Monday, February 2, 2009

It's so Haaarrrrd, to say goodbyyyyeee......Weekend Recap

Well, it's Monday again. Another week of torture, another week of heartache. WOOHOO! I actually was up on the earlier side of things, having a good hair day and a cute outfit, excited to get to work and accomplish a lot....and then I locked my keys in the apartment. The Universe likes to remind you that it's Monday, apparently. My weekend was good, a mix of greatness and sadness. British Ben left for the UK Saturday evening. I am completely and utterly devastated over this fact. It sounds so crazy, especially since I had only known him for a short time but it was just there for me. I realize how I sound. I also realize that every time I start something new, he's the most "amazing guy" and "perfect" and we "work so well together." But in the back of my mind I pretty much know it's going to end at some point. That's just the way my life has worked so far--not the best track record. But with the Brit, I really felt like we could be together for years and that's probably the hardest thing for me. The fact that I'm completely head over feet and I just have to swallow that feeling and move on. Friday, British Ben had a fantastic going away party at his fantastic flat and it was tons o' fun! He had a green wall that was going to have to be painted white at some point anyway, so he got a cup of white paint and let the party guests write on the wall!

What a fantastic idea! Saturday morning I helped him paint and it was one of those really fun times I'll always remember. Painting in our underwear listening to cheesy pop music--it was so much fun! And the really funny thing? My name was the last name to be painted over--completely on accident! Cuteness. After painting, he had to get to a farewell brunch so I went to the gym and then watched some telly. I was watching an old Friends episode and wouldn't you guess it--it was the episode where Ross had known Emily for two weeks and she had to get back to the UK and he was talking to Monica about how much he liked her and he said: "I'm never going to hear her say 'Oh Ross' ever again" and Monica says "Don't do the accent."

Yeah, Spencer doesn't let me do the accent either. So Saturday afternoon came and went, I met up with Ben to say our goodbyes and was on my way. I thought "I can either sit home and feel sorry for myself or I can go out and get trashed." Luckily ScottD was around to help me fulfill the second option. We went to The Ritz for a little dancing and at around 11:30 I got a phone call from British Ben. Now I knew he was supposed to be on a flight at this time so I was confused. I went outside to talk to him and he says "I'm on the plane, we're about to take off, but I wanted you to be the last person I spoke to."

Oh come ON!!! Are you KIDDING ME with this? It was the most perfect thing to say, the best thing to hear, and completely 100% wrecked me for the rest of the night. Scott and I did have a fun time, but sure enough if I didn't drunk cry into my leftover Pad Thai at 3 in the morning and leave Taylor and blubbering voicemail. Sunday morning I got up and stumbled (who am I kidding--I took a cab) to a theater on W. 38th St for a reading. What's that? Brian acting in New York?! Yes, it's true. Kinda sorta. My wife Annette got me hooked up with a staged reading that will take place Feb. 15, 16, and 17th and yesterday we ran through it for the first time. It's not a full staged production--just a reading. I'm not the main character, the theater is about as big as my apartment, half of the cast blows, but it's still kinda fun to do something creative. The play is a serious play but if you're looking for a laugh, come to the show. It's sure to be unintentionally hilarious.

Last night I crossed water

and headed to New Jersey for a Super Bowl party. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Lots of food, lots of beer, lots of gambling. I was THIS close to winning fifty bucks but then the stupid Steelers had to go and score a touchdown. F.

There were lots of fun decorations there, including clown wigs

and really pretty football glasses.

Kelly had been drinking since 2pm so he was a delight

but was also a lot of fun to mess with. Crack made an appearance so we, like the second graders we are, decided to take advantage.

Fun times were had.

The first ever VIDEO Gay Truth Booth went up on Friday.

You can check it out here.

Please pay no attention to the fact that I look like a tired, hot mess. My editor likes this format so it looks like the video version is here to stay. Wah wah.

My boss is running me ragged today, so I'm out. Good luck with your Monday!


Anonymous said...

In response to your tyra show gay toll booth...Kurt Warner was a backup in Arizona at the beginning of the season. Sure worked out for him. Just kidding it was awesome. You are the man.

Anonymous said...

Honey... why does it sound like you have a lisp, or a retainer or something? I am hoping it's just the way the webcam is recording. In anycase, you're adorable!

Sorry you had to say good bye. My heart goes out to you. Love You!!


PS: I found myself singing "Joyful Joyful" whilst getting ready this morning, even though I hadn't checked your blog in like two days.

Anonymous said...

Goodbyes are hard, but i find it's best when I feel that sad over someone to just put on my "breakup mix", take a walk, cry, and then jump off a bridge. just kidding about that last part.

Lenito said...

hey man, just was browsing people's blogs and came across your, just wanna say yours is a good read, had me laughing!

i do the whole "no don't do the accent" with my brother. we are complete "Friends" nuts and have probably seen each episode over one hundred times!

sorry for my arbitrary comment, just thought i would mention your blog is a hoot!

Kelly said...

Great job! The first one was a little more lispy than the rest. You should have a Christian Bale-type word with the sound man. :)