Friday, January 30, 2009

Best. Movie. EVER.

In life, there are some really great text messages you can receive:

But perhaps the best text you could receive, in all the land...EVER....would be:

For those of you who don't know....and how could you not if you know me at all....Sister Act 2 is the greatest movie EVER. Whoopi, Lauren Hill, Frankey (hey, ho) that one girl from Legally Blonde, Maggie Smith, Jennifer Love Hewitt, the list goes on and on and on. I have many memories with this movie. When it first came out they were playing it on Cinemax but we didn't have Cinemax so I would watch it with the squibbles. You know what I'm talking about, the porn squibbles? Most people would watch porn on Cinemax, I watched Sister Act 2. Then one time in Michigan Jill, Erica, Christie and I were, for whatever reason, driving Jill's dad's convertible with the top down ROCKING out to "Joyful, Joyful." Everyone in the cars around us thought we were listening to rap music. If only they knew.

So last night I'm busy uploading my Tyra video to my editor (more on that later today) and I get the Sister Act text from Page Six. Even though I own the movie, who am I to not drink up a little SA2?!?! So I turned on the telly and it was, indeed, my favorite part of the entire movie. JOYFUL JOYFUL!!!!!

Some things I loved:

Remember when Lauryn Hill WASN'T crazy? Ugh. She was so amazing in this movie. My favorite is when she is singing the first part and there's that chick doing the sign language behind her.
This is the most diverse choir EVER. White kids, black kids, Asians, Jennifer Love Hewitts, deaf people--the only thing better would have been having a retarded guy in there. He could have been a part of the rap!
"Joyful Joyful lord we adore thee and in my life I put none before me cause since I was a youngsta I came to know, that you was the only way to go"
Omg, when the song goes from slow to fast and then they break it down with that dance....UGH. I die. I used to know the entire dance that they do but then I got old and forgot it.

I love these four girls. They're like, the epitome of early 90's fashion. Look at those orange shorts. Ugh. LOVES IT. I think that's the girl that sings "Eye of the Sparrow" with Rita and is all "Rita, what's wrong? You take the high part, and I'll take the low." So great.

Whoopi has never been greater in any movie before, or since.

I cry at two different parts in this movie, every single time I watch it. One is when they win the singing competition

And the other is the conversation between Rita and her mom.

Look at that face. Damn, Sheryl Lee Ralph is TOUGH in this movie. She doesn't like music, she doesn't like singing, she doesn't like smiling, she doesn't like joy, she doesn't like happiness, she doesn't like sunshine, she doesn't like babies, she doesn't like rainbows, she doesn't like candy. She is a tough bitch. When she first sees Rita, you think she's gonna kick her ass. But then....

She says the phrase: "You're amazing. I am so. proud. of you." TEAR!!! And look--Rita's happy too!!!

The only affection we see between those two in the entire movie. Ugh. Warms my heart everytime.

Then Mother Superior tells Whoopi that because of her the school isn't closing and everyone lives happily ever after!!!! I don't know how anyone can NOT like this movie.

Tonight is British Ben's going away party. It's sure to be a fun time, but I wish we were celebrating something else and not his leaving. Sad face. And sad face to the fact that it's Friday and I'm not even excited about that fact. I'm just busy. I can definitely feel a rut coming on.

Gotta hit the gym but remember everyone: "If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention." Didn't the girl that sang that part look a little bit like Tiffani Amber Thiessen?


Sarah said...

I disagree. If I get proposed to via text message I'm responding with "Maybe if you ask me in a better way, bastard."

(Don't worry. The LBF already is aware.)

Christie said...

You down with G...O...D? Yeah you know me! OMG - I had totally forgot about the convertible ride - hilarous. Um, why didn't you forward the best text message ever received? Can I get a little love?