Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to the Real World

Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday. And today isn't just any Monday, it's Back to Work After Vacation Monday! AAAAAHHHH!!! I know that I worked on Friday, but today there is actually people in the office and actual work to be done. My bosses are already riding my ass to schedule all kinds of meetings and do this and that, and this and that. Ai! Don't they know I have blogs to put out?! Everyone is in a relatively good mood though, and excited to see me which is nice. Truthfully I'm looking forward to having a routine again, after the craziness of the past month.

I know that normally on Monday's I do a photo bonanza but truthfully I just don't have the time for it this morning! Hopefully I'll get one up later this afternoon (sorry Justine!) but I do have a mini-photo bonanza to offer all of my blog lovelies.

I grew a beard over the course of the last week and the bosses are loving it. Personally, I think it looks a little silly. One of my bosses always gives me crap when I come in unshaven so I purposefully kept it just to bug him. Our group head came over and talked to me for five minutes about how he had a beard over the holiday and how I should keep it. It was kinda cool, and kinda scary at the same time. Anyway, it's a bit mountain man-esque.

I have this contact solution that makes my face all red for about twenty minutes. It's generic Duane Reade contact solution, so it doesn't surprise me that it does that, but it's still a bit odd to look at. This morning I put the contact solution in my eyes to wet my contacts, and went to go iron. I forgot that I had put the solution in, so when I walked in the bathroom I was a bit taken aback to find out that I looked like this:

Seriously!!! It's a bit raccoon, bit The Joker, and a bit BLEEDING FROM THE EYES. Thankfully the majority of the redness was gone by the time I hit the subway otherwise I can imagine I would have received a few strange looks. Well, looks stranger from the ones I normally get.

I went to a game night at my friend Steve's house last night and had a fantastic time! I would also like to announce that I'm the proud winner of Trivial Pursuit, Pop Culture edition. I started off slow, but ended up victorious!! Child, please. The game is called "pop culture edition." Did you have any doubt I wouldn't win?

I slept at Anthony's last night and I had a dream that someone was trying to break in to his apartment. It was frightening!! I then had a dream that my family was competing on The Amazing Race.

Between the constant bickering, yelling, my dad not being able to read the clues and my mom not being able to remember where we had previously visited, it was another scary dream. Between that and the break-in dream, it was a night of restless sleep, although I'm not sure which dream was scarier.

Not sure if you heard or not, but it's a new year!! 2009, wow. New Years Eve I went out with Scotty, Husband, Beaux, and my friends Blair, Kelly, and Stewart. We pre-gamed at Beaux's a bit (where they made me do Jaeger shots, gggeeeross) and then we went to a high-rise apartment party.

Things started out innocently enough. We smiled for cameras, said hello to everyone, it was a grand ol' time.

Now, if I'm standing there and you say "hey Brian, smile" and I smile, why does it look like I completely jumped into the picture? And yes I'm wearing the same outfit as I am today. It's clean. Don't judge.

Saw all kinds of fun people. Here I am with Kelston and some guy....I have no clue who this guy is. Literally none. But he looks like a very nice person.

Still happy, still looking into the camera, still a perfectly nice party guest.

Thennnnn, the posing starts.

Truthfully, this could actually be a candid shot, I'm unaware. Knowing me though? I was probably posing. Hey--ain't no shame in my game.
We then all crammed into the kitchen for Jaeger Bombs and more cheesy pictures. I am, as always, making sure that I'm the shot.

And gets a little blurry. Apparently the hats came out.

Where I got mine from, I have no idea.
Blair liked to pretend that he was Cyclops

While I just looked confused. Yeah, I don't know what's up with his glasses either, but I guess he has an excuse. He's Canadian. ;)
And I, apparently, turned into a ghost.

All the while still jumping into people's shots.
Midnight hit and I paused to take a picture with the Green boys

calling it a night a few hours later. All in all, a successful New Years Eve.

My favorite picture of the night, however, is below. I thought it was brilliant that Brian had a coat rack, but all night long Husband and I kept checking our coats to make sure no one was stealing them. What can I say, we're suspicious of the gays. The coat room was also the less crowded room so we spent a bunch of time in there. All night long people had been spilling drinks on me. I don't know if I was a magnet for it, or what, but I was sick of it. I'm assuming that I'm Hulking out at someone for spilling on me in the photo.

Not sure what I was saying, but it was probably something snarky. Oh Drunk Brian, when will you learn?

I'm off to the gym and then it's more work for me! I hope everyone's Back to work After Vacation Monday is going well and that no one is slitting their wrists! Until later, my lovelies....


Anonymous said...

It looks like youre wearing the same outfit as you did on new years... it must have been a long weekend. Blog about the ordering of the burger because that is a funny story.

Anonymous said...

That pink tie looks great on you. Hmm... whoever helped you pick that out must have impeccable taste.
[ps- I like the beard -- a lot]

Kelly said...

Silly Brian, solution is for your contact case, not your eyes! They put stuff in there to clean your contacts, not lubricate your eyes. Get some Visine. F'real. Good lookin beard. :)

*bear said...

...and I laughed each time that you shrieked in terror as someone poured their drink on you.