Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Be Filed Under: "Girl, What The Hell Were You Thinking?!"

Last night, my girlfriend showed off her new tattoo at LAX. It's.....a tiger. A MFing tiger.
Now Alanis has made many mistakes over the years (including driving Ryan Reynolds into the arms of that She-Beast ScarJo) but if this tat does indeed turn out to be real well...homegirl and I might have to have a talk. The one glimmer of hope? Alanis has a "gentle" tattoo on her left arm on the exact spot the tiger is on so the possibility is there that the tat is fake. We can only hope.

You guys remember how I wanted to get a tattoo? Well I'm thinking it might be awesome for me to get a totally obnoxious tat like Lani. What do ya'll think?

I mean, it's a little big, but so's the tiger. I think she'll understand. And really, any excuse I can get to post the Phelps picture is a good day for me.


annette said...

Maybe Alanis just really identified with Angelina Jolie's character in Kung-Fu Panda.

PS You should never wear a shirt again.

Kelly said...

... and what was up with that dress on the Rosie show?