Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Golden Globe Fashion

Ah, awards season. How I've missed you so. This time of year is always so exciting--the amazing movies that broaden one's cultural horizon, the award parties and predictions and of course, THE FASHION. It's also so exciting--sometimes unhealthily so--to see who wore what where when and why. I don't profess to be any kind of fashion expert, but I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what's hot and what's not. It is because of this talent I have that I can now present to you the best of the Golden Globe fashions!

Best Use of Color
Eva Longoria
Reem Acra

I have mixed feelings about Eva Longoria as a person, but there's no denying she was looking caliente in this Reem Acra fishtail gown. Love the hair up, love the minimalistic accessories and pearl clutch purse, love it all. Desperate my ass! Pun.

Best Mini
American Ferrera
Oscar de la Renta

I have this feeling that America Ferrera is a big bitch. But there's no denying that she looked amazing in this short Oscar de la Renta and congrats to her for being one of the few people who dared to go short and fore go the traditional long gown.

Best Boobies
Salma Hayek
Bottega Reneta
I mean Jesus! Look at those things! They are here and ready to play! They do look quite magnificent though and I have the sneaking suspicion that just one of them could feed all of Africa. The dress and look as a whole is also pretty much flawless.

Best Winner
Kate Winslet
Yves St. Laurent
You know, I've always really like Kate Winslet and last night cemented my love for her. How adorable was she when accepting her awards?! I also thought that she looked like perfection and am surprised to not see her on most best dressed lists this morning. I mean, sure, it's a little understated but she's the pure definition of class.

Best Ill-Fitting Gown
Amy Adams
Oscar de la Renta

A bit over sized, a bit too long, Amy Adams still shut it down in this gorgeous jeweled Oscar. The hair could use a little work, but for the most part she looked amazing. I'm surprised this look is getting as much flack as it has been today--I'm happy she stepped outside of the box a little bit with the fit and not just the style of dress.

Best Mercury Poisoning
Jeremy Piven

The Golden Globe viewing party I attended was a "dress up like your favorite nominee" party. I dressed up like Jeremy Piven, although I wouldn't exactly call him my favorite. How do you dress up like Jeremy Piven, you may ask? Put on a blazer, a button down, grow a beard, and carry lots of sushi packets and chopsticks. As you may have heard, Jeremy Piven recently dropped out of the Broadway play "Speed the Plow" due to "mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi." It is somewhat of a joke in the Broadway community, hence my thinking that many people at my party would get the joke. Note to self: most people are unaware of who Jeremy Piven is, not to mention the fact that he dropped out of a play due to Mercury poisoning. Spencer was a "Slumdog Millionare" which included a dog nose and whiskers and Page Six dressed as James Franco from "Pineapple Express" which allowed him to wear pajamas. Lucky bastard.

Best Hourglass
Kate Beckinsdale
Yves St. Laurent

Kate literally took my breath away when I saw her on the red carpet. I mean, how flawless does she look?! Gorgeous. According to Page Six's website ( the look is a copy of what she wore to the "Click" premiere in 2006. Just like him though, I say "if it ain't broke don't fix it!"

Best Fishtail
Debra Messing
Vera Wang
I'm always happy to see what Debra Messing is going to come up with at awards shows. I think it has something to do with my love of redhead girls. Much of the time she pulls out a "meh" but every now and then she knocks it out of the park, as I feel she did here. I'm loving the purple, loving the dark raccoon eyes, loving the hair. It's all so much sweeter knowing she was nominated too! Yay Debra for having work after "Will and Grace!" Can't say as much for your costars!

Most in need of a shower
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Ya'll know I love me some Zefron. But homeboy looks like he took a grease bath right before rolling up to the red carpet and his hooker of a date doesn't look much better. Come on Zac--I expect more out of you!

Best Use of Blue
Mary-Louise Parker

January Jones

Sure, January's eyebrows are a little out of control but have you ever seen a better use of Cobalt Blue and Ice Blue?! In addition to the amazing colors, both fits are perfection on these lovely ladies.

Best Dressed Couple

If Brangelina continues their success as a couple, I have a feeling they are going to turn into the old Hollywood couples of yore. They rarely disappoint at award shows and this year was no exception. Brad's rocking the bow tie and while I do miss the mustache on him (what is my fascination with mustaches and bow ties lately?!) he still looks great with the goatee. I'm loving that Angie let her hair down and while I could do without the slit in her dress, I feel like the sparkly muted grey works perfectly with her skin. They may have come away from the awards empty handed, but this is how you do glamor people.

Best Dressed/Overall Look
Drew Barrymore
Dior by John Galliano

This is a bit of a controversial choice for best dressed as she has been on all of the lists, but never named as Number 1. Everything is perfect though. The subtle details on the bottom of the dress, the fit, the shoulder straps, the color, the clutch, and yes--the hair.

A bit big? Sure! But it's an awards show! If you can't glam it up for an awards show, when can you? And just look at that makeup. Amazing. It's soft, yet perfectly compliments her look. I say brava Drew, brava!

Worst Dressed
Renee Zellweger

Oh Carolina Herrera, why must you do Renee wrong? Oh Renee, why must you do us all wrong? I must confess to loving the hair and the fit, but it's just....bad. The sheer, the shoulders, the face. Come on now Renee. Let's try and step it up.

Had a really fun weekend. Got to see my girls and my boys, which is fantastic. Starting work on my Tyra article this week and the "Gay Truth Booth" feature on the website is going to go up Thursday morning. I need to send him my headshot and bio but am having trouble deciding what picture to send him. Please--go to my Facebook profile pictures and tell me what picture I should send in! I'll try and post some in a bit to give you some options. And tell me, who was your best dressed from the Globes?


Heidi said...

Ok, I'll give ya Kate she looked amazing. But all in all I think most looks were a thumbs down.
America's dress looked like a creature was struggeling to got out from under it. Debra's hair looked like they were trying for something, her hair got to frizzy so her stlysit was like, "Lets just toss this in a pony and hope for the best". Angie looked like she was wearing a sparkly ill-fitted sack. And Drews hair desperatly needs to be died back a normal color. But, I did totally get your Jeremy Piven thing. I new about the sushi deal. Loser. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I would pick Eva Mendes in lieu of your picks for "best hourglass" and maybe even your "best dressed". And come on, Brian. Angelina Jolie's dress? That was a "blah" and you know it!

Anonymous said...

Ok - due to a threatening text message, I retract my previous comment. :) -Justine

Where in the World is Kevin? said...

Oh, man - you ought to kill on the Tyra Banks gig.

Ramsey said...

I just have to say that I love Jeremy Piven because I love love LOVE Entourage and he totally makes that show.

Hug it out bitch.

ps. I love your blog. :)