Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank U

I'd like to send a big ol' "thank you" to.....
*Chipotle, Cold Stone Creamery, and America's Funniest Home Videos
You really made my Friday night special. Even after I went out, you were all that I could think about. You know just the right way to make a girl feel good inside.
*Role Models

Even though at the halfway point you really weren't doing it for me, you made up for it in the end. Thank you for making me laugh---it feels like I haven't been doing much of that lately. I'd also like to give a shout out to the Subway sandwich and the Sour Patch Kids that I rocked during the course of the movie. Well...okay...the Subway only lasted through previews--what can I say?! I was hungry!

*Mo's Housewarming
I'd like to thank my dear friend Miyon Oh, for welcoming me into her new Upper East Side apartment and for having deLICIOUS appetizers. It was really great to see where she lives and to know that she's just a few stops on the 6, so expect visitors, Mo! An added bonus was seeing Dara and Poulous, both of whom I haven't seen in forevah!

*Brooklyn Homies

A special thanks goes out to Kaka Kido, Matty, and Bridget for being kind, open, and amazing friends. I'm so lucky to have all three of you!!!


Thanks go out to a drunkJen for being hilarious. After Page Sixs' birthday party on Saturday night his friend Jen, myself, and Page Six were making our way to the D train so we could get our drunk assses home. As we were walking down Houston, we noticed two men in a wrestling grip in the street, with an empty cab and a girlfriend standing by. Apparently a cabbie and his passenger had some sort of disagreement and decided to take it to the streets. The funniest part was that they weren't even fighting, they were just holding each other in the mud and grossness that is Houston street on a Saturday night. After a second of standing there I notice Jen isn't with us anymore and instead is running up to separate the fight, screaming "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!??!!!" I couldn't help but be reminded of the Sex and the City episode where Aidan and Big fight up at the cabin and Carrie yells out "Stop it!! You're middle aged!" Oh the wonders you'll find on a Saturday night in New York...

*The Rickety Stares
My friend Mat has sorts called The Rickety Stares and they had a mini concert on Sunday night. They sing really funny songs about things like the Bubonic Plague, There Will Be Blood, and John Stamos. Dr. Mike came with me and had a fantastic time so I would like to thank Mat for adding a little culture into my Sunday night!


I would also like to thank Beer for playing such an important part in my weekend, especially on Sunday night. Kelly, Stew, and Brian and I hit up Rudy's for a few pitchers and it was a fantastic ending to a sort of bust weekend. The song of the night was definitely Beyonce's "If I Was a Boy" and we kept making of different lyrics to the song such as "If I was black," "If I was a girl," and "If I was straight." Good, good times.

*Oprah's 20th Anniversary DVD's
I'll never forget the year I was given you for my birthday. We had an extra chair for you at my birthday party and I've cried many tears over your many inspiring moments. You've been a good friend to me over this weekend and we've shared many moments together. You've taught me so much--like the concept of "Surrendering," and keeping a gratitude journal. I love you 20th Anniversary Oprah DVD, and I always will.


My most favorite person in the world is going to be coming to visit me when I'm in Utah for Kristen's wedding!! He's going to be driving out from Colorado to spend a little bro time with his bro and I couldn't be happier. Best part? He's going to come to my party at the Tavernacle! I can't WAIT to see my little bro.


Thank you veterans. Because of you my bitch ass has tomorrow off!!!! WAHOO! God Bless America and my sleeping in!

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