Monday, January 26, 2009

Stupid British boys....

Screw you, economy. Universe, you suck. Fate, you can bite me. Look, I don't profess to have the best luck. I've never been the most positive guy. But lately I've tired to put a new spin on my attitude and outlook in hopes of changing my karma and improving my relationships with friends, family, work, and the menz. So far, I'm actually doing really well and it has just reinforced my positive thinking. But last night, I got the biggest kick in the ass from the Universe and naturally I'm a bit annoyed today. Allow me to explain, get it out, and then never speak of it again. As Spenc has advised "get out of your head and have fun" so I shall, but I have to say something!

Last night Spenc and I decided to do dinner. We had a few options of where to go and we finally decided on Bamboo 52 for Happy Hour drinks and sushi. We get there and run into our friends Alex and Eric, whom we decide to join. After dinner Alex, Spenc and I decide to go to Vvlada for one more drink and to meet his friend who was going to be leaving the city in a few days. Now as it turns out, I had known of this guy through mutual friends but we had never met. We hit it off and ended up talking the entire night, til the wee hours of the morning. British. Adorable. Funny. Smart. Great apartment. Thinks I'm "interesting." Loads of potential. Get this shit: Homeboy has been in New York for 2.5 years, lives a half a block away from me, and is leaving in six days never to return.
I don't ask for much in life. But why does the Universe feel the need to mess with a potentially great thing? My life is all about timing, and I hate it. I don't like to throw the "fate" word around but if we had decided on going to have beer and hot dogs at Rudy's I never would have met him. If we had decided to go home after Bamboo, I never would have met him. It was meant to be and therefore, meant to torment me. But I got it out there, I'll get out of my head, and hopefully see Britain again at some point this week. I asked him when I could see him again and he said in his ADORABLE British accent "I don't know, I've got dinners and a lot of friends to say goodbye to." And he calls me "Brian Bah" cause he's British and so he doesn't say his "R's".....sigh. Stupid accent. Stupid boys. Stupid Universe.
Speaking of stupid, my first Single and Fierce blog is up. Check it out here . I think it's kinda funny--I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

Also, if you happened to miss Friday's edition of the Gay Truth Booth, check it out here

Next week's edition should be pretty cool because I think that we're going to be doing a video version of the Truth Booth. We'll see how it turns out.

Pretty normal Monday at work. I'm about to do a Build and Burn class and my legs are nervous for the work out their about to endure. More from me later. Bye. Or as Britain would say..."Cheerio."

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Kelly said...

Like the Man-Fast pic, but not crazy about the truth booth pic. Does that have to change all the time? Seems like you'd want to keep it the same each week for continuity. Chim chiminee, old chap!