Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold-Hearted Snake

It's not unusual for Monday to be a cold, heartless bitch but today she done be a REALLY COLD and heartless bitch. Poor Dr. Mike's room turns into a sauna overnight, while mine turns into a meat locker. I swear when I woke up this morning my nipples could cut glass.

Good, low-key weekend. Saw Page Six a lot so that was nice. Found an ugly sweater for my parties coming up. Got a chance to talk on the phone with Mr. Boston Saturday night so that pretty much made my weekend. Saw "Milk," which was frustrating and heartbreaking to see what little has changed in 30 years. And best of all--I got a bunch of Christmas cd's put together! Sarah, Shannon, Ramsey, and Jeremiah your gifts should be on their way by the end of the day!

Well, it's Monday, so you know what that means---Photo Bonanza!!!!!!

Utah feels like forever ago. F'real. I know I was there barely 2.5 weeks ago, but it feels like a month has passed since then. Thank goodness my suitcase is unpacked otherwise I'd feel like a real big loser. Natalie finally got her ass into gear and uploaded her pictures from my visit and lucky for you--I found some gems in there.

In one of the greatest birthday gifts ever, my brother came to karaoke. And even though he left early....AHEM....we had a great time. We thought it would be hi-LAR-ious to play a little joke on everybody when "I believe in a thing called love" came on. You see, that's my song. And everybody knows it. The DJ called Patrick up to the stage for his turn, and he started singing the song. Everyone was like "ha ha........awkward......" Well what they DIDN'T know was that we planned that!! After about thirty seconds I jumped up on stage and grabbed the mike away from him and finished the song! Aren't we hilarious?!

I'm aware it's not that funny. I just had to make the story sound more exciting than it was.

I wanted to give Heidi a little spot of her own. Just cause I love her and we're pretty together.

Speaking of pretty...

...ain't that a good lookin' group?

You all know how I hold an arch-nemesis in Cruz Beckham

but I have another arch-nemesis to add to that list:

The Chode-less, epileptic, projectile puke rabbit that Emily found outside her house. I'll be keeping my eye on you, rabbit, and you better pray we ne'er meet again. My iphone shall stay in my pocket, thanks to you.

Kell, Blair and I at the dodgeball party last week. Despite the fact my first run-in with dodgeball scarred me for life, I'm thinking that I'm going to join in the spring season. Here are three of, clearly, the cutest boys at that party.

On a random side note, I left one of my favorite scarves in The Gap this weekend, to be lost to me forever. In actuality it was God punishing me for taking home that scarf I found at Vvlada on Friday and not turning it in. I'm sorry, okay?! Geez!!

Brian's sister Kate posted some pictures from her visit last weekend as well, and there were some cute ones in there!

Classy, classy hos we are.

Busy week ahead, which is good because it's going to be a fun weekend coming up. Ugly Sweater parties, lots o' drinkin, and Mr. Boston comes home on Sunday! Ain't life grand?


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