Thursday, February 19, 2009

Like a band aid....

Well I've got some news about my housing situation and it's still hard for me to swallow but I'm stickin' to it! Here's the deal: I will be sending my cats to live with BFF Kristen in Utah, putting my stuff in storage, and going to live rent-free in Ant Rapp's place for the next little bit. AH! The housing situation with Billy is kind of taking its time to come to fruition, so instead of finding some studio I hate or can't afford, I thought it best to take this course of action. I'm definitely sad to part with my kittens, but I've been thinking about it for quite some time and it just needs to happen. Like Spencer says, "Just rip off the band aid." They're going to live with her and her new husband and I know that they'll be happier there than they are in New York in a tiny apartment. She's had cats all her life and knows mine well so I'm a little at peace with knowing they'll be going to a loving home and won't be separated. Hopefully with the way this goes, I'll be able to save a little money until a) the Billy apt. thing works out or b) I can find a roomie or place in HK because truthfully, that's where my heart is. I love that neighborhood and am not ready to leave it. So like a band aid...come March 1....

Okay. Enough of that. I've got a quick little post today--still under the weather and swamped at work. Before I get back to that though, a mini Thursday edition of...

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are Engaged
H2TN rating: 6

Clearly he's a homosexual, so what kind of a ruse is this? Also, she belongs with Adam Brody. Relationship Fail. Summer and Seth 2gether 4Evah!!

Max from THE MAX Doing Magic for Britney Spears' Tour
H2TN Rating: 3

This is more of a good "hell to the no." I know you all know Max. He was the creepy magician that always did magic when all the Saved By the Bell kids wanted a freakin' hamburger. Seeing as Brit Brit's tour is all about the "circus" a magician is only appropriate. I just hope that Max still has that amazing afro. I also hope I get to see this tour. Hint Hint P6. thanks to Page Six for the image

Pamela Anderson Should Not Be Wearing That
H2TN Rating: 8

Dear Pamela Anderson. You are old. Please don't wear this in public. No one needs to see that, and by no one, I mean NO ONE. And don't even get me started on your face, tranny.

Jon Hamm look-alike next to me in Spin Class
H2TN Rating: about a 16

Today in Spin Class I had, on the bike next to me, a Jon Hamm look-alike. Don Draper himself. He was tan, he was hot, his Jon Hamm hair kept getting in his face, he was all kinds of sweaty, and he kept moaning when the hills got tough. To make matters worse, there was a mirror in front of us and I kept finding myself staring at him. Not jumping his bones was one of the hardest things I've done. That's what she said.

American Idol's Danny Gokey's exploitation of his dead wife

H2TN Rating: Off the charts

Photo credit:
Hey!! Did you guys hear about Danney Gokey? Oh man, he's this awesome guy who's got a really cool sounding voice and OH MAN his wife died four weeks into their marriage oh man that really sucks. Fail. I totally get that he has a compelling story and I really do feel bad for his wife and for him but seriously people? EVERY. CHANCE. HE GETS. We hear about this dead wife. Last night during the results show was the worst. While singing "Hero" (dedicated to his dead wife) a member of his family held up a picture of the two of them together. When will he be voted off so the exploitation can end? Let her rest in peace already!

And that was your Thursday edition of "Oh Hell to the No."

And now please take a second to the hottest member of MTV News ever, Gideon Yago.

I know all you bitches remember him!


Iknowaboutpopular said...

Does FedEx ship cats? I would have totally offered to take them but I've never much cared for cats. I find them stringy and flavorless.

Jwise said...

In Danny's defense, he almost never is the one who brings up his wife. it's always Seacrest asking, or a producer prodding.

just saying

Heidi said...

Gideon Yago is absolutly the hottest MTV news report ever. Where is he? I love when the old "True Lifes" come on and I get to her his sweet voice.