Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can We Talk...

...for a second about this new season of The Bachelor, starring my boyfriend Jason Mesnick?

I don't know where they found this new crop of girls but holey moley! Somebody call the ugly police because there has been a giant outbreak on the set of The Bachelor!!!

I'm a little bit alarmed about this season, not to mention the fact that that whorebag slut of a skank, Deanna Konsapolas,
comes back later in the season to tell Jason that she "made a mistake" and that she still loves him. If what I saw in the previews is correct, it looks as if she joins the show as a contestant. Come on now, this isn't Flavor of Love 2 and Deanna ain't New York!

Deanna only wishes.
In other, quite horrifying news, I ran into someone in the cafeteria this morning and she said I looked like a "bear." She then proceeded to explain to me what a bear was. I am well aware of what a bear is. Allow me to explain. As you may know, I'm currently sporting a beard. I was going to shave it today but everyone at work said they liked it, so I'm keeping it for a hot second. Now, in the gay community, a bear is typically a bigger (read: fatter) guy, very hairy, almost always sporting facial hair. Exhibit A.
Please note: I AM NOT A BEAR. Nor will I ever BE a bear. As soon as she started explaining to me what kind of bear she meant, I stopped her and laughed it off but inside I was offended and HORRIFIED! I almost went to the bathroom and shaved it off right then. I would like to never be compared to a bear again, thank you very much. My mom compared me to Ryan, from "The Office" and now THAT'S a comparison I can deal with.

A bear. Hmph. Why I never....


Amanda said...

You look NOTHING like a bear...not even a little bit...seriously...not even a little bit...the beard does make you look rugged and like you might kill a bear (a real one...a grizzly...not a gay).

Anonymous said...

Maybe the lady meant to say you look like Bear - as in Bear Grylls. Maybe? In which case would be a compliment.

Silly Billy said...

A bear? Really? You are more like a cub. Or pehaps an otter. But certainly no bear.

BTW - I think it looks good on you. Then again, I like facial hair on a guy.

annette said...

Bear? Pffft!

I enjoy beards. I enjoy you. I would like to enjoy that beard on your face. Now come over here and kiss me!

Sarah said...


THIS? This isn't you.

Also, the reason I knew about bearforce 1 is that Matt (superhot boyfriend) thinks it's funny to watch the occasional music video on logo to watch me have no idea what's going on.

Joshua said...

You make the beard HOT! No one in their right mind would mistake you for a Berlin Bear (even though the beard look is red hot in Germany right now...)