Friday, December 12, 2008

Crush, Crush

I've been crushing on a lot of things lately.

I've been crushing on snow, especially since we haven't had any yet.

I've been crushing on Matthew Risch, who took over for Christian Hoff as the lead in "Pal Joey."

I've been crushing on the new blazer I got from The Gap.

I've been crushing on Boston.
And last night, I did a different kind of crushing.

While watching "The Office," I thought to myself " cream sounds really good right now." But I was in my pajamas, it was after 9 pm, and it was torrential down pouring outside so I was very hesitant. Despite these facts, I put jeans on over my pajamas, threw a sweatshirt on, and grabbed my trusty little umbrella to hit the bodega on the corner. I got home, started eating the ice cream, and was very happy and content. Next thing I know?
Please do not judge me. Thank you.


SB said...

Noone's judging you. Can you believe there's supposed to be 4 servings in those things?! Who are they serving anyway?

Sarah said...

So, I've never had this "Bohemian Raspberry" ice cream that you speak of... but my favorite thing to get at Coldstone is Vanilla with brownies and raspberries so I'm pretty sure this ice cream and I are MFEO (Meant For Each Other... like in "Sleepless in Seattle"!)

Also, no judgement. Sometimes you feel, in your soul, that you have no other options than to eat all the ice cream.

doug said...

Boston? What's that all about?

Also, I too just got a new blazer at the Gap. First blazer of my life, and it was scary. But I wore it to my work holiday party today and I think it was OK. I think.

annette said...

No judgement here. MLC and I polished off a large bag of Doritos while watching a Sopranos episode.

Vive le gluttony!