Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jon and Kate Show Ideas

Is it just me or is everyone kind of bored by Jon and Kate Plus 8 lately? I mean, I know we're supposed to be following their lives and stuff but to have an entire episode focused on Kate making soup? Lame. Showing the kids getting their teeth cleaned? Fun, but we already saw it last season. Ain't no different this year. I'm not asking for much, just a little excitement on the show. Let's spice it up a little bit, people. Allow me to present you with a few show ideas:

Show Idea # 1: Mady in cage with angry tiger

Aw, kitty!!! Mady likes animals, and she's full of sass. Let's present an episode where Mady talks back to a hungry tiger!! It would be totally entertaining and my guess is that we won't have to deal with that miserable Mady Gosselin anymore after that.

Show Idea #2: Stick Aaden in South Central himself!!

Little Aaden is going to have his first the ghetto! Watch as he meets new and colorful characters like Penelope the Prostitute! Dirk the drug dealer! Larry the Landlord! Timmy the Thug! It's an adventure he'll never forget!

Show Idea #3: Hannah's Hot Dog Eating Contest

We know Hannah likes her food. What better way to show off her eating skills than with a hot dog eating contest! Watch as she tries to break her own record!

Show Idea #4: Swimming Lessons with Colin and Sam the Shark

It'll be a "Great" ol' time!

Show Idea #5: Leah and Alexis Death Match

It has all the ingredients of a good episode. Jousting, spandex, and fire. Watch as Alexis beats the shit out of what's her name! The winner goes on to compete in the final elimination challenge against eight strong gladiators!

Show Idea #6: Joel's Most Pit

Where's Waldo? No, Where's Joel is more like it! Joel's first rock concert and boy, it's a doozie. Watch as Joel fights his way up from the floor to the top of the mosh pit, is thrown around for part of the song, then plummets to the ground again! He'll be a muddy mess by the time the episode is done!

Show Idea #7: Cara's Running With the Bulls

J + K + 8 goes international! Hope Cara doesn't rip her new awesome Denim Jacket!

Show Idea #8: Watch Kate Land a Plane in the Hudson River

Kate likes herself a challenge, I'll give her a challenge. Kate likes to boss people around, I'll let her boss people around. Kate thinks she can do anything well, let's see her do this. Watch as Kate tries to safely land a giant airliner in the Hudson River! Watch out for dem birds!!

Show Idea #9: Jon is Forced to Sit in a Room with Kate for 24 hours straight

I know, I know, it sounds like torture, right? Well it'll be fun to watch Jon squirm for 24 whole hours trying to come up with conversation! I think we should make that one a special hour long episode!
So you see? I'm not really asking for much. Just a little more excitement in my Jon and Kate's. Come on people, don't make me start watching "Little People Big World."

The sad thing is, no matter how boring you know I'll still watch Jon and Kate every Monday night. I love those kids too damn much to stop. Well, except for Mady. She's the pits.

Ps. And yes, I am aware that this post confirms my reservation in Hell. What can ya do, It's a slow day in the office.


Anonymous said...

This ranks as one of my very most favoritest posts ever on BriTunes. Laughing my ass off out here in Salt Lake. Thanks!!! ~jl

doug said...

Boo. Thumbs down.

Kristen said...

I was laughing out loud so hard!! My students asked me what was so funny!

Amanda said...

I still don't know how you can watch that show. Kate is SO mean to Jon...she spends entire episodes verbally and emotionally abusing him. I can't handle it. She's a bully and just because he's married to her doesn't give her an excuse to be a raving See You Next Tuesday to everyone within a 1/2 mile radius. Oh, and if I had that many kids I would slit my wrists!!!

Anonymous said...

Hannah can't help that she has baby fat ok?!!! MB

ps. i helped you think of your blog today littlee credit?:)

Heidi said...

I'm with Doug, thumbs down. Maybe if they would start giving Maddie attention when she is not throwing a fit, she would stop throwing them.

Anonymous said...

Yea... hilarious. Want to say something funny, but nothing compairs.