Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photo Bonanza - Blast From the Past v. 3

So the apartment search is on, and it's a stressful process!! There is something that might turn out to be a fantastic opportunity, however, and that is the one bright spot in the shiteous event known as my week. Inspired by Annette and Cassandra's theater photo bonanza's on Facebook (I was so young, so innocent, so unaware....sigh) I decided to throw some Utah State pictures up here as well.

But first....

YEEEIIIKES!!! Fifth grade? Check. Poison Sumac? Check. Mullett? CHECK. So hot. Who wouldn't do me? Sorry for making you see that--let me make it up to you.

THERE we go. Much cuter.

So let's start at the very beginning because after all, it's a very nice place to start.

Our Town!!!! My very first show at Utah State, directed by Writer Professor Director Dr. Anne Berekley, who ended up being one of my favorite professors and was one of the biggest supporters of my writing. This play was so much fun because I played about fifty different characters, was able to do the play with my next door neighbor/best friend Shannon, and really got to know Cassandra and TJ well, which was so great. Cassandra played my mom, which makes the picture above quite disturbing....

Then there was that one time.....

...that my dorm mates and I dressed up like X-Men and walked around town. That's really all we did, we walked around town pretending to be X-Men. Above you see me as Cyclops, Jubilee, Psylocke, White Queen, Bishop, and....Spiderman.

The coolest picture ever, though, was my friend Angie as Storm.

Just look at her. She IS Storm.

Troy as Wolverine.

Not quite as convincing as Hugh Jackman...

The whole day was really cool until it came time to eat at Wendy's. For some reason things just went downhill after that. And yes, that is Nightcrawler you see.

We also had Rogue, Gambit, and a few others, but I'll always, always curse Sarah Timms for not doing it with us. She would have made the BEST Jean Grey.

A few years later (read: four) Quentin, Jon McBride and I went to go see X-Men 2 at Midnight. Keep in mind I was sick out of my mind with mono, hence why I look the way I look. We were ril excited to see the movie.

My first big role at Utah State: Freddy in Grasshopper and the Ant.

Listening to the soundtrack now gives me chills. Bad chills. I sound like Anthony Rapp on helium.
That same year Annette did me a solid and cast me in her One Act play, "Barry, Betty and Bill." I was Bill. Right? Or was I Barry? I can never remember.

Anyway, here's Brooke and I before a performance. Look at that sunblock on my nose. Now that's commitment to a part. I was such a good actor, method, if you will.

Here Amanda--the hottest picture I have of you. I will never forget seeing her walk in to that banquet room and being blown away by her beauty. Sigh. I'm so lucky to know her. I still have this picture in a frame in my room, btw!
The boys at the same banquet. For some reason Eric thought it apropos to have his hair like that. I'm the only one with any class, I swear.
Cassandra and I during a rehearsal for "Cabaret." That show was the single most rewarding experience of my college career, and the most fun I've ever had in a show. That is, until they took away my solo. Stupid Christian Shiverdecker. I sang it just fine!
Speaking of Cabaret.....

We were ONE hot/scary lookin' bunch!!

The following year was another rewarding experience, in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum." EVT and I had played a lot of brother/friend teams over our four years but this one was definitely the most fun to play with him just because by this point in our relationship we really were like brothers. The picture above is a funny story. During "Grasshopper" two years prior, Amanda had received this Howie Dourough (Backstreet Boys) action figure from Burger King. I hate Howie. I think he blows. Every day I would come in and make fun of him and Amanda would get mad, say "Respect the Howie!" and kick me out of her dressing room. For my last show at USU, Amanda gave me Howie as a closing night gift. I still have Howie on my desk and WILL always have Howie on my desk because it reminds me of Amanda and the fun times we had.

Speaking of fun times....

The Improv-uh-bles!!!!! Loves it. We were so good. So funny. And I'm not just saying that. We really were funny.

Quentin and I during Stage Combat class. We were HORRIBLE. Two queens should not play with swords, that's for sure!

My wife and I at Eric's wedding. So in love.

Lastly, did anyone see "The Office" after the superbowl on Sunday? I thought it was a lackluster episode, but this part

Had me ROLLING on the floor. And yes, that is Angela throwing a cat through a ceiling and then the cat falling through on the other side. Hilarious.

I've got about 525,600 things to do at work today, including a Gay Truth Booth and a Tyra article, so I'm going to be a busy bee! Have a fantastic day!


annette said...

Love the pictures. Such sweet memories. My heart yearns for a reunion.

Do you remember Adrianne telling us that we should get married the night of EVT's wedding? Despite how in love we were/are, I think one homo/straight gal union is enough.

Amanda said...

I KNEW that you would respect and love the Howie properly! I think it should be noted that I was 7 months pregnant in that picture and I still kicked Stage Managing ass! And thank you for posting our banquet "prom"'s one of my favorites of the two of us.

And I'm with Annette. I think we should arrange a reunion...I'll bring the celebratory barf cake!!

Anonymous said...

The improvables were funny. Especially Flood. Now that was funny MF

Kelly said...

It's great how you always have the sexy camera face... even when you're feeding your wife. That cat falling through the ceiling was damn funny and Angela's line right before or right after that about only weighing 86 pounds had me rolling.