Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'll Be Your American Boy

What do you get when you put together:
Whym, an amazing New York restaurant....

...really great red wine and conversation....

...six games of bowling at Lucky Strike lanes....

...a couple of games of pool.....

....and a really cute British boy?

Well, you pretty much get the BEST. DATE. EVER!!

In case you can't guess, British Ben and I went on a date! A real live date! Huzzah! He was able to rearrange his plans and put aside a night for me, which I was so thankful for. Now the smart thing, upon meeting him, would have been to just stay far far away because hello--he's leaving! What's the point of expiration dating? But no, I went ahead and fell down the rabbit hole. And I'm wrecked. Of course, of COURSE this had to happen to me. Clearly I did something right to have met this amazing guy, and clearly I did something wrong to have him taken away from me so suddenly. But we had a really good first and last date, I'll be seeing him at his going away party on Friday, and I'll hopefully forge a long and lasting intercontinental friendship with him.

Or I'll just cry every night and pine away for years to come. I'm still undecided.
I've still got some "Blast from the past" pictures left so I decided to post some more for your viewing pleasure again today. Please to enjoy.
Yes that is me. And yes that is Play-doh. And yes that is me eating the play-doh. I don't know if I was actually eating it or just licking it off of my fingers. In either case, it's gross. And possibly toxic. Maybe that's the reason that I came out like I did. My favorite thing is that my mom not only allowed me to eat the Play-Doh, she allowed me to eat it long enough to take a picture of me eating it. Gotta love her!
We're Not Gonna Pay....
I've seen Rent a lot. Like, 14 times a lot. It'll be 15 in February when Anthony and Adam come to NJ. But my very first time seeing the show was really special for me because I was seeing it with my dad....who then proceeded to fall asleep during it. We drove down to Chicago from Michigan and apparently it was raining and apparently I got Wendy's. Must explain why I'm so FAT IN THIS PICTURE!
When I was a Junior in High School I traveled with my church to East St. Louis to work at a day care for a week. It was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I look back on it with such fond memories. I was with my best friends and doing a great service. What more could one ask for? Anyway, I remember how all of the little black girls in the class would just flock to me (I loved me a black girl even way back then!). My favorite girl was the one in front--Markeisha. Everyone would call her "Stuff" because she would just "Stuff" everything in her mouth. She was SO. CUTE. Crazy to think that all of those kids are like, 12/13 years old now. It's very possible I'll see some of them on Maury in a few years looking for their baby daddies.
And you wonder why I was in love
Look how cute Eric is here!!! The hair, the dimple, the smile--he looks SO YOUNG. Yeah, he don't look so young anymore! I, on the other hand, haven't aged a day.
48, 49, 50!!
Please to meet my wife, Annette. In college we were pretending dating, and then pretend married. We have two kids, and a dog named Rufus. For some reason, we started kissing all the time. And counting our kisses. I believe this kiss pictured was number.......35? Our fiftieth kiss was on stage during "Cabaret," we wanted to make sure number fifty counted. And yeah, the picture above? I've got like, twenty different types of those picture. Annette gets around, yo!
Senior year, right before "Forum," a disaster happened. That disaster being MY EYEBROWS!! Just look at them! I went a little tweezer crazy and then couldn't reverse it so I had to do the other one the same and then had to go fix the other one and so on....Allow me to post another picture of Cassandra and I to make up for this one.
There we go, don't we look pretty? She doesn't even read this blog so she'll never see how gorgeous we were/are. Her loss I say, her loss.
The picture above was taken at the charade known as EVT's wedding. It was the first time since graduation the whole group was together and it was SUCH a fun time.

Here are Annette, Phil, and Amanders at the rehearsal dinner. Look at how sassy Annette looks. I've always loved this picture. Nice farmer's tan Amanda.
I like ice cream. Come on, who doesn't? But this is a bit excessive. One night during the USU Reunion 2004, we all went to Cold Stone. Annette got a "Like it" like a good girl, and I got a "Gotta Have it" like a fat girl. WILL YOU LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?! I could not believe how giant my ice cream was. Wouldn't you bet I ate the whole damn thing. Please, I'm not going to let my money go to waste! I loved that necklace, I wonder where it went.
Please meet Ramsey. Another one of my besties Freshman year, she and I had so much fun together. It's actually through her that I met Heidi so I'll forever be grateful to her for that. Even though Heidi is a pill sometimes. And a lot of work. And I know that she's getting worked up reading those sentences which makes it all the funnier. Love you Heidi!
Summer after Senior Year all the 'mos were doing a trip to Vegas to see Tori Amos and Ben Folds. I was dating Tanner at the time, and of course have a hard time doing a Tori concert without Doug, so he came along too. It was such a fun time....even though Tanner and I fought the entire trip. And he threw a dime at my head. He was so abusive to me. I included this picture to show you that I used to be young and beautiful. And to show you how in love Doug was with me. Look at the way he's staring at me! Admit it Doug, you know you want me.
In other news, it's raining and that sucks. BUT I was able to talk to my mom today and she's doing well after her surgery! Yay Ma Bahr!


Ramsey said...

OMG! I made it to your blog! I feel semi famous now. :)

Thanks for filling me with laughs on a daily basis. It totally makes up for never having received a fancy Christmas cd. :D

Jacelle said...

That picture of Doug has me a little jealous because I thought I only got those looks from Dougy. He's got so 'splainin to do...

annette said...

I adore you so much my heart hurts. When will we ever kiss again???

By the by, we've all had our share of eyebrow disasters. Live and learn. Or pluck and learn, as the case may be.

Heidi said...

I think I took that pic of you and Ramsey. And I am not a pill. I'm amazing.

Tanner said...

Abusive???? LOL

I don't remember why, but I'm pretty sure you deserved that dime at your head. ;)

Spenc said...

I wasn't there... and I TOO am pretty sure he deserved that dime to the head. B- you're probably lucky it was just a dime and not a shoe!

And I know you're getting worked up reading those sentences... lol Love you, B!

Amanda said...

Why do you always post the un-cutest pictures of me and then, as if that's not bad enough, you have to tease me about the fact that I have a farmer tan...thanks for that...geez...