shawn

Last week in Utah (was it really only last week!?!) Patrick and I had a great time shopping and driving around in my rental car. You know how when you're younger there are things that you associated with grown ups? Rental cars are one of those things for me. I still feel like they're only things that grown ups use...and I'm technically a grown up! Weird.

During the course of our shopping Pat and I visited Hollister, also known as the poor man's Abercrombie. We likened Hollister to a Haunted House, and here is why:

1. It's really dark, with eerie lighting
2. There's loud music
3. People jump out at you from behind corners
4. There's shit EVERYWHERE
5. Scary foliage
6. Odd smells disorient you
I thought it only apropos to take a picture recapturing a particularly scary moment.

After shopping we met up with the gang for dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant EVER, Happy Sumo. Of course, group pictures had to be taken.

l. to r. Brian, Emily, Jenny, Pat, Joanna, Mary Anne, Conor, Jamie

And then magically Nat, Hiba, and Heids appear.
l. to r. Natalie, Hiba, Brian, Heidi, Conor, Mary Anne, Jamie, Emily, Jenny, Joanna

After dinner it was off to the Tavernacle! It's always fun to sing new songs at karaoke but when you've been out of town after a year and a half, of course you have to bring out the old standards.
For Heidi and myself, that of course includes Britney Spears' "Everytime."
And "Another Day," from RENT.

Standing on chairs, odd looks to the camera....we're not theatrical in the least!
Mary Anne brought the HOUSE DOWN with her rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" and because we're all nerds and were drinking, some interpretive dancing also had to be included.
l. to r. Heidi, Emily, Mary Anne, Brian, Conor, Natalie

l. to r. Heidi, Emily, Brian, Mary Anne, Conor, Natalie
I love my times with them because I can completely be my nerdy ass self. I know they're not going to judge and that they love me no matter what and if I puke up blueberry vodka on my iPhone, they'll help me clean it up. Good times.
Another special treat for me was being able to see Conor so much. He's married to Mary Anne but we have this joke of me being head over heels in love with him. I can't tell you how many "romantic" pictures we have together. He's hilarious and a great friend.

You know, at first I thought "oh, what a miserable birthday," when in actuality, it turned out to be pretty damn great. I was lucky enough to spend it with friends in all parts of the country and ended up feeling really loved. Friday night I had the most AMAZING dinner with Kido, Matt, Mo, Page Six, Spencer, Hubby, Scott D, and Beaux at a place called Rosa Mexicana. Amazing margaritas, amazing food, amazing fun, and amazing guacamole that they made fresh table side! This was not our server, but you get the idea.
It was super nice to spend time with people that have meant a lot to me over the past year.

After dinner the boys bounced and the girls (plus Page Six and Matt) came to Lush Lounge for Karaoke party part 2--New York style!
It warmed my heart to see all the people that showed up, stayed, and sang. I truly believe everyone had a great time!
Page Six and the football boys, Ben and Kelston.
Rachael and Lisa, who will be having an "Ugly Sweater" Christmas party in a few weeks. You bet your ass I've already been on the look out...
Times 2 with Ben and Alex....
And now Ben and Justin. Justin was part of Team Yellow for Scotty's Birthday and I was so happy to see Gary and Michael at the party too (Team Yellow). Throw in Spencer and Ravey and it would have been a Team Yellow reunion! Love those boys!
And of course I can't forget my girls, Bridget (and Mo in the background)
and Kaka Kido. Honestly, they made my birthday so special. I love you guys!
There may or may not have been a little singing as well. I may or may not have rocked a rock version of "Toxic"

And my other staple, "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"

I'm such a ham, oy.

Of course we can't forget about Poulous and Matt (who a coworker says looks like Joel Madden. LOL)

My ladies and Page Six closed out the evening with an awesome rendition of "Shoop." I know that I jumped in there at some point, but have no idea where I was when this picture was taken.

Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday such a fantastic occasion!

The party definitely didn't end after karaoke on Friday. I went uptown with Kelly, Dom, Stewart where I was very pleased to meet "Boston." I'll be attending the Toby Lightman concert with him tonight and am excited for another fun time, Boston accents, and apple pie. Actual apple pie, not like, "American Pie" apple pie, ew.

You have no idea how long it takes to post pictures to this damn blog. Lol. I need to get to the gym--hope everyone has a nice start to their short work week!


Laurie said...

patrick looks HUGE in those group pictures! what is 7'2 now or something?

looks like you had a great time with all of your birthday celebrations and your stories cracked me up--miss you and love you!

Silly Billy said...

Yay! Looks like you had so much fun.