Monday, December 1, 2008

The Internet: Saving Lives

Oh LORDY, is it Monday or is it Monday? Always painful to come back to work after a holiday, this day seems to hurt more than most. Is it because both of my desk mates are gone? Is it because I know I have a busy week ahead of me? Is it because I have a lot of work to do? Is it because Mr. Big chewed through my only pair of headphones? Who can tell. But I'm willing to bet it's a combination of all of the above. That being said, I actually had quite the fantastic weekend. A good mix of going out and alone time. But first things first--Spanksgiving!!!

Ugh. Stop. That turkey Shut. It. Down. Seriously. Have you ever seen a more perfect looking turkey?!

Anyway, I headed over to Kido and Matt's Wednesday evening to hang out with them and Bridget before the festivities started on Thursday. We drank a little drink, ate....a lot..., and played some Wii. Thursday morning we woke up, ate some more, watched the parade, and started drinking. Oh yeah, and cooking too.

It was so funny because we just hung out all day drinking and waiting for the turkey to finish and then once it did it was like we were cooking 85 million things at once. A little hectic. I wanted to help so Matt let me stir the Mashed Potatoes. Of course I thought this was the perfect opportunity for a Top Model photo session.

Bridget made quite possibly some of the best Mac and Cheese I've ever eaten in my life. Bridget, will you come over and make that for me again? I'll provide the wine if you cook--hell, I might even put out for that Mac and Cheese! Seriously. Best ever.

As we were cooking, things were crazy so we really had to prioritize.

Clearly, Matt and I know where our priorities are.
One thing Matt had some trouble with, however, was the gravy. For a second there I wasn't sure he was going to be able to pull it off. It was looking like a mix of puke, mashed potatoes, and cheese grits.
Matt never lets us down though, and the gravy turned out fantastic.
I seriously can't reiterate enough how great the turkey was. Bridget and Kido did SUCH a good job on it. It's a toss up between my mom's, Mandy's orange turkey from last year, and the turkey this year for the best I've ever eaten. There's no possible way to decide but the turkey this year was so moist and tender, even days later when I had my leftovers. Okay, who am I kidding--a day later. You know I ate that shit up the first chance I got. The turkey also provided what is, perhaps, the greatest picture of Kido I've ever seen.
As host and hostess, we had to make sure that Kido and Matt stood out from the rest of the pack and that they were recognized for their cooking contributions.
Not to be outdone, Bridget and I decided to show off what we had been working on the majority of the afternoon.
Then came time for the big feast. We had been slaving all afternoon and were looking so forward to stuffing our faces. You've heard of Blue Christmas? Well this was Orange Thanksgiving.
Seriously! It's so orange!!! But man oh man, was it good.
After a lot of eating and a lot of drinking, we all were so, so full. I honestly couldn't even move I felt so sick.
I just wanted to curl up in a chair and fall asleep which, coincidentally, I did.
I fell asleep in the chair, on the hardwood floor, and then on the air mattress that Matt blew up for me. Honestly, everywhere I moved I just fell back asleep.
I feel like this picture is a pretty indication of what my day was like. Drinkin' and sleepin'. What a great Thanksgiving!!!!
I came into work for a half day on Friday and then met up with Bridget, Andrea, Jarett, Kido, and Matt to see "Australia" on Friday night. Wouldn't you know it, it done be sold out. So instead of going home, the six of us went to a really trashy straight bar and did some more drinkin'! While there we talked about the craziness of Black Friday and how a store employee in Long Island was killed after being trampled by customers. Someone else had heard about a woman having a miscarriage due to the craziness of all the sales in a different store. We came to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to shop online to avoid dying or losing your child. After that came the slogan: The Internet. Saving Lives. I think it's pretty genius.

Saturday I gathered up my Subway sandwich, a Smart Water, and some Sour Patch Kids and went to see "Australia" (finally) with Bridge, Jarett, and Andrea.
A young child sat behind me and I was ready to shush her every time she spoke but the four of us ended up being the loud ones! The movie was really good. Hugh Jackman was ridiculously hot, Nicole Kidman didn't bug, and the cinematography was so amazing. Many funny moments happened between the four of us during the movie but my favorite was this.

Nicole Kidman trying to convince Hugh Jackman to drove her cows to another location.
Nicole: Please Mr. Drover. I need you to help me with this.
Hugh: No. Crikey.
Nicole: I'm begging you Mr. Drover. If you do this for me I will....I will give you....I will give you my Capricornia.
Brian: GASP!!!
Brian: OMG! She's talking about her horse!!!
Hugh: Crikey. I'll do it.

Yeah...I kinda thought she was referring to her vagine. Apparently a Capricornia is a type of horse? Who knew.

Saturday night I originally thought I was going to play low key but ended up going to Rudy's with Kelly and Brian, Brian's sister and fiance, and Kelly's friend Adam. It has to be the cheap beer, but Rudy's is always a fun time. We saw a bunch of the boys, went to Mr. Black, and then I got sick of being around crowds and went my ass home. Sunday was a nice, relaxing day filled with candy, Chipotle, and DVR. Sunday night I went to J's house to watch Sunday night tv, the high point of the night definitely being Britney Spears' documentary "For the Record."

I have to say, ya'll know I'm a fan of Britney but even if I wasn't I still think I would enjoy this documentary. It was FASCINATING. I don't know that I learned anything new from her--I knew she was sad, I knew she was funny, I knew she had a crazy life--but it was so interesting to see things from her point of view and to see how sad her life really is. I mean, homegirl can't even go into a store without the pap just completely molesting her. My life is kind of like hers, in that respect.

I recommend watching this documentary to anyone--it really shows you a different side to Miss Spears, which I think was her whole point in doing the film in the first place.

Busy week ahead of me--hope you all enjoy your Manic Monday!

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