Thursday, February 12, 2009

400 Posts of Nonsense!

Wow, Post 400.
Who would have thought I would ever have 400 things to talk about? Wait...don't answer that. I ran into my old blog today and am amazed at how young I sound! Not just my writing style, but the situations that happened in my life. Tell me, can any of my friends who read this tell me who Dallin, Trey, and Adam were? Apparently I had crushes on them, or dated them, or something but I have no idea who they are. I talk about my trip to New York with DC Doug in 2004, and how I went to "Posh" (yes I put it in quotations) and Splash and how I won the strip contest at Splash. To this day, I still can't believe that happened. $200 bucks just like that! Ah, those were the days, when I was young enough and cute enough to win strip contests at Splash. Still kind of fun to know that four years after that visit I would end up moving to New York.

Last night I went with Spencer to CT to meet his new nephew. I'm sorry, newborn babies are creepy but this baby was ADORABLE. Ladies and G, I'd like to introduce you to.....


He's amazing and what's even more amazing is seeing my favorite little buddy with him.

I'm telling you, sometimes kids are awesome.

I'm disappointed in you people. Yesterday I posted a picture that I was sure would illicit a few comments. Need a reminder?

It's a wild koala people. Being fed water via a water bottle. Holding hands with the firefighter. Your heart should be warmed. Comment away.

Lots of fun stuff with apartments lately. And by "fun stuff" I mean stress. Billy and I might be moving into a place on 47th and 9th but the move in date isn't until March 15 so I'd have to find a place to put my stuff and stay until then. Anthony's is an option but then I'd have five cats in one place and I don't know that I could do that--even for 15 days. Best friend Kristen did say that she'd take the kittens--for good--which would make my life so much easier. I'd miss them, but I also know they'd have a much better life with her on the farm than they would with me in a small New York apartment. Thoughts?

The Top 36 on American Idol was revealed last night. While I'm sure that my coverage this year is going to be much less than it was last year, I have a few comments to make. One, the blind guy made it through.

A little funny that Kara Diaguardio said "We'll be seeing you in our Top 36!!!"? Yes, yes, it was. I dunno, I think he's pretty good but he freaks me out when he sings because you don't know where he's lookin'. Put some Steve Wonder glasses on that shit! He may be good, but he's no Amanda.

DON'T TAKE MY CRYSTALS!!! (Just for you, Rockne)

Tonight is going to be the great cleaning extravaganza of '09 in preparation for DC DOUG TOMORROW!! I'm hoping that we have a great time and I really hope he gets to meet some of my friends and see what my New York life is like. So if you're around this weekend, let's get together! Oh, and Happy 400 BriTunes!


Anonymous said...

I think people don't get wowed by koala's drinking water...Now he if was drinking a foster's beer then maybe that would get some comments because that would be funny. I mean come on people could you imagine a koala drinking a foster's beer. Hilarious!!!!? That would be like a armadillo slurping up Two X's or Brain's favorite Corona light.

Heidi said...

The only reason I didn't comment on the koala pic the first time is because I am crazy jealous that someone else got to hold hands with it and I didn't.

Kevin Doyle said...

That little boy holding his new, little brother looks like the kid from STEWART LITTLE.

Iknowaboutpopular said...

Finn Kilmartin? Do you get a kilt and a case of Guinness with that name?