Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Photo Bonanza!!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I'm a bit late with getting the blog post up today. I took the morning off to start packing and finish up some last minute shopping and...well...neither really happened. I leave for Ohio tomorrow afternoon so I've got just over 24 hours to do 48 hours worth of stuff. I say that because, well, I'm the worst packer in the history of the world. Seriously. I take way too long, I pack way too many outfits (I need options!) and nothing ever seems to fit the way I want it to. Hopefully things will go smoothly. Obviously with the holidays blog posts will be a little less frequent but keep checking in because I'm sure I'll have some down time out there in Ohio. And make sure to come back on December 31st for the Top 10 Moments of the year on BriTunes.

Well, as you may know by now (it's almost 3:30...I hope you know by now), it's Monday, and you know what that means---Photo Bonanza!!! There have been many parties and holiday events lately so that equals many photo ops! We start a few weeks ago with my dear friend Christina's last day at work and a trip to Rudy's.
Sexy Prom!!! The pitchers were flowing and of course, hilarity ensued. For some reason, when the song "Eye of the Tiger" came on, Chris and I wanted to pretend like we were in "Rocky" and decided to reenact some scenes from the movie.


Gon' Knock...

...You Out!!!

Well of course I thought this was hilarious and couldn't keep a straight face for very long. He He. Straight face. Pun.

I love the guy in the background. Who gave him permission to be in our picture?!

After playing boxer for a bit, I decided to get back to my real calling in life--modeling.

That's a Lands End catalog shot if I ever saw one!

A few nights later we had the Ugly Sweater party at Lisa and Rachel's place. Dara, Dr. Mike, and Bridget ended up looking cute but the rest of our sweaters needed some help!

Nice pose, Yasi.

Matty forewent the fedora for this party and instead rolled in with some hot rapist glasses on.

Kido, of course, looked impeccable. I decided to try on the rapist glasses later but I ended up looking more like the Old Navy lady than a rapist.

Throw in a little Sharon Gless....

And you've got Brian.

"I'm giving you BROKEN DOLL!!"

I decided to go with the ice skater vibe with my ugly sweater. Mock turtleneck, bright red,'s ugly sweater time bitches.

See what I mean about Bridget? It's a little seventh grade American Eagle, but she looks adorable!

Yasi also looked adorable, but in an entirely different meaning of the world. Here we are dancing to the one of many Britney songs played that evening.

Page Six had an exceptionally ugly sweater. Seriously, that shit was nasty. He ended up working it though.

Kaka Kido and I....well....we're kind of amazing together. Here I am, for whatever reason, singing to her boob. I don't know.

On Saturday Beaux and Scotty held a "hos and hotties" party. Beer Pong, Kidz Only station on Direct TV, and many homos later I drug my tired ass home in the wee hours of the morning. But not without posing for a picture first.

There's really no point to this picture except to A) Show you that I was indeed in attendance and B) I had an ADORABLE outfit on. Seriously. I was shutting it down.

Last night was Spring Break Long Island part 2, this time being held in Queens. Poulous is always the most gracious hostess and last night was NO exception. In addition to the treats we had in LI back in August (Heinekin, Heroes, VODKA SAUCE) she also catered in Sushi. Anyone who has sushi at a holiday party is okay in my book!!! A group of us posed for a picture that ended up looking like a cracked out family portrait more than anything.

It's a little Adams Family, isn't it?

Kido is Morticia, Matt is the dad (what was his name again?), Yasi is Wednesday, Andrea is Uncle Fester, Mo is Pugsly, and I'm Lurch with my tall ass towering above everyone. Seriously. I look freakishly tall. And Mo and Andrea, obviously you don't LOOK like Fester and Pugsly....I just ran out of girls. Sorry.
My greatest new obsession is Rock Band, so you can imagine my excitement when I walked in the house and saw it sitting there!!! Well, of course I lobbied for a little Rock Band to happen and lucky for me it did!

Yasi and Andrea couldn't be bothered to stand up to play the geetar. Maybe THAT'S why they were so bad at it?! OH!! SNAP!!

Yeah...I'm not much better.

The ride home from Spring Break is always a blast. Last time it was drinking beer on the LIRR, this time it was pasta on the N train. Oh yes. Pasta. With vodka sauce. Kristina made sure I got some leftovers and I couldn't wait all the way home to start eating it.

I love Bridget looking on longingly. Bitch, please. Don't pretend like you didn't help me out with eating it!!

Such a great weekend, and I'm really looking forward to my trip home. Page Six is being SUCH a great help and taking care of the kittens while Dr. Mike and I are gone. If he's lucky, he'll be able to catch them doing crazy cute things like this!

I don't know what they were looking at out the window, but they sure were adorable! And kinda freaky standing on their front legs....but mostly adorable!


doug said...

In the photo with the glasses... are you wearing an earring?!!!

Also, his name is Gomez Addams. And it's Addams with two D's.

And your weekend looks fun.

Anonymous said...

That is one dysfunctional family portrait :) -Kido

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