Friday, January 23, 2009


Welcome to this Friday edition of "WTF?" Seriously people, WTF.

Let's start with the obvious WTF of the week...

Seriously Lost, WTF? You were so confusing last season and now in the first episode you're not even going to start answering any questions you're just going to give us more??! Wtf?! If I wasn't so concerned with finding out the secret of the island I would quit you, I would quit you right now. I'll stay true, but man you frustrate me!

Shia LeDouche
Yes, that is Shia under the paper bag. I know how badly we were all wishing that Michael Phelps finally got the message, but nah, just Shia. Is he really THAT big of a celeb that he has to resort to these kind of shenanigans? WTF is wrong with him? Sorry Kaka, I know you love him, but he's a LeDouche.
Kelly Osbourne checks into rehab I thought she was already there? Is it bad I'm not surprised, like, at all by this information? Just another day at the office for the Osbournes.
Padma is dating an old dude
Padma Lacksmilackalooloo from "Top Chef" is one hot babe. Saw her in person at Out 100 and I'm telling you, she is smokin.' So why in the same hell is she dating this old dude? I mean, if you're going to go that old, go with Hef and become one of the Girls Next Door! Wtf Padma, wtf.
Cat on Clothes
I have this weird thing I do whenever I get home from work. I immediately take of my tie, my shirt, and my pants, and walk around the house in a Tshirt and boxers for a while. It's weird, I know, but it's what I do. Anyway, the other day I didn't put my clothes away, I just threw them on my bed. I come in to my room later and Carrie is laying on my clothes. She has the ENTIRE bed to lay on and she chooses to lay on the only place I would prefer she not. Wtf? If her hand weren't draped so adorably around my watch, I would have been pissed. As it was, I just shooed her off and lint brushed away.
Mini Me kissing a doll
Apparently he's on Big Brother London but...I don't...I can'

Sony Headphones
I have this particular pair of headphones that I like so I always buy them but it NEVER FAILS they break within two months. One of the ears goes out and it drives me CRAZY only hearing out of one ear. Argh! Wtf?!
Pete Wentz

Nice boots. Wtf.
In other, non-WTF news, I would like to wish a very very VERY happy birthday to the one and only KELLY KAPOWSKI!!

Or Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Or Valerie Malone. Or Tiffani Thiessen. Whichever you prefer.


Billy said...

The SAME thing happens to my Sony headphones too....and stupid me keeps going back for another pair time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Aww Carrie Bradshaw totally wanted to rock your watch. And Le Douche is awesome, even with the paper bag. Don't hate Brian :)

Kevin Doyle said...

Didn't that LeBouf guy get busted for causing a scene while drunk? See what's in his right hand? Can o' beer. I see a rehab stint in the near future.

And the young chef with the creepy old guy? Clearly, that's about money. The rest of us old guys WITHOUT money get hit on by check-stand ladies in their 60s.

bridgetloay said...

all i have to say is aaaaaahahahahahaaa from top to bottom...def the highlight of my work day. maybe if shia knew kaka was in love with him he wouldn't be such a ledeuche, oh well, so sad.