Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DC Doug Photo Bonanza!

Terrible Tuesday rears its ugly head, yet again! After far too fun of a weekend, I'm a titch cranky to be back at work but it's what pays the bills so I gotta keep on keepin' on! 'Why a fun weekend' you may ask? Well.....


Yup, after much poking, prodding and begging, he finally got his skinny ass up to the New York from DC. Hmm....a New York visit? You know what that means--


Doug got in Friday night and he, Scott D, Page Six and I went to go have dinner at Arriba Arriba. Due to the fact that hunger and drinking overtook our desire to take pictures, I have none from that night. After dinner, we went down to meet up with Spenc and his sister Faith, who was also in town. The four of us ended up at a bar in HK and drank/did shots til the wee hours of the morning, pouring ourselves into bed around 4:30 am. Ouch!!

Saturday morning was brunch at Film Center Cafe.

I've had many, many great meals here but I've also had the worst service of my life on several occasions. This morning being one of them. We waited FOREVER to get our drinks, I was totally hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) and was definitely on the verge of hulking out. It was a good thing I had a coat made of kittens to keep me company.

"Pretty coat...pretty coat...."

Spencer and Faith ordered some eggs bernadine crap and the first time it came out, the kitchen had completely messed it up so Spenc sent it back. Well, it came out messed up YET AGAIN and needless to say, S wasn't happy and had to get his angry voice on. It was quite humorous hearing him say "This is completely wrong, again. I can't even look at it, please take it away."

Breakfast Fail.

Luckily, everyone was drunk enough that they were willing to pose for a photo with me.

After brunch it was on to SoHo, for a little shopping. On the way, I made everyone stop for pictures for which they all complained about. Hey! I'm trying to savor the memories so put a freakin' smile on your face, say cheese, and shut it!

For whatever reason, my head is fifteen times bigger than Doug's.

That's what she said.

Page Six and I, after many failed attempts, took what is quite possible the best picture of us ever.

We totally look like a couple.

After shopping and a quick nap, Spencer, Doug, Faith and I treated ourselves to some deeelicious sushi.

We were lucky enough to have Wolverine himself, Mr. Hugh Jackman, stop at our table to say hi.

Our bellies full, we walked a few blocks to attend Bryan Sanchez's Anti-Valentine's Day Party, which ended up being a lot of fun. Lots of drinking, lots of single homos, and lots of laughs later, we all posed for a group picture.

I can name about six people in this picture. The rest--absolutely no clue.

Two of the people in the picture I know and love are....

...Dougums and Faithy!!! Aw, so cute. Photo Success (hand motion here).

Towards the end of the night Bryan thought it would be a great idea to run and jump on his bed and take a picture while doing so. The end result wound up being multiple "yikes..." photos and one amazing "deserves to be in MSNBC's 'Week in Review' Slide Show" photo.

Photo Credit: John Douglas Smeath

Spencer and Norman's "sexy face." You know it's Spencer's face by the puckering of the lips. This photo actually looks quite familiar.....

What is it about homos and the missing eye?

At the night crept on, we started coming up with drinking games.
Apparently someone wasn't a fan? Thumbs down? Game Fail? Hm...I remember it being fun!
Beaux and Faith started taking some inappropriate pictures...

...which ended up being like, the greatest pictures ever. Porn Success!!

Husband and I had a gorgeous family portrait, which I ended up deleting in my drunken haze. Upon realizing this fact, I made him take another one.

Not as successful, but it works! So fun to hang out with Hubby!
After Bryan's, we all went to The Ritz where we met up with Scotty, Kelly, and Stewart.

Kelly didn't end up making it into the picture...Yeah....sorry 'bout that.

I noticed a guy near me had pretty much the same outfit on as I did so I went up to talk to him and the following exchange happened:

Me: We have the same outfit on, don't we?
Matt: We do. Hi I'm Matt.
Me: Hi, I'm Davis. (Davis is my fake name I give to people I'm not sure I want to talk to)
(chit chat, chit chat, chit chat)
Matt's friend comes up.
Mike: Hi, I'm Mike
Me: Brian
Matt: Brian? I thought you said your name was Davis?
Me: Oh, it is. I just told you it was Davis in case you were crazy.

Which ended up not being, to my surprise. It was quite the awkward moment. Wah Wah.

Sunday Brunch Doug and I went to Eatery, and on the way he ran into the Little Mermaid poster that had been haunting him all weekend.

Doug loves children but he did NOT like that little girl. Said she creeped him out. Rightfully so!

After brunch we decided to do a little more shopping (for some reason, shopping was a recurring theme this weekend) and I was having a bit of trouble with the tourists. They were in FULL EFFECT on Sunday and I was being the snarky New Yorker who makes fun of them.

Yay New York!

On the way to dropping me off at my play reading, I ran into a photo opportunity I could not pass up. Remember in Muppets Take Manhattan when everyone is looking for Kermit?


Well, I just had to do it...

"Keeerrrrmiiittt!" What you can't tell about this picture is that, like Dr. Teeth, I also have a puppeteers hand up my ass!

Page Six and DC Doug were so lovely to come to my reading (which isn't as bad as I think it is apparently) and afterwards we took in the delicious Chelsea Grill for a late night meal. Photo Opportunity!

This picture was taken by our Sandra Oh lookin' waitress who had a nasty group of foreigners at the table next to us. I felt sorry for her until I kept having to look at her ass crack, then I just wanted her to go away.

After dinner, Doug and I decided to take in a pitcher at Rudy's. While there, "Purple Rain" came on the jukebox. While that may not mean a lot to you, it certainly did to us. "Purple Rain" is the song that Doug would sing at karaoke when he was drunk. It always took him a lot to get up there and sing it but it was always a crowd pleaser. Now, I haven't heard this song in years and the first time I do I'm with Doug? Amazing.

On the way home, Doug ran into his favorite friend again and decided to have a change of heart.

We had a few more beers at home, and called it a (relatively) early night. He got up early the next day, headed to the bus, and I was alone again, naturally. Doug was the PERFECT New York guest and we had such a fun time together. What I love about Doug is that we can go a year without seeing each other and when we get together it's like no time has passed. So crazy to think that this year will be ten years of us being best friends. I love me some DC Doug!

Had my reading again last night and then came home and CRASHED. Today is the start of a new day. It's the start of a month long diet for me. I hate it, but it's time--swimsuit season is just around the corner! No candy, no fast food, no ice cream. The rest is just eating smart and exercising my ass off. It's never fun, but sometimes it's necessary. I've got the last night of my reading tonight, and then the first exciting night of American Idol. It's sure to be a rockin' good time!

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doug said...


A perfect post about a perfect weekend. Thanks again for having me, for showing me around, for letting me meet all your friends, and for HOLY CRAP TEN YEARS!!?!?!? Love you!