Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

Ah, just look at her. Ain't she pretty? I think she's pretty much the prettiest thing I've ever seen. Well, almost. It's not nearly as pretty as this:

Or this:

Or this:

But it sure is ril pretty. On a side note, I think that Zac Efron has a small peen. Just an observation. So yeah, what was I talking about? Oh! My new toy!

Ugh, I can't stand it. She's so gorgeous. So yes, after the death of my computer this week (by my own hands! I'm a murderer!) I took the plunge and paid one month's rent to have a new MacBook! I haven't had a chance to go through all of the fun features but I can tell already that this is going to be a life-changer, just like my iPhone. It'll make so many things easier, one of them being the filming of my TyraShow spots. I feel a new obsession coming on. Speaking of obsessions...

Miss Kelly Clarkson you are doing me and you are doing me but good. I have not been able to turn off her new cd. Like, physicall unable. Every time I start to listen to other music I just end up going back to hers. She's amazing.
Something that is less than amazing, however, are the prices for the storage spaces I'm looking at.

If you think the "as low as $29" is too good to be true, well, it is. Dr. Mike and I are looking at places to keep our stuff while we're both in limbo and oh my gay is it expensive. As in, $300 a MONTH. I'm hoping that we can fit our stuff into a smaller space so as to reduce the costs a bit but who knew that keeping your shit in a small room would be so pricey! Going to check out the spaces after work today, but I have to go to Ant's, I have to pick up more boxes, and I have, essentially, the entire contents of my apartment to pack still. There's really just not enough hours in the day. There's not a lot of time, nope. No time, no time, there's never any time!!!

There's no time for singing

no time for Geometry

I'm so excited!

I'm so excited!

I'm so........scurred.

Oh, and someone buy me this shirt please.

Thank you.

Speaking of no time, I've found it very hard to make sure I watch all of the contents saved in my DVR lately. As such, I've had to break-up with a few shows that I've watched for years but just haven't kept my attention lately. I'm sorry, when I'd rather watch "RuPaul's Drag Race" over you...well...it means I'm crazy, but it also means your show sucks. At the beginning of the season I broke up with "Chuck."

I was mostly sad to leave Zachary Levi, but it had to happen.

Next to fall was "One Tree Hill."
It's the poor man's Dawson's Creek (sorry Billy) and while I enjoyed it last season and the beginning of this season, I have too many shows that conflict with the time slot that I had to give it up. Plus, I REALLY hate some of the acting on the show (I'm talking to YOU James Lafferty and the black guy who plays Skillz).

Yesterday, I encountered quite possibly the hardest break-up of all.


I just can't do it anymore. The plot lines have gotten ridiculous and CONFUSING and this is coming from a former comic book geek!!! Plus I found that I hate the majority of the actors on the show. Milo, Ali Larter, Hayden Panniterrible, Mohinder, the Asian guy....I just can't handle them any more so I'm ripping off the band-aid. Seems that is happening a lot this week! Oh my God, you know what I should do? I should make one of those "R.I.P." shirts for Carrie and Big!! They have them for B.I.G. and Tupac

It would be totally fetch to have one for the kittens.

Oh, I'll miss those hairy little buggars. Sorry the blog has been a little sparse this week, but I have been racing around like a mad-man. Hopefully things will calm down next week. Enjoy your hump day!


Kelly said...

How can you possibly break up with Ali Larter? Umm... she's frackin' hot! Not that I watch that show or anything...

SB said...

That's funny. I just broke up with a bunch of shows too, The Bachelor being one of them (I know there's only like two more episodes, but I just can't take it anymore). I've also started watching entire episodes of AI in as little as 15-30 minutes (Thank you, blessed DVR!!) I agree, there just isn't enough hours in a day.

Cheryl said...

I am SO wanting that laptop. I have a PowerBook G4 that is 4 years old now and I'm itching for a new one. So sleek and a great power and more memory and it has ilife 09. But since mine is perfectly fine, I'll keep her.

Heidi said...

I had to break up with The City because it cinflicted with Paranormal State. But thats ok because Whitney is no Lauren Conrad.