Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Apples to Apples Ego Boost

"There's no need to complicate our time, it's short, this is our fate, I'm yours."
Sigh. I love that song.

So I'm on a diet. And I'm pretty sure my diet doesn't include the copious amounts of candy I ate last night or the Captain Crunch cereal I had for breakfast today. You live, you learn. It has been a quiet morning so far today (thank God) but I've got plenty of work to keep me busy. After my blog post, of course.

Last night I had a rehearsal for my reading, and then went over to Husband's house to hang out with him, Spenc, and ScottD. The night consisted of American Idol, Hamburger Helper, a whole lot of drinking, and a WHOLE lot of candy. Along the way, we decided to play drunk Apples to Apples. At the start of the game, we decided that the cards we received would be our personality traits, exhibit A.

These were Spencer's cards. So therefore Spencer is:

I think my favorite is the fact that he's both peaceful, AND wild, and Fragrant.

Somehow, Husband ended up with the short end of the stick.
Expensive, cruel, and overwhelming? Ouch. None of the above, hubby! None of the above!

ScottD came out relatively unscathed.
While I happen to think my cards were pretty true to who I really am as a person.

Charming, sultry, glorious, inspirational, manly, sweet, misunderstood, melodramatic? TOTALLY!

My friend Dan invited me to play the "desk" game this morning. Basically you take a picture of your desk and explain what you have on it. Despite the fact that my desk is in a state of absolute disarray, I decided to play.

1. A stack of reports I need to approve. Like, now.
2. Mail for boss and papers to file.
3. GIANT stack of meeting planners to schedule. Bane of my existence.
4. List of important numbers.
5. "Sex and the Kitty" birthday card from Jarett. Makes me laugh every day.
6. My Sex and the City mug. It says "Shopping is my cardio." I know, totally gay. Yeah, I keep binder clips in there.
7. Amazing water bottle Spenc gave me for Christmas
8. Duane Reade hand sanitizer. I don't use it because it makes my hands dry, but it makes me feel better just having it around.
9. Headphones I'll be using later to watch "The Office"
10. Computer screen. Blog post is on screen.
11. Meeting labels. Pink means meeting has been scheduled, green is to schedule. I'm happy to say I finally have more pinks than greens!
12. Headset that is broken and makes my ear hurt, but it's so much better than picking up the phone each time.
13. My phone. At the time of picture, Chris and Evan were on the phone. Just in case you were wondering.
14. Receipt folders for all my guys.
15. Maria Conchita Gonzalez. My neighbor who is pretty amazing 85% of the time. The other 15 I know to stay away.
16. My money tree, the only plant I have successfully kept alive. One year and counting!
17. Old expenses.
18. Additional meeting planners for banker #2. One pink, one green. He's not as high maintenance as banker #1.
19. Water bottle #2. There's a water bottle #3 next to the money plant. I'm unaware as to why I have so many water bottles.
20. Files that have been sitting by my desk for a good three weeks. I might want to get on that sometime.
So now you've seen my desk! Wasn't that TOTALLY interesting? I promise it's not always that messy. Now I think all of you should take pictures of your desks and post them and YOU TOO can have a blog post as fascinating as mine!

I'd like to show you a picture that makes my heart skip.
Sigh. I miss him.

In honor of "Rent Live" being released on DVD yesterday, I'm leaving you with two Rent related blast from the pasts. The first one is me, Doug, Shannon, her sister Kat, and her husband (although not at the time) Chris dressing up as the Rent cast Freshman year of college.

I was Roger, Kat was Mimi, Doug was Mark, Shannon was Maureen, and Chris was.....well....I still don't know what Chris was. But I LOVED our outfits and think that we looked pretty damn good.
A few years later, Heidi and I dressed up as Angel and Mimi from Rent.

My favorite part is that Doug's boyfriend at the time also dressed up as Mimi, but he looked more like Gloria Estephan than he did Mimi. Hilarious.

Finally, a picture of the first time I met A. Rapp.

I remember being SO nervous to meet him, and now I sleep in his bed. Alone, not with him. Gross. Why I'm making that God awful face in the picture, I'll never know.


Spenc said...

THAT'S the best picture you could come up with for me? Boo...

You're a funny DRUNK ;)

Kelly said...

Your poll is completely ridiculous. No one can prioritize those movies. NO ONE.

Heidi said...

I remember you wrote a poem once that said. : Never have I ever seen a better Mimi on Halloween. something like that. I was an amazing Mimi. And you, a fab Angel. As for teh green haired dude, we will just say he is Gordon, Paul, Steve and a bit of Ali in one...