Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day of History

What a day, what a day--in every aspect. On one hand it's an amazing, historical day as we celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama!

I just barely watched Obama walk out and was completely overcome by chills. I've never been prouder to be an American and am so optimistic about the change and hope that Obama inspires. I heard that President Bush left a note for Barack and I wondered what exactly it said. I imagine something like this:

Short, sweet, and to the point.

Here is a picture of the Obama's this morning. I've heard many people talk about how much they love Michelle's dress but to me...I dunno...it's a little um....YELLOW.


Okay. Enough with that. On to more important stuff. Like photo bonanzas!!!!!!!

'twas a fun weekend filled with many friends and many drinks. I feel like my entire three day three day weekend was one giant Cranberry Vodka. But fun times were had, and that's really all that matters. Sunday night Steven, Dom, Ben, Craig, Vanessa, and Mandy and I decided to go to Koreatown and do some karaoke! This place was different from the karaoke bar I normally go to because it was $7 per person per hour and it was BYOB. However, there were SO many advantages to it, I will definitely be attending again. The best thing was that you really didn't have to wait for other people to sing and everyone got plenty of turns. It was BYOB and BYOB we did.

Many types of music were performed that night. Vanessa was the rock star

A tender love ballad was performed by yours truly

Steve and Craig pop and locked it

While Ben showed just how wide he can open up. Seriously. He rivals Alanis and Julia Roberts with that shit.

My favorite photo of the night, however, is a funny one. Apparently it was taken while standing on top of a chair, but because of that fact it appears that I am two feet tall.

Seriously. I'm so small you could fit me in your pocket.

Boss is driving me crazy today so I've gotta go do some stuff. More from me later...

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doug said...

I'd like a pocket Brian.